TTT Stories    50 Shades of Accounting

50 Shades of Accounting

Accountant, Jane Grey leaned forward over her desk. Her cleavage squeezing out top of her white shirt. Looking over the top of her glasses, she peered with desperation at Derek, her client. His chiselled jaw covered with a layer of short dark whiskers gave him a rather rough appeal, and his slightly pouting lips seemed to be beckoning her closer. Her mouth was quite dry. She slowly licked her lips and looked at her client’s expression. Jane didn’t know what to think. She’d done this type of thing for clients many times before. But she had never felt as nervous as she did now. She moved in closer. The client had a look of concentration on his face. Jane looked into his deep blue eyes and said in her naturally sultry tone “What are you thinking?” He looked up, puzzled. “I don’t know where I have entered those figures.” He replied with a raised eyebrow. She ran her finger slowly across the page to the sundries column. She hardly dared to breathe. “Maybe you put it in there” she said in hushed tones, daring him to look. Derek drew in a long deep breath “I couldn’t be sure” He replied with his husky deep voice. Derek leaned forward looking even more closely at the cashbook. He slowly and sumptuously licked his index finger, and placed it on the corner of the page. In one fluid movement, he had quickly and carefully flipped the page over, making Jane catch her breath. Jane repositioned herself over the desk, there was so much tension in the room that she almost couldn’t stand looking at numbers any more. She leaned forward again and slid her finger slowly down the sundries column with keen interest. Derek was watching her every move. He held his breath in anticipation. His eyes widened as Jane’s finger left the page, and slowly went to her mouth. Her lips opened slightly, and she licked her finger. The sweet scent of her luxuriant perfume drifted over him. She slowly lifted the corner of the page, and quickly whipped it over. She whimpered, and sucked on the end of her finger. “Papercut?” Derek sensuously queried. She nodded and stretched her arm out across the desk, her fingers picking up a pen in anticipation. She stroked the length of the pen as she looked intensely at what lay before her. Derek moved further over the desk. Jane’s cheeks flushed a rosy hue as she could almost feel his breath on them. Strands of Jane’s hair dangled nearer to Derek’s cheek. Derek’s breathing quickened. He couldn’t hold his excitement back any longer. “I’ve found it!” He exclaimed loudly, his voice now broken and uncontrolled “I’ve found it” he said for the second time. Jane did not need to hear it twice. “Yes! Yes!” she exclaimed and circled it quickly with her red pen. With that, Derek, looking rather exhausted, stood up “Well, that was a very productive appointment! We found what we were looking for!” “Yes we did” Replied Jane in a low voice, and they said their goodbyes. Jane sat down in her chair. She pressed the button, and spoke into the intercom with a smile, “Heather, I’m ready for the next client!”

By Nancy Rowe from Australia