Looking for a job?

Success Tax Professionals advertises employment-based vacancies on our website but also advertises through standard avenues such as local universities, community newspapers, and the Seek website. Our practices operate independently and manage their own staffing requirements.

Positions that may appear here based on recruitment needs might include vacancies for:

Full-time or part-time graduate accountants,

Full-time or part-time intermediate accountants (i.e. with experience),

Bookkeepers skilled to tax compliant standards, and

Support staff including receptionists, administrative officers and practice managers.

Wanting to buy a franchise and a practice (client fees)?

If you are interested in learning more about our franchise system please download our franchise information package.

If any of our practices are available for sale or seeking a partner they will be advertised on the Careers page. If you are considering one of our franchises and you also want to start with a client base, you are welcome to make further inquiries.

Suitably skilled franchisees can also purchase external fees and rebrand them to Success Tax Professionals.

It is not essential to buy client fees to accompany a franchise. Some franchisees prefer growing organically and through their own advertising and efforts. However, for franchisees seeking a fast-track option, a parcel of fees significantly expedites growth and results.

Fees for Sale | Perth, WA


Fee parcel for sale in Perth WA northern suburbs. $87,000. Mix of I returns with add-ons and small business.

Fees for Sale | Bundoora, VIC


Accounting/tax fees for sale $72,500. Suitable for non-tax and tax agents.

Practice for Sale | Tuggerah, NSW

220,000 of accounting/tax fees for sale. A well-established practice with long-term clients and low-risk client base. Approximately 55% business clients and 45% ITR.

Practice for Sale | Exmouth, WA


Buy an established accounting practice experiencing impressive fee growth. Potential to market and grow in the Pilbara/Gascoyne region as the only resident practice.


Practice for sale | Belmore NSW


Small parcel of fees for sale as part of the Success Tax Professionals franchise group. Applicants purchasing a fee parcel are eligible for a substantially reduced franchise grant fee to join the network.

Practice for sale | Hoppers Crossing, VIC


$145,000 of tax and accounting fees for sale in Hoppers Crossing (supported franchise).

Practice for sale | Meville, WA


Approximately $110,000 of accounting and taxation practice fees for sale in Perth, WA near Fremantle.

Practice for sale | Perth, WA


Stable and reliable practice!
Asking price $300,000 - $350,000.