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‘’Click clack, click clack’’ , heads turning ,eyes rolling, faces of disgust raising, anger arousing as the sound of her shoes came up all the way from the hallway, oh how they loathe the sight of her, she was elegant a beauty to behold all her curves shaped her in a perfect form nothing in her was missing the good stuff including her character, oh my, who was as Godly ,as principled ,as obedient and as humble as she was absolutely no one ,she found favor in the site of all her superiors and envy in the sight of all her colleagues and inferiors but off-course with such characteristics it was never her intention to create tension at her work place or anywhere else, she carried an aura that even her couldn’t understand, some workers thought she felt perfect, some thought she only wanted stepping on them while others thought she had a perfect life which definitely had to be the reason of her constant smiles and freshness, well they all thought what they felt was right but within her was always a battle going on, as an accountant who was married and had not even a single child for the past seven years of her marriage, impatient and provoking in-laws, a husband was once loving but now getting weary of everything, oh she cried always behind her closet , she would think and pray endlessly after all who would she talk to when she had no friends as a result of her kind of temperament and features, she was a reserved and a non-social person, although she tried making some friends in college but it didn’t work out because her beauty caused so much attention and her friends couldn’t keep up with all that and her storming brains so they always had inferiority complex and stayed away from her with time. ‘’Aurora’’, was a lovely and broken lady, the lady whose expression and physical appearance could never explain what she felt inside, she had finished high school at the age of 16 and gotten an admission to study accountancy for 4 years at college that very year, she got married to Daniel the next year after she had already graduated while doing her master program, all this achievements got her to where she was by the grace of God but often times she would sit in her prayer room and after clearing her head and pouring her heart out to her heavenly father she would say to herself ‘’you can never have it all’’, she prayed always because she knew that her God was listening to every word she breathed and he was seeing each tear that dropped but something inside told her things will get better if only she was patient and put on a smile.

Now aurora was found to be attractive in the eyes of one of the HODs whose name was Jeremy he was a very young and good looking man, although he was just 2 years older than aurora who got married at the age of 21 and was currently 28, he was surely attractive in every way possible, he was a bachelor, a womanizer at that, each time he saw her his pulse raced and he suddenly felt the urge to offer unnecessary helping hands to her , she always smiled when she noticed his approach towards her because she had no other option , she knew that he was aware of her being a married woman and often times she would drop hints for him to be reminded but it seem to be that he took note and never cared but charlotte his personal assistant taking note of all this things got irritated each time she saw the same lame scenario so she took it upon herself to search and find something so that either one or both of them to be sacked from work, she was ready to do anything to get rid of the two cute and hard working colleagues who wouldn’t stop getting all the attention for themselves even if it included her loosing her job she would not stop.

Lights went on and aurora got scared as she saw her husband in the sitting room, he had the look of someone who had a bad day and was very annoyed, ‘’where are you coming from’’ he asked it was just passed 8 and he was asking as though he didn’t know that was the normal time she always got back, trying to think straight she said ‘’work’’, he looked at her in disgust and said how can a married woman come to her home at such odd hours, ‘’what was odd about the hour’’ she thought to herself but kept silent, ‘’do you know what’’ he said not waiting for her to reply he went on by saying ‘’you are going to quit you job and we are going to work on having a child, if we have to go to all the hospitals in this city so be it, but I need you to quit your job’’, confusion clouded her as she tried speaking but stammered ‘’b…ut…. Daniel do I really have to quit my job for all that I can always make a way to be there when you need me please don’t do this’’, she rushed to his side and held his arm tenderly as she placed her soft and tender hands on him trying to look at him in the eye but he avoided her gaze she said slowly and softly as her voice became shaky ‘’Daniel please if you still love me please don’t do this I’m begging you please just think about this again please’’, she almost broke into tears holding him tight she kept on begging but the sound of her shaky voice melted his anger and he replied her hastingly ‘’ok I will think about it just don’t cry please’’, something in him trusted her strongly even though the anonymous call he received about her flirting at the office was disturbing but at the same time he wanted to see how far it all could get if she kept working there, she felt relieved as he said those words and thanked and kissed him. Later on that night as they were about going to bed she asked ‘’baby is everything okay with you because you looked upset when I came home, did I do something wrong if I did please just tell me don’t keep it to yourself and I will apologize’’, he then looked her in the eye and said ‘’no my darling you did nothing wrong I was just tired and josh had gotten me upset from work, I apologize for being harsh by the way you don’t need to quit your job it’s okay if you remain there’’, she was happy and she made a joke about warning his childhood friend josh from getting her husband angry and they all laughed and slept in peace.

‘’ What is all this’’ she murmured as she searched through the files she had sneaked and copied to her flash drive from Jeremy and Aurora’s desktop where all working files and records must be kept, she did that the previous day when they all went on a lunch break, it was 2.00am and charlotte kept getting distressed as she searched through and through but found nothing on them, she leaned on her seat and scuffed ‘’oh please don’t tell me they really stuck to the ethics golden rule and have actually never committed any fraud even for once , ARE THEY EVEN SERIOUS! she exclaimed, no there has to be another way’’, she thought for some minutes and then said to herself ‘’it’s possible that one of them once lied on their cv or at least did some illegal business before getting this job especially Aurora, I would hire someone to go deep into their lives and find something’’ she said smiling to herself as though she had achieved something , she pulled out the flash drive, shut down her computer and kindly went to sleep ready for her next mission.

BANG!, the door fled open, what has happened to the calm and cool woman he married he thought to himself, Aurora rushed to him on the bed , she jumped on him, stood up, opened a folded piece of paper and put it to his face so he could see what was written on it, he didn’t dare take the paper from her hand because she looked so determined to hold it that he just respected himself and read it, eyes scrolling from up to down and then his eyes opened wide as he looked at her, ‘’mmmhmmm she said smiling and nodding, WE ARE HAVING A BABY ‘’, speechless he fled up, held her tight and started crying, he remembered how bad his family had treated her and how he had banned them from calling her and coming to the house, he also remembered how bad she felt whenever she saw his expression when they were around kids, she had always noticed that he was getting tired but finally, finally and finally all the prayers he heard her make every time with tears and pain had come alive, all the lips of gossipers and his family members had been shut but most of all he thought of was how faithful she had been, at work, to him and to God, letting loose his arms that almost suppressed the now living baby inside of her he said ‘’Aurora I love you, believe me its beyond words’’ she smiled and said ‘’I love you more’’, ‘’but we have to tell Jeremy that he is going to be an uncle’’ she said ‘’ that is so true I can only imagine how joyful he would be’’, said Daniel as they both left the house with smiles and the piece of paper in her hand.

‘’Oh no, that can’t be’’, her mouth was dropped wide open out of surprise that even a handful of mosquitoes could fit in, she had gotten the shock of her life as a result of her evil deeds and the confusion that was bestowed on her lasted till the next morning, the next day at work she sat on her desk during lunch break and kept on staring at both Aurora and Jeremy because he had come to her table as usual for a womanizer such as himself but she wasn’t noticing his flirting skills she was trying to find any atom of resemblance between the both of them and she did, but she kept on wondering how it was that the both of them never even had a clue that they were siblings, suddenly the guilt of making an anonymous call to Aurora’s husband rushed her and she felt ashamed, she had read that their parents were poor and his mother had lost Jeremy at the market when he was 1 and when they tried finding him they couldn’t, even for the fact that they were poor made it all worse that they couldn’t make the cops happy with some tips, but the woman who had taken him with the tattered purse that was in his carrier which his dad managed to buy when he was born was 42 years old who was not married and so she raise him for seven more years before deciding to make his adoption legal so she hired a lawyer and they got the information about his real parents from that purse, but when they had tried tracing them they found out that they had become very wealthy and had later died not mentioning that they had another child a year later, she was not penalized for taking him because she had found him without a mother so it wasn’t considered stealing, his carrier had rolled away from his mother’s side and when she turned back he was gone, at that time he had been taken.

Recalling all that she had read she found a way to look into their purses and saw the same picture, it was their parents wedding picture and both the mother and father had it individually, the mother’s picture was with Jeremy and the father’s was with Aurora, all the plans of wanting them sacked vanished and the urge to tell Jeremy to stop flirting with his married sister rushed in, she also recalled from what she read that when their parents died Aurora was just 3 and all her parents had was passed on to her expect for her father’s business that was managed by the man who was his managing director whom he so trusted and found worthy and that very man had taken her like his own and trained her through whatever school she so desired, he made sure he gave her the inheritance when she came of age without taking anything from it, finally she had put the puzzles together. she was desperate to let them know so she kindly and humbly requested a lunch date with the both of them and they all agreed not knowing what had happened. 2 days later they all met in a fancy and isolated restaurant and there she gave them the most shocking news of their lives, they both looked at each other and kept shaking their heads repeating the same words over again ‘’no that can’t be’’ but there was proof and no denial could come through , astonished Jeremy just couldn’t believe that the lady he wanted to have at all cost was his sister, he felt ashamed for a while but the joy that followed was greater, he held her so tight like he wasn’t going to let go, he had been alone all this while but now had someone to call his family because the woman that had taken care of him was already late, ‘’mmm mmm , please can the both of you help me solve a particular problem’’, said Charlotte clearing her throat to speak from across the table, forced to separate they both faced her and Aurora said ‘’off-course what is the problem’’,

‘’well……you see on trying to get all this information I took some wrong steps and I don’t want to get punished for it so I want to ask for your forgiveness and I want to plead with you not to take my case to the head –quarters’’, ‘’I SHOULD FIRE YOU FOR EVEN HATING MY SISTER’’ Jeremy exclaimed,’’ but… should be thanking me because one way or another I did you a favor’’ she said in a guilty and defensive tone, well they all settled their arguments and agreed on keeping silent about it, but on walking out of the restaurant hand in hand with Jeremy Aurora turned back to Charlotte and said ‘’thank you’’ with a smile and left, ‘’she actually isn’t bad at all’’ she said to herself and went her into her car with peace within her. Aurora went home at night as usual and broke the news to her husband, he felt relieved that no matter what had happened, his dangerous expectations were called short and also that his wife was happy that she had found someone she never knew she had, he later asked her about the call he received and she confirmed it to be false with the best word that signifies her sincerity ‘’I cross my heart, I never did such’’, he believed her and that night ended beautifully for them both.

Remembering every moment as she was in the car with Daniel and all the good things that have been happening to her starting from her company getting more partners and contracts and her promotion, her new friend Charlotte and her new brother, she smiled and felt her world was now complete and now one of the things that the workers were thinking was true she actually felt perfect and content with everything, she felt what she actually was, an accountant with great achievements.

By Jemimah Awoseyin from Turkey