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That’s Enough

How could we talk about family, family’s all that we got?

Everything I went through you were standing there by side, and now you gonna be with me for the last ride,

It’s been a long day without you my friend and I will tell you all about it when I see you again………………

A tribute to Paul walker by Wiz and Charlie,

Ringing in my headset from an android in my pocket, was alluring me to imitate the same bit in an acoustic guitar in my hands. My guitar gently wept and burst into tears at note; depressed ones often become tender while listening sad song but that’s not my case, was just trying to utilize the gift; the guitar was given to me by someone special, you must know who is usually special.

My android vibrated with a beep deviating my euphoria into strange curiosity-

Zenith Service provider, a recruitment process outsourcing from Faridabad, New Delhi has sent you an email- I got a notification in my android but could not able to read full message, because my android often has loose motion; it gets hangout easily, I don’t know where.

Hurriedly, I connect my phone to the Compaq 510, my laptop with an apple sticker. I had snatched that sticker from my friends I-phone case.

“Dear Candidate, Kindly schedule your interview for 15th or 16th July by calling Mrs. Jyoti. Regards, Zenith service provider, Faridabad”. I saw mail provided with contact number. I called her immediately and scheduled my interview for 15th July So that I could attend at 10 am with my curriculum vitae being submitted in front desk of Zenith building Faridabad.

I did not know much except that he also had been called for an interview in New Delhi. However, I was excited in that we will go together.

“When is your appointment for your interview by the way”? I disturbed him while he was busy typing his writing in his computer on the bed next to mine.

Mr. Karan, my roommate in Dehradun looked little angry, albeit phony, and replied rudely “not yet fixed”.

“But why”?

“they will call me again for conformation”.


“May be today or tomorrow”. He kept continuing his work.

“If they call you again, you better try to fix it for 15th ok”? I advise him rudely and left the room for Sunday market where I had to catch Mr. Sailesh, one of my worst friends I ever met; for his shopping assist. He always used to wear by himself first whenever I bought cloths for mine, second only used to be my turn.

When I came back to room, I found Karan looking me infuriated. I asked what was happened with him.

“Why don’t you tell me you were going for shopping; I have to go New Delhi for interview in 15th”. He was smiling now.

“Did you get the call”? I asked curiously. He shook his head below and said “Don’t worry, it’s 13Th today, we will go for shopping tomorrow at noon and will leave for New Delhi at night”. He looked excited more than me.

We didn’t know what post we were going to give interview for, because it was random application via internet. His was somehow related to writing, may be content writer, he had once told me while I was asking about what he keeps writing for? Mine was not conformed, hopefully will be related to medicine; I was studying medicine in Dehradun.

Anyway, we left for New Delhi in 14th after dinner at 10 pm.

There is always rush in ISBT (interregional stand of bus terminal). When an auto dropped us there, most of the bus standing were packed.

“Where is bus to New Delhi?” I asked Karan.

“Oh hello! you should ask where are, here they are”. He replied.

There were about fifty plus buses standing in New Delhi Terminal; all looked packed. I was thinking of number of passengers going to Delhi per night? Anyway we ride on the bus and got two seats nearly at last.

“Track please?” Karan said as soon as we took our seats.

“Which one?’

“Obviously See you again?” He likes this song the most.

I played that music on my android and gave him an earphone. We enjoyed the song with occasional protein shake and the bun, I had taken these while leaving. I used to try imitate the song modifying its lyrics while he used to chide me not to so at least for his favorite song. After hours, we got slept keeping the same song ringing in our ear continuously.

The clangor of the people made me open my eyes at 6 in the morning in front of Kashmiri Gate, which Karan had already told me about and where we had to ride down.

After getting fresh and redressing ourselves we became ready for interview but it was still 6 am and we had 3 hours to leave for the destiny; Gurgaon for Karan and Faridabad for me, both took about an hour to reach from the bus stand.

We decided to take rest in coffee shop. Almost after 3 coffees in 3 hours we left our destiny promising to meet at Badarpur Metro station after interview.

After Next three hours we met again at Badarpur station. “What about your interview?”

what a resonance? This voice got doubled when we both were asking same question to each other at same time.

First you? I forced him.

“I got job as content writer in New Delhi”. He replied and asked me about myself. “Same here but I will be an accountant in Chandigarh”.

“But you don’t know about accounting?” He reacted.

“Yeah I know but I want to learn and they will teach me first, they promised”.

“But why are you going Chandigarh? You forget our promise to stay together in New Delhi.”

“No! I don’t. The company has a branch in New Delhi too. They said that I have to work at least a month in Chandigarh. Don’t worry I will be here after a month”.

Whatever, we were happy in that we got job. I was unware of most of places in Delhi, so Karan took me most famous places that we can visit in single day via metro. Although being vegetarian we took chicken roast in KFC of Connaught Place and moved City Square mall for our lunch. That was amazing place I ever visit.

We then went for drink to TDI mall in Rajouri Garden. We entered a bar, they asked us about our ID showing that we reached of 25 years. But we didn’t; we were not allowed to drink there.

When I put Rs. 500 in his hand in advance, the waiter took two bottle of foster beers. “That’s it?” Karan told me after drinking a bottle.

I smiled and ordered waiter to bring next. I don’t know exactly how many times we said next, but what I know is I had paid 10 thousand rupees just for beers.

We were now floundering and singing the same song- see you again-towards way to Kashmiri Gate to head towards Dehradun.

We reached to Dehradun at 5 am next day.

After a day spent in Dehradun, I was ready for Chandigarh. This time I will be alone in journey. Karan was supposed to go Delhi after some days. I once took a look at all friends there in our PG (paying guest) Ganesh, Ripan, Irfan, Ankush, Subham all were smiling, finally Karan looked serious and told me that I must have to move Delhi after month. I shook hands and hugged all of them and said good bye.

It’s all jungle having number of colonies inside. So beautiful place. I was heading towards Mohali sector 8B, where the company I appointed for job was located. When I saw a building standing at the gate I could not see its top although I curved myself back as much as possible. I had taken to 8th floor and directed to enter a room.

“May I come in Mam?”

“Come in Mr. Sharma”.

My Boss as well as a senior accountant Ms. Radha told me to take a seat without even seeing me while I entered the room. She was looking quite busy verifying some files. I took a seat and start looking at her. She was beautiful, slightly fat and blackish with large eye underlying by black eye liner. Her professional look with white shirt and black paint had exactly fitted her profession. I kept staring upon her for minutes.

“Excuse me Mr. sharma- will you please close the door”. She told me binding the files and giving her first look towards me. She was smiling showing her dimple at right chick. I was about to walk towards door she let me stop to close the door and asked “why you closing door? any reason?”

“Mam you told me to do so”. I didn’t have to tell this.

After seeing me nervous she suggested me to keep relax and do only that which has reason to do, don’t do what other say, even your boss.

“Anyway I will teach you about accounting let me first show your cabin.” She showed me a cabin next to her, separated by a transparent glass and gave me a task for day to tally the table given in the page.

Next day when I showed her my work she looked happy and said “well done”. I was also happy too. Now she had started teaching all the tasks for accounting explaining the terms so nicely that I could understand easily even thought I was hearing these terms for the first time. Few days kept going the same way.

When she used to come to my cabin I used to stand but her rejection to do so used to make me sit down again and she used to stand back of my chair with her gentle touch in my hand catching the mouse. My I come in Mr. Sharma; her style to enter, I used to be very happy when she used to enter with charming smile. I had become attracted towards her in later days. She often used to tell me to prepare presentation for her, I used to do this with my alacrity. Once I prepared her presentation so nicely that she got so happy and accidently gave me a kiss on my forehead.

“Oh I am sorry I remind my Ex?” She said

“What? You have an affair?” Although its common I don’t know why I was surprising. “I had but not now.” We got separated once he tried to left me in middle of the road.


“I don’t know may be he had enough.”

“Oh! And you still love him?”

“Yeah but will never go to patch up.”


“He betrayed me. And I want to show him I can get boyfriend as soon as I want. Will you do me favor?”


“Acting as my Boy Friend.”

“If I say No?”

“You must know that I am your boss. Don’t you?”

She smiled. And me too. She left my cabin

It was Sunday at about 5 pm when I was enjoying seeing the heavy rain outside through the window of my apartment. The yellowish sunrays from the west were making the pouring drops sparking. Occasional lightening from the sky was making me feel like someone is calling me towards sky. I saw a car below along the road coming towards my apartment. When it stopped in front of the apartment a driver came out opening an umbrella for a lady from backseat. She was none other than Ms. Radha, I easily recognized, albeit her different look than usual; I had never seen her out of office uniform before. But I was confused why was she coming here? “May be she wants some official works to complete within emergency” I surmised. I hurriedly wear a shirt; I used to stay

without wearing shirt in home, and opened the door before the bell rang. When I opened the door she let her driver go back to her home, and before coming home she asked me same way

“May I come in Mr. Sharma? “and smiled.

I forgot to say Yes while staring upon her. She was in tight red t-shirt and a black skinny pant. I could easily shape her figure in my eyes looking her. Anyway she entered in my room and ordered me to close the door laying herself on bed. This time she didn’t let me not to do what other says.

I was flabbergasted what to do?

“Hey I am your boss; you just close the door.” she shouted from the bed.

I hurriedly closed the door and looked back. She told me to come to her. I was standing innocent, she let me pulled towards her. I just fell upon her, she started sucking my leaps with rubbing her hands to my back in such a way that she was getting food after a long hunger strike. Slowly we got darted to nudge, to toss, to make clutch and to swoon with each other.

Next day in office I was called by the director of the company Mr. Raghav. I was nervous, diffident and somewhat daunted too, I didn’t know why? My mind was blank, full blank. Anyway I went to him and posed standing with my eyes pointed below.

“Do you want to go New Delhi?” It’s almost a month you have been working here and you are the one who is appreciated in every task, you can go if you wish. Will you?

I was silent. I didn’t have any idea What I had to do.

“Don’t worry you can give your decision tomorrow if you have to think. You can go now.” He gave me a day to think.

I was about to turn back I heard his voice again “And one thing to be noted Mr. Sharma, Ms. Radha will always be here with me.”

This voice heard strange this time, somehow like coming from the volcanic eruption. When I looked upon him he appeared infuriated. I also looked him with my angriness. My body started jerking and I got sweated. However, I let me calm down and left his cabin.

“But She loves me” I replied him pointing a finger while leaving.

I didn’t know by myself where this attitude came from? But what I said was true; I didn’t have care of my job.

I called Radha and requested for a coffee at 6pm same day. I didn’t care her smile this time, although she came with her same smile.

“Is your ex Mr. Raghav? I came straight to the point.

“Yeah” she gave me straight answer as I expected.

You love him?



“Because what I am now is because of him”

And me?

“You are my best friend. I don’t want to lose you”

“Shut the fuck off. You know what the hell are you doing?”

She was silent. I was walking around her with my angriness. I was confused what have to tell her?

“Will you go New Delhi with me?” I asked her

“Why are talking like this?” She replied

“Please give me answer. Will you come with me?”

“I am sorry but I suggest you to stay here”

“So That you can use both of us? I need answer yes or no?” my angriness was bursting.

“Please try to understand. We can talk about it.”

“I don’t want to understand and don’t want to talk about anything. Just give me answer yes or no?”

“No”. She replied after a minute.

Silence again.

I turned my eyes towards her from top to bottom, I found her eyes, her lips, her fingers all belied with me. She was still silent.

“It hurts Ms. Radha” I abrupted the silence and left away.

I came back to my apartment and packed my luggage and called Karan.

He asked me “what happen?”

I replied him “I will tell you all about it when I will see you again”. I heard his laughing.

Next day I reached to New Delhi. Karan was waiting in railway station. I felt relieved seeing him.

I told him all story, he just smiled listening my story and asked me “do you have Rs. 500?” “Why? Oh! Got it”

Let’s go get to room this time.

“Cellphone selfie in Flickr and then Okcupid when mingled us, we darted to nudge, to toss, to make clutch each other and to swoon with champagne. Anticipating to be superlatives among rivals by dodging them from rodeo, we forgot our vow and candid. Solemnly perusing each other we found us as folks. That’s why we are still not veteran of love.” We were floundering in Foster.

I will see you again Ms. Radha, I will see you again. I got slept may be.

By Narayan Sharma from Nepal