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Record Month for Success Tax Professionals

record tax month

Record July 2017 – Fees are up 16% over July 2016

Monthly highlights:

Audrey de Beer (Joondalup/Clarkson WA Offices and significant CML client base)

  • 1st franchisee to achieve over $200,000 fees in a month ($202,120).
  • Number of salary returns lodged has dropped 10% compared to last year. This reflects the trend within the whole industry for salary and wage return losses due to MyTax.
  • Total monthly fees are up 10% over last year. This is due to investment and focus on new services, business clients and monthly Cloud Packages, etc.

Munit Goyal (Cockburn Central, WA)

  • 2nd franchisee to achieve over $100,000 of fees in a month ($101,255).
  • Achieved with no web-site, no Facebook/social media.

Generated by:

  • High profile office in a vibrant growth area with dynamics.
    Best legal result for every client. For example, every new client is provided with a review of the prior two years of tax returns and these are amended to include omitted deductions (where found).
  • A value adding service that is charged out at rates approximately 1/3 of the revised refund calculated. Munit has established a reputation for being the number 1 accountant to go to by clients who have spread the word about his credibility and results. Munit is not your average accountant. He is genuinely proactive.

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