Tax Tips    X-Box, Foxtel, and Pinball Machines

X-Box, Foxtel, and Pinball Machines

Research shows that having fun in the workplace can significantly improve productivity and performance. As Richard Branson from Virgin says, “happy employees, make happy customers, which make happy shareholders. It all sounds so simple, but of course it’s not”.

Having fun in a workplace:

  • Increases moral and motivation,
  • Develops a positive staff culture,
  • Increases productivity and performance,
  • Makes staff recruitment easier and less expensive,
  • Improves teamwork,
  • Enhances creativity,
  • Resolves conflicts, and
  • Improves employee loyalty.

The Australian Taxation Office has acknowledged that Australian workplaces have changed and that entertainment related items at the workplace actually increase employee productivity.

As such, an X-box, Foxtel, pinball machines, etc., can be purchased for an office for employee use during their work breaks. Each item of equipment that costs less than $20,000 will be tax deductible upfront.