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Heart Breaking Shopping Times

Golden colour sun sets in the red and purple colour shaded sky. Birds are flying to their nests. Grey colour atmosphere become cleaned from the evening wind. Blowing wind carries fresh air which cools the body. This is a beautiful evening. Oh God, no more it is. Again I heard the loud noise of Mrs. Dayamanna. It realizes me how time and incidents can change a human; from sweet voice to loud noise.

This is the fifth time that he was called for this week. And also it is the fifth time which breaks my meditation on evenings whether they are beautiful, cloudy or rainy. For the past two years I used to love rainy evenings which can defeat and overcome the loud noise of Mrs. Dayamanna.

He is Siril Dayamanna, a chief accountant of a leading company in the island. And also he is one of my neighbors who living in 9th floor of this luxury flat for the past seven years .We were good and very closed friends two years ago but after he is becoming the chief accountant, we lost our free time and our friendship just limits to greetings like Good moning, good evening and good byes.His new position stops our daily meetings, jogging.

For the past two years he was daily called by his wife Mrs. Dayamanna for buying unnecessary goods, old vegetables and fruits and for not buying essential foods. These changes not come with his promotion but with the injected attitudes of his former chief accountant. I’m well remembering what he said with me before five or four years when we were in conversation about economy of our houses.

“Mr. Perera my wife very well knows how to manage my salary.”

“Mr. Daya she is very active and creative in buying goods and foods. You know as I m single, I have to do everything; cooking, buying goods and foods. You are a lucky husband.”

“Yes of course, Mr.Perera.”

“Mr.Daya, I show your chief accountant at super market, yesterday.”

“It is possible. My chief accountant is an efficient man and he is the one who manage his salary and he selects the things for home as he wish. Isn’t he lucky? Actually he is talking with me many times. How humble he is.”

“I feel you are embracing him. Aren’t you Mr.Daya?”

“I don’t know. Whatever, I know he recommended me in many times.”

That conversation remained an unknown feeling within me those days. But now I suggest it is the blindness embracing on his former chief accountant.

Two years ago his chief accountant died from a heart attack. And Mr. Dayamanna became the Chief accountant. From here many things had been changed. No more I can found my old friend. He behaved

like a dominator. He took the power to manage his family and Mrs. Dayamanna followed his rules as a good house wife. But she couldn’t keep her patience longer as he bought only what he want. As a result of that still I can hear the loud noises every evening.

Once he said, he was enough of blaming from his wife. And I told him “Why don’t you share your money with her for buying needs of home as before?” He answer me “You know, as a chief accountant it is shame to let my wife to manage my salary.” by proving my earlier thought.

Days run in a race with time by increasing more gap between me and Mr.Dayamanna as same as the gap between he and his family. With the time I also have to leave the city to my village back.

This message also can be given to Mr.Daya at the Super market. He looks so tired. “Good evening! Mr. Daya. How are you?”

“Good evening.Fine.I doesn’t know when this works finished will.”

“I want to meet you, to inform that I have to go to my village next Monday to live with my sister.” “Oh….I wishes you a good luck! I miss you my friend.”

That is the last time I met him. I passed four years in my village leisurely. Memories of 9th floor of the flat still come to my mind. Some are sweet, some are sad and some are noisy. The word ‘noisy’ reminds me the Family of Dayamanna. I think to visit them next week as I have to go to city for my sister’s work.

I got finished my works quickly and in the evening I walk along the familiar roads, once I used to go. A new security officer is stands at the entrance. So it takes a little time to explain about me and at last he gives the permission. I reach to the 9th floor. I knock the door of Mr.Dayamanna. The door is opened by Mrs. Dayamanna without looking at me, and I just heard the familiar loud noise. It makes me surprise even after four years. When she saw me she gets red and apologizes for the thing happened. And she invites me while saying,

“Mr. Perera, still your friend buys boring goods and foods.”

By T.R.Anjalee Udeshika from Sri Lanka