Success Tax Professionals Tuggerah

Success Tax Professionals Tuggerah

Success Tax Professionals Tuggerah (previously known as CC Accounting until 2015) has been a stable and long-term practice in the area, and with a focus on customer service excellence.

A practice with dedicated one to one servicing. Success Tax Professionals Tuggerah is a boutique-style practice and clients benefit from seeing the same accountant (the owner and senior principal accountant) each year. This means – no need to re-tell your story or circumstances to someone new or who is working from notes. Accounting professional, Hakan Selvi gets to know all his clients really well and on a one to one basis. This is in vast contrast to many accounting firms (including tax preparer firms) that employ casual and changing staff and who may have little interest on a genuine level. Tax preparer firms may also employ staff that have only completed a tax preparer course over several months and with no formal qualifications. It stands to reason that such staff cannot have the same skill, care or attention to detail as a genuine accounting professional with qualifications and a positive industry track record, like Hakan. 

Hakan also has access to a wide range of resources and legislative information. This means he can quickly source up to date strategies and policy that can be beneficial to his clients circumstances. Many accountants purely base their services on what they think they know rather than extending themselves. Hakan Selvi, however draws on extensive resources to ensure services are up to date. 

The practice accepts clients from all areas – including interstate and has a sound reputation locally with clients from areas including Tuggerah, Mardi, Chittaway Point, Wyong, Tacoma South, Berkeley Vale and Kangy Angy.  

The practice, located on the central coast of New South Wales provides services for:

  • Individuals and sole traders,
  • Partnerships,
  • Companies,
  • Trusts, and
  • Self managed super funds.

Extensive accounting, BAS and business establishment and advisory services are also provided. The practice also added tax planning to its list of services in 2018. Tax planning is a specialised service capable of producing dramatic tax savings when a business is profiled against ‘smart’ strategies. Success Tax Professionals Tuggerah uses the TaxFitness software programme to accurately master this service. Tax planning is provided by less than 1% of industry accountants.

The accounting principal of the Tuggerah practice is Hakan Selvi.

We have a very experienced team here and we really know the Tuggerah and surrounding areas and the demographics and circumstances that affect those areas. Understanding the mix of semi-rural, residential and light industrial factors that influence the area is very important. Our practice team are local to the area,’ says Hakan Selvi, the principal.

People want to deal with a local accounting professional but they also want that professional to be up to date with all the latest tax benefits, for example. Our practice has access to advanced tax training programmes, resources and systems for genuinely providing tailored options to both business owners and individuals, and we can back that up – whereas many other accounting professionals in the industry have unsupported claims. Most accountants advertise a similar list of services, but it is about how well they deliver those services and get results. We are proud to have a high-performance track record,’ says Hakan.

‘We can provide business owners with very comprehensive consultations to re-energise their business. We can also provide tax planning which takes a very detailed look at over 250 strategies against a client’s specific circumstances.

‘Salary packaging private motor vehicles, for example, is such an effective measure, but so consistently overlooked by most accountants. Transition to retirement income streams is another great area which helps workers to transition, yet save tax at the same time. For some taxpayers this can result in tax savings of up to $10,000 each year.

‘Why don’t more accountants in the industry bring this type of information to their clients’ attention? We do,’ adds Hakan

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Office 1501, 3-7 Bryant Drive
Tuggerah NSW 2259
Phone: 02 4351 0384
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 02 4351 0384

Email: [email protected]

Info: Tax Agent No. 25196962.

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Interested in saving more tax than compliance services offer?

What are compliance services?

Compliance services are services that meet your obligations set by government and various departments such as the Australian Taxation Office – for example, lodging a tax return, BAS statement and so on. You have to do these things.

Significant tax savings and benefits

But if you really want to get savvy about saving tax you can ask us about tax planning and business advisory services. These services are very different to compliance services. They are optional services that can produce very significant savings and benefits. Why? Because your circumstances are profiled against a range of strategies and specific strategies are identified that can clearly save tax or produce compelling outcomes. You can see the estimated savings in advance and the cost to implement the changes required.

Tax Planning

Tax planning can be for individuals such as retirees, investors, property owners and businesses. We can tell you quickly if you fit a category that has workable solutions for improvement.

Business Advisory

Business advisory is for businesses and amongst other key areas it finds the ways profitability can be improved. Your business can also be benchmarked against similar businesses and a range of factors identified and worked on to really advance your business and its results. This relates to all businesses – whether you are happy with performance or not, there are typically a range of changes that can really make a difference. This also includes protecting your business.

Ask about tax planning or business advisory today.

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