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Paradox of Happiness

Never in my life have I thought of other things more important than money…

“Hey, you new girl! Over here!”

A girl in office attire tries her best to answer that call, she runs too fast that and make her high heels snap.


Another girl comes rushing to her side with mixed feelings. “Geez Misa! How can you mess up in your first day here?”

“My bad Amy… Even after your effort for recommend me here.” “Plak!”

“Aw! My back hurts!”

“What are you looking down for Misa? This is what friend is for right?” “Tee hee… Thanks Amy.”

“Quick follows me! That old hag doesn’t like when the people she call response slowly.”

Misa take both of the snap heels and keep it at her hand bag. Her brown hair sways along as she follows Amy.

“Hey new girl get a hold of yourself! Mess up further and you will regret it for sure!”

The old hag that Amy mentioned before has quite menacing eyes that somehow still shock Misa. “Say Amy… What are we doing here standing in front of the office door?”

“I also not hear about this before but seems like the new head manager for our department will come today.”

“Is that so? What happen with the previous head?”

“Hm… It is quiet complicated about the efficient stuff or honesty from the rumor I heard.” “Can you two girls keep quiet!?”

“Sorry!” Both of them reply to that old hag

Not long after that a luxury black car stop in front of the company building. From inside appears a fat short man who looks like in his middle of 40s, he take out a comb from inside of his expensive looking grey coat. With care he combs his thin hair that looks like the last defense line from baldness.

“It is an honor to have a visit from you head director.”

“Looking good eh Mrs. White?” The old hag looks a bit surprised then swiftly regains her calm. “Yes Mr. Tom.”

Without showing any response, the so called director tries to finish his combing session despite the fact of a long line of his employees standing watching him. The moment after he done with his comb he look back and give a signal to the other man inside the car.

“Gasp! Look Misa!”

Without Amy realize her mouth open wide and some drools run wild from there. Misa try to cover up for her friend’s shameless action while at the same time she also understands a bit of her feeling. Not only her friend but the other female staff also have all their eyes to the new figure that walking out of the car. With simple yet perfect black coat run through his upper body show his moderate yet well build body standing out, his eyes looks sharp yet have some melancholy feels that can pierce through anyone’s heart. His thick black hair sway gently as he walk follow the head director’s lead. The other male employees feel a bit vexed of this young man that still in the start of his 20s ensnares all the female staff’s attention to him alone. Mr.

Tom stops in the middle of the crowd and let the young man stand beside him. “Attention to all of my workers, I want to introduce…”

The young man politely asks him to stop his speech. Even at first Mr. Tom seems a bit confuses but then he let the new man handle the rest as he wish.

“Ladies and gentlemen I want to apologize first for taking your precious time to gathers here outside the office. Mr. Tom may act a bit exaggerate but still I appreciate your effort, let me introduce myself first. I am Rin Montana a fresh graduated from university X major in Tax Accounting, as of today I will be the head manager both in tax and accounting department. I may be green but I hope for your guidance in time of needed. As to not delay your time any longer let’s all return back to the office.”

Whispers of glad begin to arisen among the employees as they walk back in the office followed with Mr. Tom and Rin.

“Well said Rin, but why do you act too kind to them? They are nothing but tools for this me.” Mr. Tom acts so proud while touch gently his thin hair that looks so fragile.

“You got the point already Mr. Tom and that’s why you must take care of them with good care because whether this company can survive long or not will be determined by them.”

“Hah! I don’t quite good with this psychology stuff or something but as long as I can get more and more profit in the future is all that matter.”

“This is not the matter of psychology but you are the one that lack common sense pig with less hair.”

“Huh? Do you say something just now Rin?” “Nothing, it must be your imagination sir.”

“Hahaha! Oh well, but think that you don’t need to be kind like that too much or they will act spoiled then begin to ask for raise in the bonus and other stuff.”

Rin stop for a moment that make Mr. Tom confuse of his action. He shock a bit when see the expression in Rin that he had never seen before.

“I am not kind or anything, I just hate troublesome stuff.” Cold sweat begins to flow through his face without he realize.

“Hm? What the matter Mr. Tom? Let’s go or we will make Mrs. White wait too long.” “Ah! You… You’re right! Let’s hurry.”

In a big yet luxury room lies waiting Mrs. White with a smile prepare for both of them. “How is it Rin? This office belongs to you now.”

“Thanks Mr. Tom.” Without any expression Rin just follow with the flow.

An awkward silence begins to envelop the surroundings make the elder one uncomfortable. “Oh yes, excuse me before but where is the toilet Mrs. White?”

“Ah, just go straight out from this room until the dead corner and you can find it Mr. Rin.” Without further ado Rin leave the two of them without any care.

“Hey Mr. Tom is he really that good?”

“Well, despite his young age I can guarantee it Mrs. White. Just play along and lot and lot of money will run to you in a blink of an eye.” Wicked low laugh filled the room.

Not too long after that Rin walk back to the room with the stares from the other officers there either it is a look of admired or hated.

“Mrs. White where is Mr. Tom?”

“He has some urgent business to attend so I will handle the rest here Mr. Rin.” She takes up the phone and called some name before she hangs it up.

“Knock, knock…” “Come in!”

Amy and Misa enter the room. Amy looks so excited while Misa already at her limit only to maintain her cool for not act clumsy like earlier.

“Mr. Rin let me introduce them. The one with the short black hair is Amy Tenfold while the one beside her is the new employee Misa Tie. They will assist you in the work Mr. Rin… Hm?” Mrs. White slanted her eyes while look at Misa.

“Hey newcomer what is wrong with your shoes?” A panic attack begins to make she lose her cool until Amy covers it up for her.

“Her high heels snap Mrs. White. Perhaps this is one of those defective products.” “In other words a clumsy girl huh? It must be nice to have someone back you up.” With his cold and calm eyes Rin observe Misa and Amy’s relationship quite well.

“Fine then, make sure to use proper brands for not to ashamed this company name.” Misa feel relief and Amy smile happily to her.

After the introduction and the other things done by Mrs. White, the three of them leave the room leaving Rin alone there.

“That pig with less hair and that old hag looks so obvious with their greedy looks inside them. I wonder how long this company will run, well not that I care since I will still get my share.”

Just like that the time passes by and the one by one the employees begin to leave the office. Rin try to leave when it is quiet since he doesn’t like to be the centre of the attention too much. He decides to walk back to home instead using the car the company provides.

“I just don’t understand the needed to waste such resources when my apartment is not too far from this office…”

Rin quickly hide himself when a familiar figure passes by him. With the brown hair playing with the wind as she run, a soft and melodious voice come from her small cherry lips.

“Mimi~ Sorry for taking too long to pick you up.” An elementary school student greets Misa happily.

“It’s fine big sis! Mimi had been a good kid and wait for you.” Mimi’s big eyes shine cheerfully. “Okay then! Let’s go home soon. I need to help mom sew some of order clothes.”

“Go go go~ And tell me how is your first day on work big sis!”

Misa stopped her feet and move Mimi behind her. Out of nowhere three thugs come near her, she think it must be her bad luck because the area they are walking now is less with people around this time.

“Hey sweety~ Why don’t you come with us to have some fun eh?”

“Stop it! Don’t pick on my big sis!” Misa become panic and try to keep Mimi safe from those three.

“Oh my! Think that we harvest some good stuff today guys. We can have some fun with the big one and sell the little one with good deal!”

Misa become over nervous and trip herself while push Mimi back from there. “Go away Mimi! I will follow you back later.”

“No! Big sis! Mimi wants to stay with you!”

Misa hug Mimi tightly when the thugs surround her, scared filled up Misa when they begin to pull her back from Mimi. Fate is way too unfair to keep take away important thing from her she thought.

“Officers! Quickly over here!”

“What the!? How can some cops… Gah! Run away for your life guys!” The tree of them runs as fast as they can without looking back.

“Sigh…” Misa sit on the ground with relief after the thugs had vanished from her sight. “No! It is not me, let me go kid!”

“Yes it is your voice big bro!” Misa raise then walk to Mimi and the other man he speak to. “Eh? What’s wrong Mimi… Ah!? Mr. Rin!?”

“Uhm? You know him big sis? He is the one that yell just now.” “Really? Uwh… Thanks and sorry for the trouble Mr. Rin.”

Rin seems to give up and just nod her head.

“Well then I will go now.” Mimi quickly reaches and holds into Rin’s coat. “Mimi! What are you doing? Don’t be rude to Mr. Rin!”

“Uhm… But Mimi wants to thanks big bro… Sniff…” Misa’s face begins to color with panic again.

“Fine then, what can I do for you Mimi?” Rin approach Mimi and pat her head a bit. “I want big bro to have dinner with us at home!” Mimi smile so brightful that Rin nod automatically.

“Eh!? What… But Mr. Rin…” Misa seems can’t find the right work she want to use. “Is something wrong Ms. Misa?”

“No no no! Nothing’s wrong.” Misa seems still confuse of the current event but try to cope with it.

With that said Rin follow back the two sisters to their home. Along the way Misa still try her best not make a fool out of herself while Mimi smile cheerfully walking between the two of them. At last they arrive at a moderate looking house without any second floor.

“Mom! We are home! Let’s make the dinner fast for big bro!”

“I am sorry for my little sister’s behavior Mr. Rin.” Rin walk in without any response to that. “Uwh… I really am no good to deal with people especially the one like Mr. Rin.” With some heavy feeling Misa follow them.

“Oh my Misa! Since when do you have a boyfriend and the one so cool and handsome like him?” A middle aged woman with brown tied hair greets the company happily.

“Mom! He is not! Mr. Rin is my superior.” Her mom only laughs it off and asks Mimi to help her in the kitchen.

“My apologies Mr. Rin that my family is like this.” Rin silent again as expected that makes Misa feel more uncomfortable.

“So…” Misa surprised hear the sudden word speak by Rin. “So your hair is natural?”

“Eh?” Confuse look filled her innocent face.

“Your little sis and mom have the same hair color as yours.” “Ah… Yes.”

“I see.” Silence filled the room again.

“Tadaa! Here help yourself sir Rin! This lovely cooking of mine and my Mimi will sooth your heart to tears.” Bunch of food serve well on the worn out table, accept the good will Rin have some of the food.

“Mr. Rin? Is something wrong?” Worried face from Misa wake Rin from his daydreaming. “What is wrong?” Rin look confuse at her then Mimi suddenly wipe something off from his face. “Big bro? Why are you crying? Did Mimi that bad at cooking?” Mimi looks down.

Rin just realize what happened and suddenly stand up.

“It isn’t like that. I just remember I have some business to attend to. Excuse me then and thanks for the good food.” In a blink of an eye Rin had already disappeared from there.

“Big sis is my cooking not good?”

“No Mimi, it is so tasty. You heard from Mr. Rin just now too right?” Mimi smile and continue her dinner.

“Misa, seems like that child has a lot things in his mind. Be sure to help him when you can okay?”

“Mom…” Misa left speechless of that scene just now and keep wondering about her mom’s words.

The next morning.

Misa arrive safely at the office without any clumsy act of her. Suddenly a figure that she still remember vividly yesterday at her home appear before her.

“Good morning Mr. Rin.” Rin nod his head without speak anything and pass by her. “Heya!”

“Waaah! You scare me Amy!”

“Hahaha! It is fun to tease you, hm… Oh what do we have here? My little Misa show her interest to our infamous head manager eh?” Misa panic’s attack begins again and make her trip herself. “Aw! Amy stops teasing me.”

“My bad Misa but come here I have some amazing discoveries to tell you.” Misa follow Amy back to their desk office.

“By chance I try to sneak into my old man working room when he is not home. I try to search for any info about Mr. Rin and found out quite amazing info!” Amy’s father is a well known information broker that also because of his job, someday in the past he help Misa and she become good friend in Amy like in the present.

“Hey! That is theft and abuse of authority right? How can you…” Amy raises her hand and close Misa’s mouth.

“Save it for later date Misa, let me tell you some interesting part here.”

In the files Amy show mentioned about Rin’s past and record of achievements. Since at young age Rin claimed to be genius at anything he done but also unfortunately a gloomy past also accompany with it. When he is at sixth grade at elementary school, his father ask for a divorce when he found out his wife cheat on some rich guy. With ease his wife agree to it while claiming that life with wealth is way more meaningful than life a hard life with low earning husband and a strange child. Seems at that time Rin’s mother can’t cope up with his intelligence. Later on Rin apply himself and success into earn education program from middle school until graduated from the university. He also get scout by so many company thanks to his outstanding accounting ability especially in tax. From the start of middle school life he leaves the house and live alone leaving behind his parent. Later on his father become a drunkard and involved in a fight with some thugs that let it to his dead with some stab in the stomach. While his mother’s wealth husband went bankrupt that end in double suicide from the pressure of not being able to live a rich life.

Misa just stare at the files she just read with some heavy feels into it. After some thought she just realize the meaning behind her mom’s word yesterday and also with the sudden tears from Rin.

Meanwhile… “Knock, knock…” “Come in.”

Mrs. White enters Rin’s room while bringing some files in her hand. “This is what Mr. Tom wants you to do Mr. Rin.”

Rin swiftly take the files and look into it carefully. After done reading it he throw a confuse look to Mrs. White.

“Are you sure about this Mrs. White?” She only replies him with her smile.

“Well, as of what I have made some agreement with Mr. Tom before. This numbers is out of the question and I don’t want to get involved when this smell out by the authority.”

“We know it well Mr. Rin and that’s why we want to make some experiment with it so if this success we can get much from this and also you will get some extra bonus.”

“I don’t take more or less from the agreement.”

“How noble of you Mr. Rin but that’s how it is and I hope for your good work.” Mrs. White walks out from the room and before she close the door she speak slowly to Rin.

“We have lot of goats here so feel free to work according to the files Mr. Rin.”

Rin throw the files and close his eyes. In his life since the broke up of his parents he only thinks of money since that is the thing that destroys yet makes his life. But still in this case even if he already predicts the greediness of Mr. Tom and Mrs. White, he still can’t believe the depth of evil in them for money. But since this is a job he must be a professional about it and do what he can. Without any delay his fingers dance swiftly on the keyboard and hours by hours pass by until he done with it. Later in the afternoon Mrs. White come to his room and take the finished work from him.

“I understand why Mr. Tom really wants you to join. Good work then but what is this buzzing thing I hear from before Mr. Rin?” Mrs. White feel bother a bit by the low buzzing sound there.

“Ah don’t mind it Mrs. White, I just recharging my phone when it turn off. It has been like this since last month.”

“Well then, I should take my leave then.” Rin only throw a blank smile to her as she left the room.

Amy and Misa chat happily when they want to leave the office.

“Hold it newcomer!” Both of them stop and see Mrs. White coming to them. “How may I help you Mrs. White? I have to pick up my little sis soon.”

“Don’t talk back! And you may leave after you send this report to the tax government.” “Al… Alright Mrs. White.” Without left any word she left both of them.

“Geez… That old hag really likes to do things as she pleases. Well then I will wait for you Misa.”

“It’s fine Amy, it would be better if you help me pick up Mimi and send her home.” Amy only sigh a bit and hit Misa’s back lightly.

“Fine then! Be sure to finish it fast big sis haha!”

After seeing Amy left the office Misa return back to her seat while checking the files. As if seeing a ghost her face turn to pale and her body shiver. She begins to cry in front of the monitor and type in the report. Alone in that office the small fragile shoulder of hers seems to crumble easily against the trial she is facing.

Next week arrives like a breeze.

“Hey Misa what happen? Mimi tells me you don’t eat much this week.” “I’m fine Amy…” Misa stare at Amy deeply.

“What is it Misa? Don’t stare at me like that, it makes me blush.” Misa hold both of Amy’s hands.

“Amy if something happens to me… Help me to take care of Mimi and my mom, will you?” “Hey cut it off Misa! It is not…” Amy feel it is not a good thing to argue with Misa and just nod. Some ruckus seems to happen at the front of the office. A siren that appears lot in action movie fills up the surroundings. Bunch of scary looking cops enter the office and one of the staff in the office point at Misa. Knowing the situation Misa just come along with the police even she keep push Amy back and smile at her. Even at the distance she can hear Amy’s cried to her, before she left a look of wicked smile from Mrs. White greet her. Just like that our female protagonist eliminated from the story or so we thought.

Without knowing how many hours have passed by since she was confined in the jail, she can only pray that her little sis and mom is well and sound. Only the silence and groan from the other prisoners that can be found there. In the midst of praying a heavy footsteps echo and wake her up. A guard opens up the door and asks her to follow him. Along the way out from that nightmare the scream from the other prisoners that demands to be free is resonating with one another. At the front gate of the prison the officer return back her hand bag and other stuff. Still in lost of what happen she just went with the flow and suddenly someone hug her that makes them fall.

“Misa! I miss you so much!” “A… Amy? What happen?”

“So much had happened Misa. Now you are clear from the blame cause by that greedy old hag.” “Eh? Can you tell me what happened properly Amy? I can’t catch it well.”

Amy explain all the things Misa want to know. Just when she was arrest by the cops, Amy lost of what to do then she remember of the other reason why Rin scouted by so many company. Not only he is good with accounting but he also skillful in manipulated the tax data to avoid a huge amount of tax that need to pay to the government. In doing that he can think the safe amount of the numbers that can be manipulated then he will hack in the other files hold by any of the third party that will get in the government’s hand. With that in mind I rush off to his office and give a good punch to his face.

“How dare you! Even you are a genius and can live wealthy life using it still that is not a good thing to involve others!” Rin only smile after receive that blow from me that makes me feel creepy.

“Well as of what I have make some agreement with Mr. Tom before, this numbers is out of the question and I don’t want to get involved when this smell by the authority.” I surprised when hear Mrs. White voice that I search all over in that room and found no one beside me and him. “No need to worry Amy. This is what I prepare for in advance if something like this happen. I will take this and the contract that signed by those greedy people to the police.”

“But if you do that then…” Rin only smile at me as if he already read my mind.

“I think it is time for me to end this stupid play I perform for those in order to get much money.” “But… Why? You will lose all your wealth and will have a hard life…”

I was silenced by his bitter smile as if he is prepared for anything worse than death itself.

“I also wonder why… But maybe I already find the thing that is more important than money.” Without saying any words further he leave me with such an unpredictable turn out of events. The next day Mrs. White and Mr. Tom officially stated as the main culprit with several other cause stick to them and one of it is making you as a scapegoat. At first the company almost at the brink of closing until the other investor want to overtake it, so you can return to work soon after you feel like it Misa.

“How about Mr. Rin?”

Is what you want to ask right Misa? I always save the best for last. His crime is heavier than those two and almost sentenced to whole life confinement, but the judge revoke the punishment to 3 years of confinement only. All of it comes from his cooperation from clearing this case and the previous one he had done before, lot of big name company also get caught in it like Y company and Z company. Not only that, he also give up all of his wealth so in other words he will be left nothing when he get release beside himself.

“He still has me…” Amy quickly stares at Misa that also just realize what she murmurs about. “No! It is not like what you think Amy!”

“Is that so? Then perhaps I should be the one picking him when he get released?”

“No you can’t Amy! Ah…” Amy laugh so hard while Misa is struggling with her blushing. “Oh I almost forget, I found this letter address to you at his desk before he go.”

“Don’t peek Amy!”

“Aw! It’s fine since I don’t open it since then.” “Geez…”

Nothing much to say, I only want to apologize in advance of what had happened to you. And when I get out I wish to have dinner with your family again with the exception, this time you must be the one who cook. Take care

“Aw… That cold person can be romantic too huh? Eh… “ Amy smile while having Misa crying in her embrace.

by Jensen Kholin from Indonesia