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Entrepreneurs’ Programme

 Business support from over 100 private sector Advisers and Facilitators

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity. It forms part of the Australian Government’s new industry policy outlined in the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

With a national network of more than 100 experienced private sector Advisers and Facilitators, the Entrepreneurs’ Programme offers support to businesses through three elements:

  • Accelerating commercialisation – Helping entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses address key challenges in the commercialisation pathway of bringing novel products, processes and service to the market.
  • Business management – Provides advice and facilitation services to improve business capabilities and networks. The business management element includes business evaluations, supply chain facilitation, growth services, and business growth grants.
  • Innovation connections – Helping businesses to access knowledge, engage with researchers and foster innovation.

The programme uses quality facilitators and advisers, drawn from industry, to ensure businesses get the advice and support they need to improve their competiveness and productivity. The primary focus is on providing access to the best advice and networks to solve their problems rather than focusing on financial assistance.

Practical support for businesses includes: advice from people with relevant private sector experience, co-funded grants to commercialise new products, processes and services, funding to take advantage of growth opportunities, and connection and collaboration opportunities.

Further details are available at www.business.gov.au