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Employers of Choice Recruit Superior Employees

A business that meets all of its employee expectations is called an employer of choice. Employers of choice attract, motivate and hold on to highly talented workers because of the conditions, rewards and opportunities they offer.

The benefits of being an employer of choice includes recruiting superior employees, better corporate reputation, and lower staff turnover rates, plus more motivated and productive staff.

Characteristics of an employer of choice:

  • Flexible Working Conditions – This can be achieved by job sharing, work from home arrangements, and a four day work week.
  • Employees achieve a Work-Life Balance – Employees want to do their job but also have a life outside of their job.
  • Provides a safe working environment.
  • Provides job security.
  • Employee wages and benefits are equal to or above market rates.
  • Employee benefits such as free lunches and drinks are provided.
  • Empowerment – Employees are empowered to make decisions about how they do their jobs and perform their core functions and make progress on their goals.
  • Employees are respected.
  • Opportunity for employee development – Employees are encouraged to continue to develop their skills and careers.
  • Commitment by the business to their employees – Demonstrated through monthly employee and family events.
  • Involvement – Employees can make suggestions, think up new products, attend appropriate meetings and have input on work processes that affect their jobs.

The first rule of employee recruitment is that employers must aim to be the employer of choice. Employers then benefit from recruiting superior employees.