Provide us with your comments and feedback by completing a simple five minute questionnaire. Customers have the option to remain anonymous or provide contact details. We thank you for your constructive comments and contribution towards continuous improvement.

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Our Focus

Success Tax Professionals Accounting and Taxation practices focus on delivering optimal servicing standards to all customers. Listening to our customers is an important part of our continuous improvement processes for our own business. All businesses require attention and constant review to keep up with change and factor in the evolving needs of customers and their expectations and needs.

We focus on:

  • Delivering results that are timely, accurate and proactively add value and with measurable benefits.
  • Proactive servicing so that constructive change can be made by our customers.
  • Customer satisfaction realising that this is not purely reliant on results alone. It is also dependent on the complete customer experience. For example, from the time contact is first made, the aesthetics of the practice environment, the helpfulness of practice staff, the ease with which rapport is established with the accountant, presentation and servicing standards and contactability.