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All the Environment Was Covered by the Darkness

All the environment was covered by the darkness. By breaking the darkness, the moon’s light came adjoining through the clouds. The moon was peeping the dew falling in the night period. Rasadari was sitting on the bench by watching the night sky under the Sepalika flower tree. At a glance, her heart flew back to the past.

Rasadari had two brothers and one sister namely Asitha, Sirimal and Surangi. They had grown up with a lot of hardships, so they couldn’t eat all the three meals in the day. As they cultivated grains in the other’s fields, though they worked during the night also; didn’t get much profit . They couldn’t even spend that money for their food as they were not enough to buy them. Rasadari’s mother woke up early in the morning, by covering from a cloth on the top of her head. Rasadari remembered the way my mother prepared tea by laying on the floor. Even though she made tea they couldn’t drink tea as there were no any cups in their home. Refined coconut husks were their cups. Still she remembers the way how their mother poured that tea into the coconut husks and served them happily.

As their father was a weak person, Rasadari remembered the way he went to the paddy field early in the morning with his mammoty. He started the day with thousands of hopes. As they wake up in the early morning Asitha, Sirimal, Surangi and Rasadari played with each other and by helping their parents by the way they could help them. By wearing torn school uniforms and wearing slippers they attend to the school by travelling across a forest. But they attended to the school very happily. They went to school with many hardships because of the love they had to learn. After finishing school they come home; but did not have anything to eat as lunch. Rarely they ate boiled maniocs or jack seeds as lunch. Rasadari showed her talents in the studies when she was a child. She also have got prizes for her talents. Though she had to learn with many hardships her ambition was to be an Accountant. To make her ambition a success she had to take on a great effort. As she was a talented student in the school the principal and teachers assisted in her studies. Anyhow or other, Rasadari reached to her goal. After taking her first appointment she came home with a lot of hopes in her heart.

When she came home she saw her father’s dried eyes and at that time she remembered the way he worked for them with much difficulty. Then Rasadari went near to her father and touched his head with a very sad feeling. By this moment he can’t even talk with her. Although he tried to tell them something, he couldn’t tell them it from words because he was seriously ill.

Asitha and Sirimal who were working now in the army and sister Surangi who was teacher had to come to see their father. When they were small children, the way he told them stories makes Rasadari’s heart very sad due to the way he is staying now. A moment after all of them came there, he watched all of them by the dried eyes and then he held their mother’s hand and closed his eyes from the entire world. In this moment Rasadari and her siblings started to cry by shouting. As if they cried; they realized that he won’t get his life again.

After finishing the father’s funeral occasion all the other people’s eyes were wet by the tears. All of them had left the house for job purposes at that time. As usual Rasadari’s mother had become alone in the house. Separation from her children and the sudden death of her beloved husband, she couldn’t bear the loneliness. As Rasadari worked as an accountant and she didn’t like to leave their mother at home because of that she decided to go to work from her home.

The time went quickly; the house they lived became old. So Rasadari decided to repair their mother’s home. Suddenly, Sirimal came to mother’s house and forced Rasadari not to repair the house as this house belongs to all of them. “Rasadari wants to own this house for herself”, said Sirimal. Rasadari was surprised. She didn’t expect these words to be heard from her brother Sirimal. Her heart was broken. Their mother heard this and she came quickly to the place where they stayed and scolded Sirimal. Mother said that as Rasadari was her elder daughter she had always thought about them and said that she had decided to build this house because their mother was drying for the sun’s light and getting wet for the rain. Sirimal said “Mother please shut up, you can’t understand this because she is trying to own this house”. Sirimal started to tell gossips to the other siblings and he tried to make the other siblings to make angry with Rasadari. ” Big headed accountant, you make our mother a fool and you make the path clear to write this house to you, but if you do any change to this house, don’t make me a bad man ” said Sirimal. Rasadari’s heart was suffering with the sayings of her brother. Some days she didn’t eat my lunch and had offered it to him because of the love she had to him. She was unable to understand the way how her brother changed like this manner. ” This might cause because of the society’s bad influence. The conflict between us raised ” Rasadari thought. So she decided to go in search of a place for rent. But their mother thoroughly didn’t like it. As mother who suffered from previous days too; Rasadari didn’t like to give much pressure to her again. Because of that Rasadari left her home with a sad heart.

The time went rapidly. Rasadari got to know that Sirimal came suddenly to Rasadari’s home with his wife. He came with the refusement of mother. Sirimal’s wife wanted mother to work as the servant of them. She used to quarrel with Rasadari’s mother from time to time. At every time this quarrel happened Sirimal took the side of his wife. From the childhood Sirimal was too much when we didn’t have food to eat. Rasadari has also heard the way he scolds their mother. When this scolding were told to their mother, she didn’t care because of the hungriness he had. But now mother could identify that he was a too much boy from his birth. All the details which prevailed in the house was told by their mother to the Nadawathie’s daughter who was a neighbor and used to ask her to write a letter for Rasadari by describing those things. It contained that their sister Surangi was going to be a mother but her husband used to disturb her always. Hence she was bored with her marriage too. She married with a love that she had to him. She married Sujith who was only son in a rich family. As Surangi was a beautiful woman, Sujith did not find her wealth, but he cared only the love he had to her.

After marrying they went to stay at the house of Sujith’s parents. From that day they had to spend a bad time. Sujith’s mother used to scold Surangi blaming that she had fool her son. Surangi patiently stayed with hearing those things. By acting patiently she thought she could get the relief; but she couldn’t see it getting better in the latter part. And one day she went to mother’s home and said all the happening which happened, to our mother with tears in her eyes. Mother said ” Don’t cry because of our poverties, we cannot do anything. If we have such a wealth I could have given you to a prince and now we have nothing to talk about this. Be patient as much as you can, daughter ” said mother. ” Mother, Sujith doesn’t do anything I ask ” said Surangi. He only does the things which are said by his mother. Sujith hears everything which are told to me by his mother without searching or looking with an evidence to prove it. She always force me to divorce. I am bored with this life, mother. We suffered a lot when we small. But we thought we can stay happy when we are grown up; but we are suffering now more than we suffered during the childhood. ” What is the cause for it, mother? I can’t understand “. ” Just see here daughter – not only you, how the way me too suffered during your childhood days. Now you are grown up – but still I am suffering. This is the formation of the world, so don’t think much on it” said mother. All these happen by the *Kamma that we had gain from the previous births.

Surangi who was talking with the mother went home because of the sake of going there to live with his rude husband. Rasadari who was an accountant still did not marry. Many proposals came to her but she refused to marry them because she thought about her siblings every time. All the other younger siblings of Rasadari have been married and when seen the problems which they have encountered, Rasadari felt that marrying was a fed upping situation. Time passed rapidly. Rasadari who was working as an accountant got a very good salary due that she decided to buy a land which was in Rathnapura and to build a house in that land. Even though Sirimal, her brother disturbed her she went to see her mother once a week. She always tried to buy her mother once a week, every source of needs according to her needs.

Even though her brother Sirimal hated Rasadari, she even brought things to fulfill his needs too by showing the love she had to her siblings. As she visited her mother she didn’t forget to ask the things which were happening to her other siblings. In one day Rasadari said to her mother ” Oh, I couldn’t tell you, mother. I went to see a land which was in Ratnapura. That place is very peace and a tidy place, I am deciding to buy that land. ” “That is a good idea my darling. I wish may the triple gem bless you. I know the way I suffered during your childhood. What did we do to you only we gave food to you only but we didn’t provide you the food also properly. You came to this level with your determination. But I have a big burden in my heart ” said mother. ” What is it ? ” Rasadari asked her mother immediately. ” Hmm, because you are living a lonely life. It is hard to live alone in this country daughter “. ” Mother, don’t think about it ” Rasadari replied, ” Is there a low to a girl to be married?” Then my mother said ” You also should have a better future that’s why I told it. When you are old there should be anyone to treat you when you are sick. Then Rasadari said ” This saying is not valid for the present society, just look the families which consist of 12 or more children in the family are also not treating their parents well, how can we satisfy in this society. We can hear the things which happen to the parents by the present children who are living in the modern society. They respect their children by putting them into cages and sending them out from their houses. In these types of happenings so we have to take steps to make good children in the society “. Rasadari said that now it was evening and she wanted to go to her place before it is getting dark. Mother said that she was living here with many disappointments.


“You also know the way I spend my life”, said Rasadari “I also understand the actions done by Sirimal hurts you mother”. She begged her mother saying to be patient and then she worshipped her mother and went away . Mother said her “God bless you”.

As usual Rasadari went to work in his office. Suddenly the telephone rang. She said “Yes, I’m speaking, the person in the telephone said that he was a neighbor of Asitha who has been hospitalized due to an accident. Rasadari was shocked. The telephone in her hand fell down unknowingly. She became unconscious then the order officers seated her near a table and they fanned her and they took her to the hospital. Two minutes before she stepped the hospital she got to know that he has left this world. Rasadari heard the large cry of her mother and Surangi. Mother said ” Oh, no what happened to my precious son? “. Then the others started to say ” Why did you leave us quickly and how can we bear this sorrowness “. As the brother’s dead body was covered with a white cloth, Rasadari started to hug Asitha with sympathies. Rasadari said ” Oh dear, I said you should be careful when you are riding your motor bike “. But you didn’t listen to it. Because of you didn’t hear the words of me, that’s why we all have to cry on behalf of you. Why did you close your eyes before I arrive here how can I bear it…?” Since our father died one year before but you also left us quickly. “Don’t cry.” said the mother, ” What to do? That is his life expectancy”. After that Rasadari spent all her money on her brother’s funeral. “Piya Vippayogo Dukkho” – Leaving the beloved one is a sadness – as it was a world formation. Rasadari couldn’t bear this feeling at this time.

After offering the seventh day alms giving Rasadari when to work usually. But as usual her physical and mental fitness was weakened. She started to cry unknowingly. Anushka who was a friend of Rasadari questioned ” Why are you crying? You always stayed strong with your heart but why are weakened now? If something has happened to a relative is stronger than the feeling if something has happened to a stranger. That is the truth. Just make your heart and forget the past things “, said Anushka by touching Rasadari’s head. As Rasadari took many holdings, she had to work a lot because of that she took steps to finish those work till the night. Because of that she was unable to visit her mother in the weekends as usual.

Time passed quickly. During this time, the manager of the place where Rasadari worked named Aravinda had a feeling about Rasadari. Aravinda didn’t ask this from Rasadari, thinking that it would break the friendship between them. As she was a talented worker, Aravinda started to love her due to these types of qualities. Aravinda started to love her due to these types of qualities. Aravinda waited patiently to get a good situation. That situation got true during the alms giving this company. Rasadari leadered this situation. As she was arranging all the stuff for the alms giving, Aravinda came and questioned Rasadari if she had arranged all the stuff. ” Yes sir, I arranged everything “. ” You also work very immediately as I do. Our thoughts are also same. Isn’t it Rasadari? “. Rasadari looked down shamefully. Aravinda informed Rasadari to meet him in his room in another 05 minutes. Then she said ” OK sir “. Rasadari was thinking the cause for calling her to the manager’s room.

She was scared of thinking that she had done any offence. Anyhow or other as the manager called her she went to meet him. Aravinda said ” Come come, Rasadari ” as usual. So the fear in her mind got lost. Then he said ” Do you know the reason why did I call you to meet me in my room? How can you know because I didn’t tell you. From a recent time I was very happy about your work. Then he said ” I love you. Can you accept my earnest statement. Because we are not children, as we are well educated workers of the nation. Because of that I would like to accept any of your suggestion “, said Aravinda.

As Rasadari felt that the manager was fond of her, but she didn’t mind it so much. As Aravinda was a handsome young man, he would not be refused by any person in the society. Rasadari was happy thinking that getting the love from such a person to herself. At this weekend she decided to inform about this to her mother. Rasadari informed her mother the way Aaravinda proposed to her. As Aravinda was a good boy, mother also granted to make Aravinda as Rasadari’s boy friend. Rasadari said that she was scared when looking at the troubles which are faced by her other siblings. Mother advised her to marry Aravinda because Rasadari should also have a good marriage and a family life.

Rasadari suddenly told that she purchased that land and it is valuable according to the price of it. There some coconut trees in the land too. By collecting some money, she said that she is going to build the house in that land. Mother said that it was good. ” Oh see mother, somebody is coming to this side “. Mother and Rasadari couldn’t recognize properly who was that person. They suddenly witnessed that it was Rasadari’s sister Surangi. Surangi entered

the house by shedding tears in her eyes. Mother, ” Sujith and Sujith’s mother chased me from their house ” Don’t cry”, said mother” Don’t worry according to your present situation. Did they think about the situation you are staying?, wait I will scold them and come said mother. ” Don’t mother, without being fooled by those people”, said Surangi to her mother. Rasadari who saw the face of her sister imagined the way she had stayed with them.” Don’t cry. Let’s see what to do sister? ” Sujith after divorcing me there won’t be a father to this child. I hate my life now” said Surangi.

” Make your heart sister everything happen to human beings. We will face anything “, said Rasadari by touching her sister’s head. “Now how can I face the people in the society? When Sirimal comes home the troubles will rise up. I feel like to die” said Surangi. ” Don’t say foolish things. Then I will go “, said Rasadari in a bad mood. Surangi woke up early in the morning and walked to her school. She had to walk about four miles to school. Sepali who was gossiping about the way Surangi come during the past days with the Sijith’s bike and now the way she is walking. She understood that there must be any trouble in their lives. Sepali went near Surangi and asked ” Why are you going alone? Do you have a problem? ” As she told it to Sepali, after a few days all the people in the area knew the trouble which was faced by Surangi. Some of Surangi’s friend was sad about the situation and some of them were happy. The friends who were happy started to hurt the heart of Surangi. That day Rasadari left home with a very sad mood because of the marriage life of the sister was damaged and there wasn’t a father to the new born child. She decided to tell this to her friend Anushka to free up her mind.

Time passed quickly. ” The proposal which was made by Aravinda could not be rejected some more days ” she thought. By thinking the family back ground and she granted that she would marry Aravinda. They married after some time. They were blessed by everyone. Rasadari who was an accountant did not get much time to be appreciated by the family members of Aravinda. She also got the love and affection from them too. As Aravinda was from a rich family but Rasadari who came from a poor family doesn’t matter when they married, because they were well educated and wise people. Rasadari got all the luxury and comforts, but one was missing. It was because they did not get children. They did every possible thing to get a child; but they lost that fortune. Because of that they were highly disappointed. They didn’t want to show it to the society.

Aravinda suggested to go a tour to free the minds because they are in a stress these days. Rasadari also liked it. So they decided to visit *Dalada Maligawa on coming weekend. But Rasadari called her mother also. But mother refused it because Surangi was alone in the house if she joined the trip. So Rasadari and Aravinda went alone. When started the journey they got through some obstacles. Rasadari got fear about this but she did not show it to her husband Aravinda. After worshipping *Dalada Maligawa, they went to see the two botanical gardens named Haggalaand Peradeniya.

In the third day morning a call came to Rasadari’s phone and it was from her mother. ” Daughter we have another obstacle. Surangi is stung by poisonous snake. We took her to the hospital ” said mother . Rasasdari shocked and cried. She informed mother that she would come quickly with Aravinda to the hospital. ” Oh my dear, sister ” by telling this Rasadari started to cry. The staff of the hospital did a cesarean operation and took the child and stated that the life of her sister is in a danger. Rasadari and Aravinda came quickly to the hospital. When she saw the faces of mother and his brother, disappointment in her mind began to rise. The child who was brought by the nurse was shown to Rasadari. She was very beautiful and Rasadari started to cry. The doctor from the I.C.U came near them and stated that Surangi died a moment ago. Rasadari and mother started to cry loudly as if it could be heard to the whole hospital. Surangi’s child was taken by Rasadari said ” Your mother passed away by fulfilling my life. I will protect you as a pearl throughout my whole life “. Hereafter Rasadari and Aravinda became a lovable father and mother……



Rasadari is the main character.

Asitha, Sunimal, Surangi, Aravinda, Sujith, Sepali and Anushka are the names of the main characters in the story.

Ratnapura is a city in Sri Lanka.

*Kamma is a word related to Buddhism which means an action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual.

*Dalada Maligawa is the temple of tooth relic.

*Sepalika flower tree is a tree with small white flowers which bloom in the night time.

By Prasansani Premathilaka from Sri Lanka