3 Tips for Accountants in 2017

3 tips that will help make you a better accountant in 2017.

1. Resilience

We all face challenges and adversity and as accounting professions, our positions are highly demanding with pressure from different aspects including ourselves in the pursuit of career goals. Rather than letting negativity overcome, being resilient is that ineffable quality that allows one to come back stronger than ever.

2. Passion

Identify your passion. Compliance, tax savings, business planning and self-managed superannuation fund are the various services an accountant provides to clients. Do you have a strong passion towards a specific service or all of them? With passion comes focus and with that you can work with clients to achieve better business position. At the end of the day, the best part is to see the clients grow.

3. Push your limits

Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits. Diversify your skill set; develop a horizontal rather than a vertical view of the accounting world.

While the business landscape evolves, how do we keep up and stand out amongst others. To be exposed to clients of different industries, making effort to gain experience in all areas to provide efficient and tailored solutions to clients to achieve results.

Charmaine KhorBy Charmaine Khor from Success Tax Professionals Maddington