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Be Positive

“Welcome, take your seat”, Mr. Robert the MD of ‘Proper consultancy’ said to Linda who has been selected to work as the account assistant.

Linda the beautiful woman wearing pink frilled tops and blue jeans occupied the chair. She completed her bachelor degree in commerce and Accounts and completed her post graduation degree in Human Resources Development.

Mr. Robert rang the bell and asked to call the Chief Accountant.

“John, she is the new accountant assistant. Take her to seat.” MD and told the person entered into that room then he turned to Linda and said “Linda, he is John, the Chief accountant, he will train you. Let us meet after Lunch”.

John and Linda came out of his room. Linda measured the office by eyes. The area was big as a play ground. The carvings in the wall and the painted colours were pleasant. They were neat and beautiful but not rich or arrogant.

“Wonderful Interior!” said Linda.

“Yes! Our MD is keen on beautiful, neatness, discipline and of course on work too. Have you noticed he used very few words?”

“Is he strict?”

“As all Bosses, but knows human values”.

John continued “in our office a Human Resource Manager post is vacant, I thought you are that”

“No HRM yet?”

“No, no we had one named David, but he is not here now”

“Why, what happened to him?” Linda questioned suppressing her eager.

“On the first day of his work in this office he entered inside the office and saw everybody working except a man standing idle and watching others. He got angry and asked him ‘How much you earn in month?’ He answered ten thousand bucks. He immediately told the accountant to pay him that amount and said to him ‘You are fired, take this amount and never come again’. He received the amount and suddenly quit the office.”

“For fired a lazy employee David too been fired?”

“David didn’t know he was not an employee of our office, he came to deliver Pizza”.

Linda smiled broad and said “I too read that joke”. “I just tried to break the ice” John explained.

Linda smiled and both hit their hands

For two hours Linda worked with a guidance of John. He told the procedures and taught some methods. Then both went for Tea. At the Tea break John introduced other employees Nancy, Mercy and George.

After mutual hellos George said “Nice to have a beautiful accountant here. I think now only the real beauty contest has started in the office”

“Are you slobbering George?” John astonished. “Don’t’ you know me?” George replied.

After returning to the seat, Linda asked about George’s comment, “Are we concentrating on beauty contests too?”

John replied “Something is not fair with Nancy and Mercy. George is trying to solve the problem between them. He tries to make the environment an easy one.”

“Great Job!”

“Yeah! He tried to be a ‘GOOD OFFICE’ But those woman make him as a ‘BUFFER STATE’”

Linda blinked.

John explained “GOOD OFFICE is a country voluntarily help and take steps to solve the problems between any countries as goodwill. It may try to solve a single country’s domestic problem”.

“What is BUFFER STATE?” Linda Asked.

“The small country has the geography tucked between too big countries of opposite principles”.

“I think lot to know from you”.

“No flattering needed baby, Concentrate on work”.

After Lunch, Linda went to MD room. “Do you know what your work here is?” Asked Mr. Robert to Linda


“What is the real work?”

“You contacted our detective agency to find the how the secrets of your company leaks, so they have sent me to find it out by working as an accountant here.”

“In recent the employees don’t believe Human resource Managers, they don’t share much with HRMs instead they share with accountants who work for their financial solutions. So I’ve taken the decision to appoint a detective person in the name of accountant”.

“The Boss is always right” Linda replied.

“So you are paid to find the Black sheep and produce in front of me”

“The money spent by you is worth. I assure to produce the Black sheep, but not any scapegoat”.

He continued “What do you think about John?” “He is quiet friendly with me”

“Be alert, he is the master in flirting” “I am not a fiz­gig to respond it”

“What about others? Found any suspects? Tell me your observations” “Time to take.”

“OK! You have full freedom to chat with everybody. I need the result, now you may go.”

Linda observed both female staffs are beautiful. Mercy is spinster and is doing her degree in software. Now the software syntaxes are filled in her mind apart from office work. Nancy is married seems to be workaholic. George has facebook account and feels happy about the number of likes got for his postings.

Only one employee was left. His name was Sam. He didn’t come for Tea. He was physically challenged. She planned go to Sam’s cabin. Earlier somebody stated her people with such defects will have an angry on others so they may think and do crooked matters. She wanted to find whether to suspect him or not.

The next day at Tea break a pizza delivery man came. While seeing George he gave him a smile and asked “How many likes you got today for your postings?”

George’s mouth was full of cake. So he wrote the numbers in the tissue paper and showed it to him.

“unbelievable” said pizza delivery man by seeing it.

Linda Asked John “Does this pizza delivery man know that story of the previous HRM?” “Yes” replied John “His worry is no such HRM is appointed again yet”

At 3’o clock in the evening Mercy approached Linda and seek her help in solving a software logic problem. Linda’s knowledge in that subject was very little. Any how she accepted told her to help after office time. They decided to go to Mercy’s house in the evening.

In Mercy’s house Linda saw many spiritual books in cupboard. She asked about it and Mercy answered those were all given by Sam. Linda observed Mercy an innocent person by the conversation made between them. Mercy described Sam a man of positive thoughts. She suggested Linda to talk with him.

Then Linda asked her to read the software problem that the solution to be found.

Mercy started “Three girls are walking on road. An old man was walking ten meters before them. Suddenly a car hit him and gone away. Later the three were enquired about the number of that car. the first girl told it was four digit number and a perfect square. The second girl said the first two numbers were divisible by eleven. The third girl said the last two numbers were divisible by eleven”

”do you find difficult to write the syntax?” Linda questioned.

“No the syntax is given, but my doubt is why the iteration starts form number 32 instead of 1?”

Linda tried to find the solution. She said, “Ok! Now let us start from finding the square values from number one”

Mercy started “ Square of 1 is 1, square value of 2 is 4, square value of 3 is 9…” “Write the values in paper” Linda said.

Mercy wrote those values. Observing that Linda found upto the number 31 the square values are less than 4 digits. From number 32 only the square values become a four digit numbers.

Linda read that problem twice and the answer stroked at her mind.

“See from 1 to 31 their square values are not four digits.” Linda gave the explanation.

Later they found that the car number was 7744 and the square root also divisible by eleven that is 88.

Again Linda went near the cupboard. This time Mercy’s uncle was sitting near it. He talked with her in a happy mood He shared many of his work experiences with her. Linda observed him as brave old man but he expressed his disbelief about GOD and criticized about Mercy’s eager in reading those books.

He asked Linda “Do you know believe in God. Do you know where GOD is?” Linda answered nothing.

He said “I am an ex service man took part in many wars. I too seek the answer for the question where the GOD is? If He exists why the wars and disputes all over the world?”

“I am also trying to find the answer.” Linda replied by realizing the weight of that question and the matter.

Listening to their conversation Mercy took a journal and showed Linda a joke in it.

It could be read as ‘Two Little boys were so mischievous. To considering their future they had been admitted to a religious school. There too they were uncontrollable. On one day they were sent to the chief priest for their mischievous behavior. The chief priest come towards the boys and asked the question “Do you know where God is?” Suddenly both ran out the school. While they were running on the road a person stopped them and asked why they were running scared. One of boy answered “God is missing, and they suspect we did it!”

Linda and Mercy’s uncle laughed.

“Belief or disbelief is up to individual opinions.” Linda said as an answer.

As the effect of that sum Linda’s mind filled by those square values. The numbers rolled in her mind.

In the office Linda tried to find a time to go Sam’s cabin, but John was giving her lot or works. After two days John received a call from his mobile. Suddenly his face changed. He went to Nancy’s table and told something. Both started from office and gone somewhere. He didn’t tell anything to Linda.

Linda got the free time. So she planned to go to Sam’s cabin and went. Nothing was hard to introduce them mutually. Sam welcomed her with a warm smile and said “Now only you got the time to visit here?”

“The initial tensions made the delay” Linda answered. “Tension to you but, you always have cool look!” “You too brother, have good hopes on future.”

“Yes. The Almighty is with me, His presence keeps me cool always and I feel His secure always”.

At that time George entered in that cabin and joined in their conversation.

“Linda don’t believe him, there is no God in the world. If He exists why all the sorrows, wars, traits, dominations, hungers, Ailments and everything suffer the people?”

“If you really listen I’ll answer, you will also become happy like me.” Sam replied.

Linda asked George “Why don’t you post this question in face book? If so you may get lot of likes”

“Good Idea! Soon I’ll Post it” George answered.

Linda asked George “How many likes you got for yesterday’s posts?” George Wrote “256144036441169256484”

Linda looked at it and said with a broad smile “Ok! Ok! I believe your numbers now, continue the argument with George”.

George turned to Sam “If God really exists why you don’t ask him to make a normal.

Why don’t you get rid of your defect?”

Linda shocked for George’s inhuman words. “Sure, I’ll get rid of this defect one day.” When?

“In resurrection, in the forever kingdom of God Jehovah, There the problems you listed will not exist” Sam answered in a cool manner.

“So you are going to heaven with your wife and children. all of you will were white dresses and sing Fala lala laa!”

“No George, We will live in the earth with all evils destroyed. All defects cleared. We will plant trees and eat their fruits. We will construct houses. No earthquakes, pollutions, corporates, environment depletions and many more evils you listed and all the problems you left to list. The earth will be called paradise then. The Almighty assured that for us. His words are the Truth. if you know and follow it you may also enter into paradise He assured and live forever happily. ”

“See Linda, He tells about something impossible and non existing matter.” George tried to get Linda’s help.

Linda didn’t reply anything.

George continued, “Don’t tell about future, I want the solution for current problems”. “Why don’t you pray to almighty?” Sam Questioned.

“Where to go man, where is God. Where is that Fraud?”

“You mean God is Fraud! What happened to you? Why are you telling so?”

“Just for joke, I read it in website. A beggar was sitting out of worshipping place and asked money. There he got only a few amounts. So he shifted his begging place outside of bar. There he got lot of money and turned his head towards the sky and said….”


“Oh! God, you too become fraud! Given one address, but residing in another address”.

Sam smiled and replied “Loving George, as the statement of Jesus, He wishes to reside in our heart only, not in any constructed building.”

“Oh! You know Sam, only Jesus is accepted as scapegoat. In the current world there are many scapegoats are named as black sheep” George grieved.

“It means you are the man of negative thoughts. Try to be positive.”

Linda deviated from that conversation and opened the social network to post some comments.

The conversation between Sam and George was going on.

Linda turned to both and asked “Stop George, can you tell how many likes I will receive for this post.”

Both looked the monitor and Sam asked “What is the meaning, nothing except the numbers 121729064144144?”

George said “The conversation with Sam made me tired. I will say later.” Sam said “I’ll pray for you George”.

“Do it. I need it in deed”

At that time John entered. John conveyed Nancy’s drunkard husband hit in road accident.

Nancy is at hospital. All the staffs went to comfort Nancy.

In the next morning Linda received John’s call conveying George try to attempt suicide, but in right time he was saved.

Linda handed over her reports to Mr. Robert. The Pizza delivery boy was caught and enquired about the brain behind it. They found it was the boss of CBA consultancy named Mr.Kelvin one of the competitor.

Mr. Robert shared with Linda, “I know it definitely Linda! The brain behind must be one my competitor and it is proven, but how George worked for them. I provided the best for all my employees”

Linda said “you may see George as a black sheep, but in my view he is a scapegoat” How?

“Mr.Kelvin’s son and George are schoolmates. George is an orphan. Kelvin’s family helped George his studies. So they used him as a whipping boy.”


“The Education made George a person with good conscience, but the help got from Kelvin made him to grateful to that family. He was struggling with his thoughts. You could have noticed he will try to solve the ego problem between Nancy and Mercy. He wishes to live as a good man, but can’t find the way for it.”

In the evening Mr. Robert and Linda went to see George in the hospital. There they saw Sam was talking to George. Both eyes were filled with tears.

“You deserve to live respect George” Mr. Robert said holding his hand. George looked at him.

Mr. Robert continued “If anybody helps you mean God is using them to help you. Everything is provided by Him and not by the Humans. Evils are provided by devil. One day, the exact fixed day the devil will be destroyed by God. The almighty, The Creator stated it. It is the Truth. Get well soon. Start to know about truth. You will feel His presence. You will know lot about Him. You will feel secure.”

Linda and Sam kept their eyes open wide. Linda recalled the John’s statement about Mr.

Robert as the person knew human values.

Sam said to George “The insecurity feeling is the cause for all crimes. If you feel God is with you what else you need”

George opened his mouth “What should I do for that?”

“Pray to God baby” Mr. Robert answered. “Am I not fired?”

“Attempting for suicide is a matter to consider with sympathy. You will not be fired for that. ” Sam answered without knowing anything.

“You are not fired! You will not be killed! You are forgiven” Mr.Robert replied.

In the next Sunday Mr. Robert arranged a party for staffs with stake holders. He approached Linda and asked “How did you find that?”

Linda answered “When I helped Mercy, numbers stricken in my mind. I felt some familiarity with the number of likes he got for his facebook postings. Then I started watching him for two days. The Pizza delivery boy gave the receipts with questions in the encrypted format. In those receipts you can see the numbers written in pencil at backside. George answered in the same encrypted code but conveyed Pizza man as his number of likes received.”

“Nice job, Wise man” Mr. Robert wondered.

“I worked with the numbers and find the cryptography behind it” “That much work?”

“Yes. for each letter in alphabet was identified by a number. Instead of writing the exact number they used the square values. Those square numbers were written in three digits. For example 2’s square can be written 004.”

Then Linda took a paper and wrote the numbers and letters corresponding to it.

Mr. Robert viewed as ‘ The consonants : Z = 001, Y=004, X=009, W=016, V=025, T=036, S=049, R=064, Q=081, P=100, N=256, M=289, L=324, K=361, J=400, H=441, G=484, F=529, D=576, C=325, B=676. The alphabets: U=121, O=144, I=169, E=196, A=225. FOR SPACE = 729’.

Linda continued “Once I show him the number 121729064144144 to be decrypted as ‘U TOO,’ Sam didn’t get it but George understood and attempted for suicide.”

“Fantastic job!” Mr. Robert appreciated Linda.

Later, caring about Kelvin’s group been taken by the stakeholders of “Proper consultancy”.

The over sympathy on George made Linda to fall in love with him. George started know the truth. He too feels the same love of Linda. Before going to real paradise now they are in the ‘fool’s paradise’.

Have you decrypted the first code Linda noted : 256144036441169256484­ means NOTHING

Yes! Listening to their conversation in the Fool’s Paradise you will tell those are ‘SWEET NOTHINGS’.