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Partnership opportunity | Alice Springs, NT

This is a $700,000 practice with the opportunity to either discuss coming in as a partner or purchasing the whole parcel of fees.

Non-tax agent or tax agent applicants welcome.

For applicants interested in a partnership, you could for example, invest $100,000 for a 30% share in the Alice Springs tax practice and make a minimum $100,000 in year 1.

You have the opportunity to enter our franchise and buy into this very fast-growing and high performing tax practice, which has flourished under the management of franchisee and practice principal, Nick Rieper.

Alice Springs tax practice

Principal, Nick, is seeking a 30%-50% partner due to expansion and increasing work volume. He is also open to discussing 100% ownership.

This is a unique opportunity to enter public practice life through our franchise, and depending upon your background and experience levels, receive guidance, support, training and mentoring from a very skilled practitioner.

Purchase is therefore open to non-tax agents and tax agents. Non-tax agents will have exposure to all the required work, receive compliant supervision and can reasonably expect to meet demonstrated experience levels for tax agent registration within 12-14 months. Instead of working for someone else you will be working in your own practice and building equity at the same time as working towards your registration.

The office is located in a prime location with high exposure. It has significant recognition and synergies in the community.

This is a genuine no frills opportunity for someone prepared to make the move to Alice Springs in order to make serious money. Great opportunities are often NOT city based. This is the opportunity to be a big fish in a small pond rather than potentially struggle as a small fish in a big pond in the city.

Who to contact

To discuss this opportunity, please contact;

Tracy James – 08 9337 4440