Our Franchise is suitable for non-tax agents and tax agents.

Success Tax Professionals is a best practices tax and accounting franchise, with forms, tools and templates, continuous technical assistance, mentoring and high support and professional development programmes unique to the industry.  We’ve been providing our franchises since 2003 and have a proven track record within our network for helping accountants to achieve tax agent status. Your path to building a successful accounting and taxation practice will be very specific to you as an individual. Find out if your journey starts here. 

The Concept

Making public practice a reality:

If you have an accounting qualification (Australian or overseas), you are prepared to complete any further studies for tax agent requirements as may be necessary after joining, and you have at least 6-12 months of accounting experience … you have the right pre-requisites to investigate our franchise further.

Our franchise is suitable for:

  • Non-tax agents with no tax experience, limited tax experience, or comprehensive experience.
  • Tax agents (new or experienced).

Success Tax Professionals accounting and taxation franchises are a holistic system which include:

  • On-going training, seminars and high levels of support.
  • Continuous technical assistance.
  • Business development and structured coaching.
  • Access to intellectual property to simplify work requirements and create practice efficiencies.
  • Brand advertising benefits provided by the franchisor which complement the local advertising campaigns of franchisees.
  • Advanced options including guidance and facilitation for practice acquisitions and expansion.
  • Economies of scale and discounts on selected software used in day to day practice life.
  • Networking and team environment amongst members, including our forum and the possibility of joint local advertising or working ‘partnerships’ to help gain business momentum.
  • Franchise purchase fee which includes, the first year of accounting and taxation software.
  • Professional Indemnity coverage for non-tax agents and group policy discount option for tax agents.
  • And more …

Our franchise practices provide quality services to customers to address their accounting, taxation and planning needs and this includes delivering value added services that have the capacity to significantly improve taxation outcomes.

Join us with the option to use our flexible two year transition period:

All of our practices provide services under the brand name of “Success Tax Professionals”.

Our franchises are designed for career focussed people who see themselves working in the industry in business on a full-time basis and in approved commercial premises either immediately, or via a phasing in period of part-time to full-time over a maximum period of two years. During the phasing in period home-based and mobile services are alternative options. This two year period of flexibility is known as the “two year transition period”.


A national franchise with wide choice of locations:

Franchises are available in all states, metro and regional/country areas. In most cases you will be able to choose your preferred base address or an address very close to your preferred location if there is an overlap with a current franchise practitioner.

It is important to read about our training requirements and venue locations to ensure that distance and travel commitments are workable for you. Attendance at our in-house professional development programmes forms a compulsory requirement for non-tax agents. This is irrespective of other qualifications or training programmes attended, or professional body memberships. Once a franchisee achieves tax agent status they have a lot of flexibility and can tailor their own programme.

Franchise Inquiries

After more detailed information?

Download our  detailed Information Package from our site which includes a Frequently Asked Questions section to help you understand more about the franchise. After reading the package follow the steps on page 5 of the document if you have further interest.