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Learning Tax

Tax accounting training workshops

Learn tax and develop your business at the same time

You do not need tax experience or tax knowledge to join our franchise. But you do need to be prepared to take active steps to learn taxation using a variety of tools, courses, knowledge aids and options. Everyone has their own learning style by which they learn and absorb information. You will know whether, for example, self-paced learning, online learning, or face to face courses work best for you. Ideally you should use a variety of options to achieve the desired outcome, including our in-house learning options.

Useful facts

You need to be committed and to be realistic. Learning occurs over time like an apprenticeship. In this industry you need to be a life-time learner as there are constant changes.

You can join our franchise, and learn tax in stages through a variety of options as shown below. At the same time you will be developing your experience, skills and income through working with your supervisory tax agent. This gives you the opportunity to apply what you have learnt. Skills and knowledge are retained if they are practised. You will also receive technical feedback and support as an on-going service from us to help with new areas of work or where your knowledge is limited.

Success Tax Professionals options for learning tax

Here is how the Success Tax Professionals franchisor (and a franchise) can help you learn tax (plus practice management and business development skills).

No. Medium
1 Face to face induction training when joining 1 x 6-hour session. This will get you started with the basics, assimilation into the group and a learning plan. This includes initial software training in tax and accounting software. Non-tax agents receive training from their dedicated tax agent supervisor through our Tax Agent Incubator Programme.
2 Our online self-paced modules x 8 Read, research and test your knowledge through assignment style questions. Examples of topics include Salary and Wage Basics, Tax Planning, and Trusts. 400 hours of learning completed over a 12-month period and you receive support and feedback.
3 Face to face professional development Formal Success Tax Professionals training programme comprising 6 full days per year — featuring training and interactive workshop-style learning and networking. (2 days in February, 2 days in May and 2 days in October).
4 Online in-house resources Access to our training library with over 15 NTAA (National Tax and Accountants’ Association) up to date manuals. Manuals are typically 200 pages each and cover up to date legislation, policy, tips, case studies and specific topics. Examples include Trusts, Tax and Property, FBT Basics, Income Tax Basics, and Tax Hot Spots. Manuals are replaced and updated on an on-going basis. Content is searchable.
5 Online videos Access to our video library.
6 Online Zoom training sessions All you need is a computer with a camera, speakers and microphone to participate via video conferencing. Share screens and get help with data entry on a one-to-one basis for your specific case-work needs.
7 Face to face/email/video conferencing support from a dedicated supervisor Non-tax agents, support is available continuously from your supervisory tax agent (under our Tax Agent Incubator Programme) and also from the head office support team. This provides fast and on-going access to a dedicated registered tax agent and support technicians to assist with casework, general questions, and to receive step by step guidance. This is an important feature of our franchise. (Tax agents can access support directly from the head office support team.) This covers technical, marketing, business development and practice management services.
8 Online – webinars Join regular professional development webinars organised by the franchisor on a range of topics and presented by specialists. Expand your knowledge and the ability to advertise for and complete different types of work.
9 Interactive online community forum Discuss tax, accounting, software and practice management scenarios and questions. A very versatile and extremely well-used platform. Access to over 56 tax agents with a wealth of experience and knowledge.
10 Online in-house living environment of tools Access to our living environment of work tools, letters, forms, and checklists to simplify and systemise practice life.
11 Online Access to Sage Handisoft Manual and support from Sage.

External options for learning tax

Here are some external options for learning tax. Ideally you would use a variety of methods. For example, from our in-house options listed above, plus you might decide to enrol in the H&R Block course or one of the online or face to face programmes below to help build your foundation or starter knowledge. Shop around for what meets your circumstances.

No. Options for learning tax
1 H & R Block Income Tax Return Cours Courses typically run face to face Feb-Jun each year. Enrol in time for a February start. Most locations offer morning, afternoon or evening class options.
2 ITP Tax Courses - Online anytime Learn about the Australian Taxation system for individuals and small business anywhere at any time!
3 ITP Tax Courses - Face to face Courses typically run face to face Feb-Jun each year. Enrol in time for a February start.
4 Australian Tax College Online course Over 30 different tax courses to choose from.
5 The Tax Institute Established in 1943, this organisation offers a range of professional development courses. This includes their CPD on Demand (Self-Paced Learning and Bundles). They also have webinars.
6 Tax Banter Providers of face to face training and online training. Programmes that may be available include their ‘Live Online Tax Training’, ‘Superannuation Training’, ‘Tax Fundamentals Online’, and ‘Tax For BAS Agents & Bookkeepers’. Visit their site for more programmes.
7 Australian Online Courses Offers a range of accounting and finance courses and the option to design your own course.
8 Australian Online Taxation Courses Certificate of Australian Taxation offered by this college.
9 Q Tax Queensland based practitioners offering a basic course with possibility of practical experience. Course is run seasonally. Check enrolment information.
10 CPA Run by a professional accounting body – Certified Practising Accountants.
11 IPA Run by a professional accounting body – Institute of Public Accountants.
12 CA Run by a professional accounting body – Chartered Accountants.
13 NTAA Online and face to face seminars - National Tax & Accountants’ Association.
14 ATO Legal Database Educational resource.
15 ATO Online Webinars Type in ‘webinars’ on the site in the search field.

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Read our detailed information package to find out whether our franchise is right for you.