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Be Kind; Life Will Reward

Jane was a brown pretty and kind girl from the corner of the city of Houston, Texas in the United States of America. Her family was a minor family which owned one cow and relied on going house by house finding house laundry jobs to find day to day necessities.

Once in level 3 of her primary school, Jane was coming from school heading to her small home. She was so thirsty that she felt dizzy and decided to sit a moment. When she was sitting, she was surprised by hearing a voice which called. “Jane Jane”. She replied in a small weak voice “yes”. She became so curious and tried to follow with small steps the voice which was calling. She finally saw a boy; her classmate, named Luc. Luc was having a small piece of chocolate that they shared and sat down to smack a short conversation.

The boy asked Jane “why do you always come late for school? “Tears began rolling from Jane’s eyes, she replied “Luc don’t worry, it’s because I wake early.” Luc softly murmured “hhhh.” Then, after another small time of discussion like classmates they left for each one’s home. But Luc kept the quote Jane told him saying she read it in a newspaper. It was stated “if kind, you are of real kind”

But, moreover, the boy was right about asking the question because Jane would be excluded in a month if she continues to come late, the head teacher had ordered. But, what was behind this? Let’s go in a bit. In 2000, Jane’s father was a great entrepreneur known by almost everyone in Houston. He owned a big mining company. Now it came to pass that bad friends of her father entered his office, stole most of the important legal documents. Thereafter what followed is that her father received a call from the police to hurry to the station.

His father knew was an innocent man, but all things had been arranged by the men for him to be Jailed. Surprisingly, he was taken immediately to the jail. He lived there for two months until he was taken to the justice. He was charged of owning an illegal mining company. The man told them that it’s totally wrong. They called on Jane’s mother who was also in great hangover to find the company documents. But, as they were already stolen, she found nothing than a small receipt. Now, Jane’s father had to support the outcome.

The sanctions for the crime could be years of jail. But by surprise; Jane’s father received two letters.  The first was a letter which stated the punishments. These included:

  1. leaving the mine to be government- owned
  2. To pay 2000$ as money sanctions.

Oh, it was sad news, but he had to do it. He had to sell the big house and a plot of land he owned in the city. It was the bad turning point of a nice luxurious life to a hard-eating life!

The whole family sat down and decided not to go to beg for food, but to work hard, that if luck remains around; another time it would be back. That’s the story which hid the cause of Jane’s lateness. She woke up at 04:00 am, went to find the cow’s food and fetch some water at the tap; since their capacity could not afford paying water bills; they had no tap water at home. Then her parents followed at 05:00 and went around hopping to find some pennies, that’s the tale of the hard life Jane endured.

[At home, the family is having dinner and having a conversation.]

Father, “Jane, how was class today”.

“So interesting”, Jane replied.

Jane, “But daddy, at school they called me and told me that if I continue to be late for class; I will be soon excluded from school.”

Her mother Lying on her father cried and said, “Oh, why this in life??”

Jane’s father told her to be quiet and told them the whole of the story of the betrayal. He requested them their attention and said this,

“Jane, the crime that I was guilty of deserved many years of imprisonment, but I’m not in prison. Why now. When I was out of the police court, I received two letters. The first you saw it, it asked me to pay sanctions and hand the company to the government. But the second was a small piece of paper signed by the chief adjudicator.”

He went to the living room and showed it to the, it was looking like this: 

Everyone was surprised. And the father continued his speech, “therefore, my daughter; all this happens to teach people. Never be a thief or embezzle others’ money. I hope you will grow older and even you can be an accountant but, in life; keep the virtue of innocence, it will be worth as much as gold to you.” Jane and her mother waved their heads and thanked him for his innocence.

It was not late that Jane finished her primary school courses. She was so intelligent that she became the most performing in primary leaving examinations. She was taken to secondary studies and pursued her studies. And on the other side, her parents had started to recover because, from the small daily income they got, they had made a big shop through hard working.

These Jane’s studies were characterized by many awards. This was because; she was a polite; kind student. The teachers loved her that they elected her head girl. Jane ended her high school and pursued university at Chicago University. Meanwhile, there was great competition in business sector. One of the companies which sold metallic was the strongest one. It was headed by Luc

But, Remember Luc; the small boy had heeded of Jane’s earlier struggles even though things had turned for the better for her. But, where is Luc now? What importance will it have to Jane for him to be there?

Luc who was a boy from a rich family did not have chance to finish high school. Why? When he was in level 5 of high school, there came bad boys at the school who were drug dealers. They invited him to a gang group and he joined. They used to steal people’s properties and sold drugs. Luc was caught with other 2 boys and were jailed for a year. When they got out of the prison, they had caught sense of life. That’s how Luc raised a capital through trade and in a couple of years started a metallurgies company.

There was a job advertisement for an accountant at the company and Jane was one of the applicants. She was short-listed and went to sit for the exam. Undoubtedly, she was the most performing and was appointed accountant of the company. It was a dream she had dreamt of when she was young. It was a great chance to apply what she had learnt and show her capacity.

It was not late that she started her job working for the company. Years passed as also her family was going further becoming stronger. It was a pleasure to have Jane as accountant, she made everything alright. But, Luc who was the company’s owner did not meet Jane since the company had grown larger and made branches.

Once there happened a scandal. This scandal was very serious and very risky to the country’s economy. It was complex that the police had stood up for it. The case was about the unknown accounts which had been discovered on the national bank’s system of accounts. Those who did it did it in hidden manner. This how it was:

There were 5 stronger companies in the nation city in which Luc’s also featured. There was an alliance of some managers from all the companies whose purpose was to have accounts with millions of dollars on them. The national Bank accountant had helped them create fake accounts that they gave to their accountants as the tax-deposit accounts. This poured millions of dollars each month to the accounts. But, normally, you know that in a company, the one in charge of money is the accountant. No money can be used without his/her order. The other accountants of the companies excluding Luc’s had accepted to be agent of the embezzlement in exchange for a sum of money they would receive each month too.

All managers and accountants of those companies were jailed including Jane. It was sad news to her family but her parents who believed in their daughter’s kindness knew she will be free since innocence speaks for itself. The police went on with the investigation. They visited each company, checked commercial documents for each. In the documents they found, the tax-payment receipts were not the same. The other four companies’ receipts had been signed by the national bank’s accountant who did not have right for it. Only Jane’s were signed by the one in charge. The daily investigation results were broadcasted on national television. Each day, Jane was becoming popular since the results continued to show her divergence from the case that had to be cruel to those who were involved.

Luc, watching on the television could follow the news but not believe himself what would follow if his company is found guilty [remember he did not know Jane was his company’s accountant]. It was on Friday, at the national stadium that they announced there is a great ceremony. People gathered there; others in front of their screens, waiting what was to happen. The President was the guest of honor. The judges came and installed themselves at the place and everyone knew it was time to show that was behind the embezzlement scandal.

The ceremony began with the president’s speech; I think it is the shortest speech ever which lasted no more than 5 minutes. The president spoke,

“Dear fellow habitants of this land, it is a gift we have received from the creator. We are a country of big step and we won’t crawl or turn back. As you have followed in the past days we were dealing with a non- easy case of people who embezzled taxes; the country’s funds. It’s the day to show you that every act is worth a reward. Thanks for attending. “Everyone was quiet and the judges took the floor. After a fifteenth of minutes explaining the case, these were the results of the judgment.

<<after a time of investigation and reading what the law states, the national supreme court this crime is a crime intended to destroy the whole country’s  living. This is why all the guilty from now are sentenced to life in prison. >>people murmured; other fell in great silence. The chief adjudicator [remember at the beginning of the story; he is called, “Kay Ronald”] stood up and read the names of the directors and accountants. But, surprisingly Jane was not on the list. All people at the stadium shouted as the families of those sent to prison were crying in vain.

But before the ceremony ended the president returned on the stage and said, “at last were owe a great appreciation to someone who is great; not of her richness but her innocence and kindness. Her name is ‘Jane’ let her come here.” In a great ambiance she was offered a gold medal and named the new permanent accountant of the National Bank. Then, Ronald the judge took a brief speech. “I wish my small girl will be like this one. Because, I remember also his father fell into betrayal but his innocence in his job cleared a several-years sentence, really kindness deserves kindness and foolishness deserves laughter.”

The ceremony ended, and the party continued at home with gifts to Jane. Luc now knew who Jane was and remembered how she respected parents and obeyed their advices. In a hopeless speech he said “I can’t hide that I’m very sad to loose such an incomparable accountant, but indeed it is a joy; she is going to serve more people, I remember the quote ‘if kind, you are of real kind.’” Jane also thanked her parents a lot and told them how she kept in mind what was written on the piece of paper<your innocence is worth it>. That it’s what made him exalted that way. It was joy and song at their home until morning.

After one week, Jane had started her new job in the country’s capital. He had a brand new limousine car and a great apartment. But, Luc did not want to miss such special lady. That’s why in the same week, he travelled to visit her. They went to a five-star hotel and had something. After that with great hope, Luc said that which was on her heart. He asked Jane for love. Jane did not hesitate to say ‘yes’ since too she had had a sight of love in her.They hugged for 3 minutes and promised to get married in not more than two years. After a year and a half there was a great wedding of a bi company owner and the national bank accountant. It was a great ceremony that detailing could take lots of papers more. Afterwards, the family settled in a large home and prospered.

“If kind, you are of real kind”

By Placide Bienaime Hashimwimana from Rwanda