Tax Planning Concept

With our Tax Planning Review service we use our tax saving strategies to save you tax (on average $3,000 – $10,000 pa, but up to $100,000 pa).

Basic Principles

Our Tax Planning Review service is suitable for employees, investors and business owners. For only $500 you will receive a personalised Tax Savings Report which includes all the tax saving strategies that are applicable to you, the implementation process for each strategy, and your estimated total tax savings. Also, included is a face to face or online consultation to discuss your Tax Savings Report and ensure the strategies are implemented.

Tax Planning can be very involved and is always specific to each individual case.

Tax Planning Examples

Tax Planning is not the same as tax compliance and establishing tax deductions for your tax return. This is a reactive situation that applies whatever deductions are possible based on what occurred in the financial year ended. 

Tax Planning instead creates deductions and future deductions or savings that are significant by determining specific courses of action or change that need to be implemented or structured to allow for the benefit to occur. Without these transactions taking place the benefits or savings may never be available to the client in the first place and they miss out. Tax Planning identifies these strategies and the actions needed.

Here are some examples:

Do you know:

Seek Professional Advice

Tax Planning can be complicated and it is always best to obtain professional advice as there can be exclusions and limitations.

Ask When Making An Appointment

When making an appointment ask your Success Tax Professionals accountant if they provide the specialised Tax Planning Review Service.