Success Tax Professionals Carlisle

Success Tax Professionals Carlisle

Accounting principal, Robert Ellis worked at the Australian Taxation Office from 1988 to 1999, giving advice and issuing private rulings on complicated tax matters affected by tax laws. He also received media training and represented the ATO on various occasions on television and radio. Robert moved into public practice following this and worked in a boutique accounting firm in South Perth. Cumulatively he has now worked in the tax and accounting industry for over 20 years.

Robert has a Bachelor of Business from Edith Cowan University, and is a member of the Institute of Public Accountants. To add to this, he is also the Honorary Treasurer of the Small Business Party.

In 2016, Robert co-purchased with another Success Tax Professionals accountant, the practice of Ron Middleton (Ron’s Tax Service), in the suburb of Kewdale. With two accounting principals and plans for expansion, Robert and his business partner elected, after 12 months to move their respective clients to two new locations and operate independently.

The former practice which was located at 1/10 Wright Street, Kewdale can now be found at the following address, for clients of Robert Ellis:

Robert Ellis
Success Tax Professionals Carlisle (Orrong Rd)
1/262 Orrong Road

Carlisle WA 6101

Robert says, ‘I have no problem exploring options with the tax office for my clients, nor do I have a problem seeking rulings or advancing to appeal. The ATO can impose large penalties and use any amounts reported on an income matching basis and amend tax returns without querying the information first. There have even been situations where returns have been ATO amended adding on tens of thousands of dollars incorrectly. Unfortunately, this is becoming a more common problem. I have objected on behalf of a number of my clients and successfully resolved the matter for them.

‘Furthermore, the ATO income matches to BAS statements and Reportable Payments for people in the construction industry. In some cases, the person or business concerned is using an accrual basis for their accounts and cash basis for GST. Recently I have objected to a number of incorrect amendments for my clients.’

The practice provides accounting and tax services to individuals, businesses and SMSFs and has a special interest in maximising refunds and reducing tax liabilities for members of the police force and protective services. The practice has become recognised as a specialist provider for personnel in these fields of work.

Directions and Parking: Robert’s Orrong Road practice has plenty of parking located at the rear. As Orrong Road is a dual carriage-way it is advisable to be on the southbound side otherwise you need to drive to the turnaround point which is up to 2kms. (For Robert’s existing clients, familiar with the old Wright Street address, you can also still park there and just walk across the road to the new location).

Receptionist, Shannon and accountants Robert and Vicki, welcome existing and new clients to the Orrong Road practice in Carlisle.

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1/262 Orrong Road
Carlisle WA 6101
Phone: 08 9361 0393
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 08 9361 0393

Email: [email protected]

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What are compliance services?

Compliance services are services that meet your obligations set by government and various departments such as the Australian Taxation Office – for example, lodging a tax return, BAS statement and so on. You have to do these things.

Significant tax savings and benefits

But if you really want to get savvy about saving tax you can ask us about tax planning and business advisory services. These services are very different to compliance services. They are optional services that can produce very significant savings and benefits. Why? Because your circumstances are profiled against a range of strategies and specific strategies are identified that can clearly save tax or produce compelling outcomes. You can see the estimated savings in advance and the cost to implement the changes required.

Tax Planning

Tax planning can be for individuals such as retirees, investors, property owners and businesses. We can tell you quickly if you fit a category that has workable solutions for improvement.

Business Advisory

Business advisory is for businesses and amongst other key areas it finds the ways profitability can be improved. Your business can also be benchmarked against similar businesses and a range of factors identified and worked on to really advance your business and its results. This relates to all businesses – whether you are happy with performance or not, there are typically a range of changes that can really make a difference. This also includes protecting your business.

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