• Sole Trader
  • Partnership
  • Company
  • Unit Trust
  • Discretionary Trust

Building a Tax Effective Structure

The ‘right structure’ is subjective by nature. There are definite advantages and disadvantages for each structure, including the capacity to protect assets.

Importantly, Success Tax Professionals will obtain all relevant information about a customer’s circumstances and then match that information against the advantages and disadvantages for each structure. We will also look at anticipated policy changes that may affect one or more of the structures in the future.

Review of structure is also an important requirement for many businesses. It may be that the structure that was most beneficial at one point in time is no longer the most advantageous structure, and therefore a change would be highly beneficial and tax effective.

Key Service Areas for Results

Some of the key areas Success Tax Professionals provides highly interactive and analytical services in, for ‘Tax Effective’ Structures includes:

  • Evaluation of structure options directly matched to the customer’s requirements.
  • Set-up or establishment of the structure including administrative forms and registrations.
  • Monitoring and review of structure as the customer’s circumstances change and evolve over time.
  • Compliance issues including taxation return preparation and lodgement in accordance with deadlines.
  • Management of Australian Taxation Office inquiries regarding the structure and its activities.
  • Winding up of structures.