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Actax Alias Onetwo

Born on the twelfth in the twelfth month at twelve pm, a baby boy named Actax. At the age of four he started his primary education at One,Two,three tiny tot Montessori.Without making or breaking he loved counting,singing,playing & screaming.

Sometimes he tried to count sand when he had failed he used to scream ‘Onetwo.’Because of that he people nicknamed as ‘onetwo.His most loved nursery rhyme was ‘One,two buckle my shoes . He loved to kick two pencils & picked one that was his favourite game.

One day he went to a supermarket with his grandma.Actax slowly took out a liquid soap and a lid of another bottle ,sat in a corner and started counting while filling the lid with liquid and poured in to the dustbin next to him.After a while one row of a rack was emptied.When he passed counting hundred yelled in joy “Hey I filled the lid hundred times”.Then only his grandma noticed what he had done ,asked him to count the number of bottles he emptied and paid the cost.

Another day it was sugar cubes.His blue eyes glued to sugar cubes trying hard to put in to atube in a rude manner.,squeezed them to get more room to put more cubes to exceed his counting.

At a milk bar where he went with his father ,had an eye on some yoghurt spoons ,took them out from the rack and had begun to count. This time his father act suddenly and took him away.

Even in school periods if it is not counting or solving mathematical questions involved he used to engage in some other work such as collecting pencils, erasers,boxes of his class mates and doing adding or substracting.

Actax loved and still loves to play chess but on his own methods by counting squares.

He loved to play piano pieces while counting onetwo louder as much as he can.’One day at a time’,’One,two,three,four’,One on One’One,twostep’ are some of his favourite songs.

As a teenager he kept his mouth shut most of the time but let his mind talking all the time.Even in his dreams he did counting and mathematical problems.He always has one or two friends.

One day he called his childhood friend Bratt to get a helping hand for his project which certainly including numbers.Actax wanted to analyse salaries of accountants and auditors.

First he met a person named Mason who had been working at Jasons.Unfortunately he did’nt want to reveal his salary without any reason.Then he met Bobby from Tobbys’ who was working at the lobby as a part time hobby.Afterthat Carron from Barrens’,Sisil from Basils’,Heather from Leathers’,Seetha from Neethas’were few he met with favourable answers.

After the project he was keen to study accounts and his mother asked him to achieve that goal with a clear path without holes.In his assignments too he tried some new innovative themes such as Tax to Wax,Vat to Hat,Budget to overdraft, Flow to Floor etc.

It was four o’clock in the morning Actax now a professional accountant jumped from his bed.He threw three free throws,sent a message to his best friend Brett saying”I’ve got adate at a quarter to eight , I see you at the gate so don’t be late” and murmuring to himself “I wish to wash my Irish wrist watch before I leave.

He took out some tax files laid them on the wax tiles and went through the whole lot for an hour, washed his watch,had a baked pancake,ironed the rayon shirt,polished his pointed shoes and had left home at one to seven.Though it was wet he met Brett who had kept his secrets tight lipped whether it’s debit or credit.

Currently Onetwo is reading all the short stories in the web site of twisted tax tales but not One or two.

By Eroshinie Silva from SriLanka