Private Rulings

In some cases it is advantageous to apply to the Australian Taxation Office for a Private Ruling – for example where unusual circumstances exist. Cases that match existing policy, legislation or precedents that have already been published and established by the Tax Office do not fall into this category. Therefore Success Tax Professionals will advise customers if there is sufficient grounds to proceed with the request for a Private Ruling.

Data indicates that the most frequently requested Private Ruling topics are as follows:

Principle Tax Area Common Topics
Income Tax (75%)  Assessable Income (16%)  Foreign sourced pensions; foreign sourced annuities; and foreign employment income
  Capital Gains Tax (14%) Main residence exemption; deceased estates; disposal of a CGT asset; small business relief
  Deduction (13%) Business and professional expenses, rental property expenses, superannuation contributions, self-education expenses
  Workcover (8%) South Australian Workcover
Goods and Services Tax (14%) Industry based topics Property and construction; health, education and government; financial supplies, electronic commerce and insurance
  International International services; imports and exports
  Food Food
  Goods and Services tax rules and concepts General rules and concepts
Fringe Benefits Tax (4%) Fringe Benefits (4%) Living Away From Home Allowance; Expense payment fringe benefits; employees individual fringe benefits amount; tax-exempt body entertainment benefits
Superannuation related matters (4%) Superannuation entities (3%) Self Managed Super Funds; administration
  Superannuation guarantee charge (0.5%) Superannuation guarantee charge
  Superannuation excess contributions tax (0.5%) Superannuation excess contributions tax
Other taxation related areas (3%) Other Fuel tax; termination payments; wine equalization tax



It is possible to object to some decisions made by the Australian Taxation Office where there are compelling reasons. Time limits also apply for lodging an objection. Success Tax Professionals can help to determine if you have reasonable grounds and merit to your case, for review by the Australian Taxation Office. We also provide services to prepare necessary submissions and to co-ordinate supporting documentation to provide the Tax Office with the full circumstances for your case. Professionally prepared submissions can improve the chances of a favourable outcome.

You are able to object to some decisions within the categories below:

  • Australian Business Number
  • Excise
  • Fringe benefits tax
  • Fuel schemes
  • Fuel tax credits
  • Good and Services Tax
  • Income tax
  • Luxury car tax
  • Penalties and interest
  • Superannuation
  • Wine equalization tax

Complex Tax Matters

Success Tax Professionals have access to extensive technical resources and support networks to research complicated areas of taxation, obtain rulings and interpret whether precedents or cases that have been ruled on either favourably or unfavourably by the Tax Office might also be relevant to your circumstances.