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Individual Tax Returns

Success Tax Professionals lodges over 50,000 tax returns per year for employees, investors and retirees. Most returns are prepared and lodged within 30 minutes and the ATO tax refunds received within 14 days (on average).

Over 85 offices Australia-wide

With over 85 offices Australia-wide, we have an office near you.  Visit our offices in person (after-hours or weekend appointments available), or have your return prepared from the comfort of your home (by phone and email) or home visitation.

Occupation deductions software

We maximise your tax refund by utilising the TaxFitness 'Occupation Deductions' software. The software calculates the typical, and unusual, tax deductions that apply to 201 different occupations. As many tax deductions are both occupation specific, and unusual, many employees are missing out claiming tax deductions for expenses they have incurred for their job. This results in them paying more tax than they are legally required to.

Examples of 10 unusual tax deductions that apply to specific occupations (in certain circumstances):

Number Occupation Unusual tax deductions that may be valid
1 Actors, dancers and other entertainers Coaching classes or lessons if undertaken to maintain existing specific skills or to obtain work-related skills for use in a particular role or performance - this applies even if the training is undertaken between engagements.
2 Adult industry workers Costumes, lingerie, fetish equipment and adult novelties.
3 Defence force members Compulsory mess subscriptions.
4 Authors & editors Travel expenses incurred for research-related travel or short writing trips. The deductible travel expenses will include airfares, accomodation and meals.
5 Flight attendants Rehydrating moisturiser and rehydrating hair conditioner.
6 Journalists Cost of attending sporting events, gala or social nights, concerts, or other events when required as an employee journalist to report on that event.
7 Police Payments made to informants including cash, food, cigarettes, etc. - provided that the payments are authorised by the police service and not reimbursed.
8 Real estate agents Client gifts bought for work purposes by salespersons or property managers who are entitled to receive commission income – examples include a Christmas hamper, a bottle of whisky, wine, gift vouchers, flowers.
9 Teachers Costs incurred taking students on excursions, educational and sporting trips and camps if the trips have an educational benefit and are related to the curriculum or extracurricular activities of the school.
10 Travel agents Education, familiarisation and other similar travel if undertaken specifically for work purposes (and not a holiday) - this must meet the guidelines in the 2008 Sanchez case.