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Mortgage brokers | tax & accounting services

mortgage brokers tax accounting

Mortgage brokers, have you thought about providing tax and accounting services?

Success Tax Professionals franchises are perfectly suited for many mortgage brokers who want to add tax and accounting services to their repertoire of offerings to clients.

You already work with clients, you know how to explain information and you know how to sell benefits.

Tax and accounting services should always be benefit-related and add value to your client. In return you generate fees that reflect the standard and value of the service provided. No gimmicks, no hard sell. Genuine value and results that lock in extra fees for your business, client loyalty and referrals from satisfied customers.

You or your nominee who operates the franchise can be supported to provide a wide variety of services including:

Tax returns for individuals and businesses,


Instalment activity statements,

Accounting and end-of-year financials,

Tax-related consultancy services,

Business advice,

Working with businesses for cash flow and profit improvement, and

Self managed super funds.

What happens to my mortgage broking business:

You can continue to operate your mortgage broking business separate to a Success Tax Professionals franchise. As it is a separate business it must be operated under a different brand or business name and is not related to the Success Tax Professionals brand or franchise.

The synergies obtained from being in the mortgage broking business cross over very effectively into the capability of being able to also operate one of our tax and accounting franchises as a separate business.

All Success Tax Professionals services which are essentially tax, accounting, tax consultancy and the sub-services of these fields must be operated under our brand name.

Do I have to be a tax agent to get started?

No. One of the benefits of our franchise is the opportunity to generate fees immediately while you or your nominee work their way towards achieving tax agent status through our supported systems.

Are there already franchisees in the Success Tax Professionals network who have a mortgage broking background?

Absolutely! So we know it’s possible and we’ve seen the positive impact it has on their career and their income-producing capacity.

In fact, franchisees sometimes also have various other businesses or backgrounds including in the fields of migration and financial planning.

Here are some examples:

Mortgage brokers,

Financial planners,

Migration agents,


Private-sector accountants who have been employees,

Former H&R Block, ITP (or similar) staff,

Employees who have worked in public practice,

Holders of an accounting qualification who have worked in non-related areas like banking, hospitality, retail, and other professional services, etc.

Holders of overseas accounting or business qualifications who have migrated to Australia,

‘Sea-change’ – change of career direction and either have partially or fully completed an accounting qualification.

Can the franchise be a part-time business?

Yes – for up to two years. After this it needs to be operated full-time by you/your nominee (or staff – depending on whether you have achieved tax agent status in that time or not).

How does a Success Tax Professionals franchise work?

Read about suitability and other conditions for our franchise in our information package.