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The Eyes

You can’t vouch that his life doesn’t depend on the files. Those were the ones that stacked on the corner of the room that barely caught the attention of others. But it was his fate, so he tried to maintain them. His life-line weaved as long as he worked.

“How ridiculous?” he murmured to himself. It was a usual saying, so no one paid him any attention. Although, there was nothing except the darkness. So who can answer it? If the darkness has a voice he would answer it.

His life was a mess. He thought that it feels like that because he didn’t serve his job duties well. But others thought different.

Sometimes argues happens. They went too far just because of him.

“It’s because of those little, stupid files man,” one said. “NO! the cause is the maths,”others said.

“Ha, ha! I know your manoeuvre and your anticipation. You just want to say he is an accountant. Isn’t that?” another one said.

Then the little boys started to ask what is the meaning of this and that word.

He felt a little uneasiness when this happened and also a suspicion was triggering inside his mind. “All the interesting on me?” he thought. Actually there was something about him.

Something strange enough to feel him like that.

One day he woke up from his nap with a sudden shock. He only remembered that he has closed his eyes to sank in the misery of night. Then all the memories flashed into his mind. Who he was? Where he was? The favourite colour of him. All the stuff.

But he was panicked. Not seeing a monster but seeing some men were surrounding him. Their faces were covered with a sombre feeling. He was sure that their interesting was on a another and slipped under the bed. “They make no sense even after seeing an empty bed,” he thought when a doctor (that’s what he understood about them) returned his sight to the empty bed. Then all men started to pray for mercy for a thing they done. Then all went out.

He was sure that the room was empty and get out to have a look at his little seclusion. He was sure he didn’t have a look at his bed. He was cursing the bed telling it has brought him bad luck and also trying to figure out what was going on and why did the doctors didn’t panicked by seeing an empty bed.

Then he made his way to a cupboard and pulled out a file that he saw in the hands of a doctor. He began to read. His eyebrows went up and down. Then the door opened and a

woman came in. She shouted saying “floating file, floating file, a ghost, a ghost,” and ran through the corridor. He was panicked and went back and back. Then he fell into the bed and realise the situation. He has dead………..!

Then he started to read the contents of the file loudly. Name:-Edward Lewis (it was his name)

Job:-An accountant

Date of birth :- (he skipped that part) Death:-2016.06.04 (today)

Cause of death:-At an accident during the experiment for a better life reguarding…….. He stopped reading and started to wonder.

At his childhood he faced an accident that caused his eyes a large damage. But when he woke up, his eyes were normal and had a good sight better than the past. But sometimes the eyes didn’t give him a good sight. At that point he felt like another one in the world was controlling his eyes.

Now he knows it was true. His eyes have been controlled by others to avoid the truth and the suspicion. And it also have been the cause for his death during an experiment reguarding them.

His eyes were…..his eyes…..were…..mechanical EYES…

By Rashmi Gunathilake from Sri Lanka