Darren Wayne Gleeson
(Managing Director)

Darren Gleeson is a founder of the Success Tax Professionals franchise group and TaxFitness (which provides automated tax planning software for tax agents).

Darren is a taxation and practice development specialist who is an advocate for, and active in the development, training and mentoring of accountants so they achieve their full potential and provide more value added and proactive services to their clients.

He is a published author of four books – Tax Tips That Add Up, Stairway to Profits, Intelligent Accountant and Tax Planning Made Simple. 

Tracy James
(Franchisee Development Manager)

Together with Darren Gleeson, Tracy James is a joint founder of the Success Tax Professionals franchising business and TaxFitness.

Tracy has received awards for Project Implementation as well as Learning and Development for a number of innovative concepts and programmes she created, cultured and rolled out in the work-place. Tracy’s awards include an Australia Day Achievement Award administered by the National Australia Day Council and an Australian Training Award (ATA). 

Prior to Success Tax Professionals, Tracy’s career history included 20 years experience in senior management positions in national customer service organisations including large call centres and government departments where she was responsible for change management and performance initiatives. 


About our Training Support Officers

Our Training Support Officers assist in providing one to one and small group training to address specific learning needs for network franchisees. They also assist in providing mentoring and guidance on specific casework that a franchisee might require hands on and face to face support with. Their role includes delivering feedback to the Franchisee Development Director with regard to learning programmes and individual franchisee development. Our Training Support Officers have public practice experience both within Success Tax Professionals and externally which gives them a wider perspective of the industry. They play an integral role in facilitating Induction Training for new recruits and they act as a mentor for our new recruits. 

Hadel Mikho
(Training Support – VIC, TAS)

Vincent Wan
(Training Support – VIC, TAS)

Danny Dinkha
(Training Support – NSW, ACT)

Ian Yang
(Training Support – NSW, ACT)

Apurv Bhalla
(Training Support – NSW, ACT)

Daleen Jansen Van Rensburg
(Training Support – WA)

Mark Vernal
(Training Support – WA)

Judit Rahmanne
(Training Support – WA)

Nina Wilkinson
(Training Support – WA)

Joanne Nguyen
(Training Support – WA)

Andy Asiandi
(Training Support – SA)

Chris Black
(Training Support – QLD)

Simone Hickey
(Training Support – QLD)

Nick Rieper
(Training Support – NT)

Digital Marketing

Roydon Snelgar

Web Development

Yener Adal
(Intuitive IT)


IT Requirements

Jason Parsons
(Rapid IT)


Tamra Seaton
(MDS Legal)

Director Comments

“Success Tax Professionals is unique in that not only do we provide intensive on-going levels of support and training options throughout an accountant’s business career with us, but we also have a reviewable one-to-one business and technical development plan with each member. We then co-work together to achieve the goals in the plan and move forward. The need to continue to learn, grow and improve never stops.” Quote: Tracy James

“It is tremendously satisfying for us when we see accountants within our network grow and make the changes necessary to achieve their career path. We continue to present options to our members which can see them advance faster than they anticipated, providing they are prepared and able to take advantage of these opportunities. We never force any opportunity, but we do ‘recommend’, and we do help members evaluate how the opportunity might be accessible by them. Some business plans with target dates of two years have been accomplished in the first 12 months or less. Support and options are critical factors.” Quote: Darren Gleeson

“Our members business needs vary. I have a strong focus on planning, review and improvement and in my company role I work with our practices to focus on continuous improvement. It is not acceptable to purely acquire a formal qualification and be in practice. Nor is it realistic to believe that once Registered Tax Agent status is achieved that this alone will result in a viable practice. Modern service delivery requires accountants to add value, be proactive and reinvent themselves as necessary to keep up with change and the growing expectations of the consumer.” Quote: Tracy James

“We are careful about who joins Success Tax Professionals as this is a long term work arrangement between ourselves as the Franchisor and the Franchisee. We make sure that applicants understand the criteria and commitment involved. Our Franchise is designed for accountants or other suitably qualified applicants who share our direction and want to contribute to the brand and build a true accounting practice – not purely seasonal and not home based, although initially these are available options for up to two years when managing or developing a small client base or phasing in.” Quote: Darren Gleeson