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The Dream

Scene One

It was a midday in the village, Biola has not taken her breakfast. She was waiting for her mother to return from the farm. Biola, a final year student in a University in Ibadan, came home to spend her holiday with her parents. Biola’s mother, Fathima, was a tall, dark-skinned and beautiful woman. She was well-known throughout the village. Her daughter, Biola, took after her. Biola went to meet her mother who was returning from the farm. “You are welcome, ma. She greeted.” She helped her mother to unload what she brought from the farm. She took a big tuber of yam to prepare pounded yam for the family. Her father, Emmanuel, was returning from work. He was a middle-aged man working as an account clerk in a community secondary school. Emmanuel was a reserved person and had always wanted to be an accountant when he was young. His dream was to go th the University after his secondary education and study accounting; but the dream was not materialised due to the sudden death of his parents in a ghastly motor accident. He was devastated as there was no member of the family ready to assist him. He had to embark on farming and saved some money to sponsor himself to study accounting in a college of education on a part-time basis. After six years of study, he got an upper merit and was able to secure a job for himself as an account clerk in a local secondary school. Since, he had had it in plan to sponsor his only child to study accounting in a University and eventually becoming a chartered accountant.

Sitting in front of his house, Emmanuel called his daughter, Biola, and asked – “What do you intend to do after the university education?” “I would like to go for a professional examination in my field so that I can become a chartered accountant, she replied. Emmanuel was happy to hear this from his daughter. He admonished and asked her to be focussed on her study. He stood up and went out to see his friends.

Two weeks after, Biola was ready to go back to the city and resumed her study. Biola woke up early in the morning, swept the compound and prepared the breakfast for her parents. She took her food and went to bath. After she dressed herself up, she went to see her father in his room. “My daughter, when you get back to the city, face your study and remember the daughter of whom you are, he said”. He gave her some money and bid her safe journey. Biola’s mother accompanied her to the park where she boarded a bus.

Scene Two

In Ibadan, Biola’s aunt, Adeola, was at home praparing lunch for children when Biola arrived. Aunty Deola, as she was fondly called, was big, bold and beautiful woman. She married at the age of twenty one when she in two hundred level in a university.. Her husband, Dr Badmos, was a final year student of medicine when they had first baby, Kunle. Badmus, a successful medical doctor, took Biola. as his own daughter. He wanted her to study medicine but she preffered accounting. He had taken it upon himself that she would not lack anything during her university education. Badmus was conversing with his wife when Biola entered. “Good afternoon, sir; she greeted”. “How are your people at home, Badmus replied. Biola went into her room to drop her luggage and she later joined her aunt in the kitchen.

On the following day, Badmos took Biola out to register for a professional examination in accounting. Being in her final semester of her university education, she was eligible to register. She filled in the form and submitted it. She was very happy for the step taken by Doctor Badmos. The next day, Biola returned to school. She was hardly settle down in her room when she heard someone knocking her door. “Who is there?, she asked.” Iam the one”, Janet responded. She went to open the door for her..”I saw your supervisor this morning when I was in the department “, Janet said.” I would see him tomorrow “, Biola replied. Janet asked Biola if she was through with her final year project.” I am through and even submitted the required copies. I am only waiting for my final examinations”, Biola sais.

Two months after, Biola graduated with a first class in accounting. Everybody was happy and her convocation was well attended by her family and friends. She received a number of awards. Three weeks after her graduation, she wrote the last diet in her professional examination. She had good results and became a chartered accountant. Few weeks after her graduation, she got a job with an accounting firm. As a young and hardworking lady, she was loved by her colleagues. Six months into her job, Biola became the favourite of her boss.

One morning, Biola got a call from her supervisor. She left what she was doing and went to see him. Her supervisor, Mr Williams, was answering a call when Biola entered. Mr Williams asked her to sit down. After finishing with the call, she handed over a file to her. “I want you to work on this file. Go and read it.”, he said. Biola, left for her office to go through the file. She took out her tablet to check some information online. She wrote some things down. “This is a difficult task”, she concluded.

The following morning when she got to the office, she had hardly sat down when her phone rang. It was her supervisor. She left her office to see him. “You would lead a four man team to audit an account of your local government”, Mr Williams said. “Sir, please, I don’t know if someone else can do this job as you know my uncle is currently the chairman of this local government”, Biola pleaded. “I know, that’s why I put you there. I have my reasons”, he replied. “The report of this work must be ready in three weeks time”, he concluded. Biola left for her office. She became confused. She asked herself, “what would happen to my uncle if she was found guilty of misappropriation and embezzlement?”

It was a Friday evening, Biola left for village to see her parents. “Good evening, ma”, she greeted. Her parents were surprised to see her. “You are welcome”, they replied. “Is anything the matter?”, her father asked. “I came here to see you for an important discussion”, she said. She went to join her mother in cooking the dinner.

After the dinner, Biola went to join her father in front of the house where he was relaxing. “Why did you come home?”, her father asked. She brought out a letter given to her at work and gave it her father. He read it and returned it to her. “Look, my daughter, I want to be proud of you. Do this work as expected of you. Do not be afraid”, her father said. Biola heaved a sigh of relief. She was very happy to receive the support of her father. She stood up and said good night to him. The following morning, she left for Ibadan. Dr Badmos was about leaving house when Biola entered. “Good day, sir”, she greeted. She told him what her father said. Dr Badmos was not in support of Biola to lead such a team. He taught of what would happen if Biola’s uncle was found guilty.

Scene Three

Biola was attending to a client when her supervisor sent for her. When she got to him, she gave him the list of staff that would work with her. He sent for other for briefing. He asked them to be prudent and careful in their assignment. The following day, Biola and her team left for the local government. On getting there, they went straight to the office of Secretary. He asked them of their mission. Biola showed him the letter from his company and the Secretary took them to the chairman’s office. The cairman was attending to a vigilante group who came to seek for his support on their work. As a result, they had to wait for some minutes before they entered. When they finally entered, the chairman quickly recognised Biola and greeted him. “Why are you here?”, he asked. Biola was trying to explain their mission when the Secretary gave him the letter of introduction given to him by Biola. The chairman was a bit shocked and asked the Secretary to provide them with an office where they would stay to do their work.

Thirty minutes later, the chairman sent for Biola. She went with one of her colleagues, Tunde. The chairman asked Tunde to excuse them as he would like to see Biola in confidential. Tunde stood up and left. The chairman began, I would be very happy if you could listen to me. I know you are here for an assignment, don’t forget we come from the same family.” he said. He brought out an envelope from his desk and gave it to Biola. “I want you to share it with your colleagues”, he said. Biola thanked him and left to meet her colleagues who had been waiting for her. “This is what the chairman gave us.”, she said. Biola picked her phone and sent a message to her supervisor on what had transpired between her and the chairman.

The following morning, Biola, received a call from the chairman. “I would like to see you in my office by 9am”, he said. When it was time, she went there alone. But to her surprise, she met her supervisor, Mr Kingsley. Mr Kingsley was a fat and short man. He became a chartered accountant at the age of 27. He joined the organisation as an audit trainee before rising to the head of the investigative unit. “Good day”, she greeted. Sensing a foul play, she took out her phone and pressed a recording button. After some minutes, Mr Kingsley asked her to listen to what the chairman was about to say. The chairman stood up and brought out an envelope from his pocket. He gave it to Mr Kingsley to give it Biola. “All the accounts must be falsified and presented to me before you submit it to our chairman at work”, Mr Kingsley said. “Alright, sir”, Biola replied. She took her leave.

Biola was going to meet her colleagues when he phone rang. It was the chairman of the company where she worked. He asked her to come to the office and give him advanced report on their assignment. Afte the call, she began to ponder whether to inform him on what has been going on. She called Funke, one of her colleagues and a close friend. She narrated what she has been passing through. “You have to tel him. If you don’t, our lives is at risk”, Funke said. Biola pleaded with her to not inform any other person.

The following day, Biola left for the company and walked straight to the chairman’s office. “Good morning, sir”, she greeted. He asked him how far they had gone about their work. Unknowingly, she burst into tears. The chairman moved closed to him and asked her to open up on what had transpired. She narrated all what had happened and even played a recorded conversation where Mr Kingsley was involved. He praised her and asked her to to be courageous in her disposition. He asked her to transfer the recorded conversation to his phone. He assured her of maximum security and asked to do the work diligently.

Biola left for the local government secretariat same day.

She met with her colleagues and trying to go through what they had done. It took them three weeks to complete the work. At the end of the exercise, a whopping sum of two hundred and fifty million dollas was missing. Biola, known what was at stake, took the report and made copies of it. She asked Funke to submit a copy to the Secretary of the council, and she took the original copy to her own chairman in her office. The chairman was very glad to receive it and praised her team for a good job.

The next day, Biola received a call from her village that her parents were attacked by unknown gunmen, and they had been taken to hospital for treatment. She informed her chairman what had happened to her parents and both of them left for her village. On getting to the village, they went straight to report at the police station before heading to the hospital. In the hospital, they were taken to the ward where her mother was receiving treatment and was later informed about the demise of her father some hours ago. She wept profusely and uncontrollable. The chairman hugged and console her. They moved back to the police station to inform them of the latest development. The police asked them if they suspect anybody. The chairman explained what had transpired. The police, without wasting time, swung into action. They went to the local government secretariat and apprehended the chairman. He was taken to Ibadan for interrogation. Mr Kingsley was also arrested and was taken to where the charman was being detained.

The following week, both accussed were charged to court. While the chairman was charged with murder, Mr Kingsley was charged with accomplice in corruption. The chairman was sentenced for life imprisonment while Mr Kingsley was given a five year jail term.

Back to the office, the chairman called for an emergency meeting where he announced the dismissal of Mr Kingsley from the company, and putting Biola in her position.

By Ganiyu Akanni from Nigeria