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Franchise info package

Read our detailed information package to find out whether our franchise is right for you.

Rechelle Faraon

Success Tax Professionals Moolort, VIC

Just wanting to extend my gratitude to you, Tracy.

Thanks for your help and guidance with everything from the start. I truly appreciate it.

All the emails, reminders and info are well-read and let us feel like we all belong and deserve to learn.

Franchise Basics

Download our information package from our site to read about suitability for our franchise.

The good news is that our franchise has well-developed support systems. This means that providing someone is motivated, organised and prepared to commit to developing their business under our franchise system, we can accept and coach a wide variety of experience levels.

Our franchise is suitable for:

Non-tax agents with no tax experience, limited tax experience, or comprehensive experience. (6-12 months of accounting experience in the private or public sector is recommended, however you may find that having completed a specific course in accounting or bookkeeping application is all you need.)

Tax agents (new or experienced).

We're different to other franchises or businesses that claim they provide a way into public practice.

We have standards, a clear focus on making our practices profitable, we've been doing this since 2003 and we have a proven track record. 

We know what works and what doesn't.

We have a full-time marketer.

We do assist our practices to receive leads.

We've got it covered - from supervision for non-tax agents, business development for all agents (tax and non-tax), best practices, coaching, tools, online resources and training library, marketing platform and information dissemination.

At a glance:

  • On-going training, seminars and high levels of support.
  • Continuous technical assistance.
  • Business development and structured coaching.
  • Access to intellectual property to simplify work requirements and create practice efficiencies.
  • Brand advertising and lead generation for our franchise practices. Our franchisor-managed advertising complements the local advertising campaigns of franchisees. We're serious about assisting practices to grow.
  • Advanced options including guidance and facilitation for practice acquisitions and expansion.
  • Economies of scale and discounts on selected software used in day-to-day practice life.
  • Networking and team environment amongst members, including our forum and the possibility of joint local advertising or working ‘partnerships’ to help gain business momentum.
  • Franchise purchase fee which includes software for non-tax agents.
  • Professional indemnity coverage for non-tax agents and group policy discount option for tax agents.
  • Facilitation to help achieve tax agent status for non-tax agents.
  • Mentoring for CPA, IPA and CA.

And more … you'll find a full list in our information package.

All of our practices provide services under the brand name of ‘Success Tax Professionals’.

Our franchises are designed for career focussed people who see themselves working in the industry in business on a full-time basis and in approved commercial premises either immediately, or via a phasing in period of part-time to full-time over a maximum period of 2 years. During the phasing-in period home-based and mobile services are alternative options. 

This provides our franchisees with plenty of scope to make the shift from part-time to full-time. Unlike some franchises that simply let their franchisees drift along with no direction, we prefer to call it as it is and say that you need to be full-time and in commercial premises to get the best results, the best clients and the best profile you can in the industry.

Part-time and home-based are fine as temporary starting-out options, but serious practice owners don't work from home for an extended period. 

We've been providing franchises since 2003 and we haven't had one franchisee yet regret making the move to commercial levels.

A Success Tax Professionals franchise is about building a true accounting and tax practice and not a seasonal business based on just tax return preparation of individual tax returns.

You may be surprised to know that the accounting industry amounts to approximately 27.1 billion dollars of work - covering accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, audit and advisory services.

In our information package which you can download from our site we show you the data and the type of work available.  

Franchises are available in all states, metro and regional/country areas of Australia. In most cases you will be able to choose your preferred base location (address you will work from and use for advertising) or an address very close to your preferred location if there is an overlap with a current franchisee.

Many franchises are expensive, making them beyond the reach of people who otherwise hold appropriate qualifications and business aptitude. This is not the case with Success Tax Professionals. Our franchises range in price from $0 – $15,000 depending on the category of purchase.

And yes - it's structured as tax-deductible for most purchasers.

The franchisor is involved full-time in network training, support, and relevant franchise development activities. We do not operate a compliance accounting practice – we are dedicated franchisors focused on systems, marketing, and support. Our head office is based in Perth, WA.

We also offer our franchisees some great income-generating benefits by providing systems to manage complex work (let's face it - who wants to turn work away), lock in client loyalty and to increase fees from services within their comfort zone while working on expanding overall skills. These benefits are unique. Our franchise systems are very focused on profitability.

Our franchise is structured to advance and encourage business growth, sense of ownership and opportunities.

  1. Our franchisees build rapport with their clients.
  2. Our franchisees have full communication with their clients and deal with client matters themselves (and/or via their trained staff in the case of tax agents).
  3. Our franchisees comply with franchise requirements but also have the option to add their own creativity to allow for a modern non-sterile servicing environment for their clients.
  4. Our continuing professional development programmes address change, advancements and new policies. We build knowledge. We do not restrict knowledge. Better knowledge, better accountants.
  5. Franchisees communicate with one another and share ideas, experiences and information. A virtual team culture exists within our franchise group.
  6. We are not in competition with our franchisees. We have the same goals and vision. Our business is affected by the results of our franchisees. We are therefore motivated and committed to the success of their practices.
  7. Tax agent status is not restricted by us. For non-tax agents, your supervisory tax agent in Success Tax Professionals will provide all required references when experience and qualifications meet the criteria. Registered tax agent status is welcomed as an achievement in Success Tax Professionals. We advertise opportunities (including the option to purchase client fee parcels) for franchisees to expand their business and this can assist in achieving the required experience levels at a faster rate.

Download our info package

Read our detailed information package to find out whether our franchise is right for you.