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A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Thursday March 10, 2011, 11:47 a.m. Victor Swineburg, the ever pompous and portentous District Attorney, stood proudly in front of the local newspaper reporters and TV news crews, in addition to reporters representing national media outlets such as CNN and FOX News, and read the following prepared statement: “Today Grand Jury number GJ-107B, after hearing hundreds of hours of testimony and examining tens of thousands of pages of evidence, issued an indictment for Vespuchi W. Apollo, also known as the notorious Vinnie-The-Worm. I, along with all of the members of the various law enforcement agencies involved with this case owe a great debt of gratitude to the men and women that served on this Grand Jury. In spite of the occasional threats of broken legs, beatings with baseball bats, and the kidnapping of spouses and/or children, these courageous folks, ignored all these minor distractions and rose above to carry out their civic responsibility to honor their summons for jury duty.”

Victor Swineburg pronounced “Mr. Apollo is facing a 20-year minimum prison sentence, and the possibility of life in prison, if convicted of heading a widely profitable international marijuana smuggling ring.” Swineburg explained how The-Worm was responsible for distributing thousands of pounds of marijuana throughout the United States cleverly disguised as cartons of frozen food such as; Aunt Lucille’s waffles, Winston Churchill English muffins, and Queen Elizabeth frozen crinkle cut carrots, and quartered brussel sprouts. In addition to the drug trafficking charges, Vinnie-The-Worm has also been indicted on multiple counts of the much more serious charge of money laundering.

Victor Swineburg went on to give special credit to Ronald K. Wolfe more commonly known as the Wolfe in Sheep’s Clothing the Chief Forensic Accountant from the Federal Reserve Bank that worked with the elite Drug Or Narcotics Unit Task-Force (DONUT). Those brave DONUT members risked their lives by going undercover to join Vinnie-The-Worm’s criminal enterprise in order to obtain the evidence needed to bring Vespuchi W. Apollo to justice.

At the conclusion of Swineburg’s presentation, Cinnamon Sugar, his shapely and statuesque Public Information Officer wearing a red mini skirt, flirtatious fishnet stockings and stiletto high heel shoes began parading through the crowd of reporters handing out the official copies of Mr. Apollo’s indictment along with the District Attorney’s famous Press Kit. The Press Kit contained: a copy of his prepared statement, a listing of every case he worked on since he left law school some 30+ years ago, a suitable for framing 8” x 10” glossy finish color photo of Mr. Swineburg, and finally the 66 page indictment describing the story of how Vinnie-The-Worm ran a continuing criminal enterprise using a network of food brokers, frozen food warehouses,

independent grocery stores and neighborhood convenience stores to distribute the frozen marijuana packages.

Keith Walker, the Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for the Daily News, yelled out, “hey Swineburg, what is the story about the Forensic Accountant, the so-called Wolfe in Sheep’s Clothing”how did his work impact this investigation?”

Swineburg replied that Chief Forensic Accountant Wolfe utilized the power of the Federal Reserve Bank’s domestic and international computer networks to pinpoint the proceeds from Vinnie-The-Worm’s illegal activity. Once CPA Wolfe was able to isolate The-Worm’s illegal financial transactions from the legitimate business transaction, then Wolfe was able to unearth The-Worm’s money laundering schemes. It was the efforts of Forensic Accountant Wolfe coupled with Swineburg’s superior legal knowledge that enabled him to bring evidence before the Grand Jury that Vinnie-The-Worm was personally involved in numerous counts of money laundering and each count of money laundering brings a maximum sentence of twenty

(20) years in prison. Although CPA Wolfe does not carry a badge, gun, or handcuffs, his accounting expertise, detailed spreadsheets, and documentation of Vinnie-The-Worm’s illegal financial transactions will put the notorious Vespuchi W. Apollo in prison for the rest of his life. I do not hesitate to say that it would be business as usual for Vinnie-The-Worm if it was not for the power of forensic accounting.

The use of forensic accounting in criminal investigation began shortly after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, when the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank launched a new initiative to share information from the Federal Reserve Bank’s financial tracking systems with the state and local law enforcement agencies. The Chairman issued an executive order allowing state and local law enforcement agencies the unlimited access to the Federal Reserve Bank’s computer networks and the vast amount of financial data it has been collecting for decades.

The Federal Reserve Bank over the years has invested billions of dollars to develop and maintain two (2) enormous computer networks. The Financial Activity Transaction Account Surveillance System nicknamed FATASS is an integrated system to monitor and track all financial transactions in every bank account in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Behemoth International Global Account Surveillance System or more commonly known as BIGASS is Federal Reserve Bank’s computer network to identify monitor and track all international financial transactions that are associated with every bank account in the United States. In other words the combined efforts of FATASS and BIGASS give the Federal Reserve Bank the ability to look at every financial transaction that takes place in any bank or credit union in the United States.

On the morning of October 27, 2000, as Ronald K. Wolfe began his 23rd year with the Federal Reserve Bank as a run of the mill Certified Public Accountant content with the monthly routine of preparing journal entries to create the profit and loss statements, formulating the justification for posting accruals for various revenue and expense accounts, and preparing month-end budget to actual variance report for senior management. As he passed through the security checkpoint in the lobby of the Federal Reserve Bank, he overheard somebody say there were donuts in the conference room on the second floor. Being somewhat fond of donuts, Wolfe made his way to the second floor conference room where the DONUT members were about to begin their meeting. Wolfe surveyed the room in search of those glorious globs of flour and sugar fried to perfection in luscious lard. Just as Wolfe, reached for his favorite donut, an old fashion buttermilk cake-style donut covered with a crystal like glaze of sugar, Sheriff Cochran, the head of DONUT, approached Wolfe and politely asked, “Who are you?”

Wolfe sheepishly replied, I am Ronald K. Wolfe. I work here. I mean I am an accountant with Federal Reserve Bank.

Sheriff Cochran cracked a smile from ear to ear as he reached out to shake Wolfe’s hand. “Wolfe, it is a pleasure to meet you,” he said. We have been asking the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank for a Forensic Accountant to be assigned to DONUT for months and I am glad the “old man” finally honored our request. I wonder why the “old man” didn’t call me to let me know you would be joining DONUT? You know, it is no secret that us cops have trouble balancing our own checking accounts, so we need your accounting skills to identify the bad guy’s financial components so that we can seize the bank accounts and all of the other assets owned by these criminal enterprises. Take a seat Wolfe, for I am going to call the meeting to order. Sheriff Cochran walked to the front of the conference room, tapped his pen on the podium and announced in his booming voice, ok everyone take your seat for we have a great deal to cover today. Mr. Wolfe, please stand up. DONUT members I am extremely happy to introduce to you Ronald K. Wolfe. Mr. Wolfe is a CPA and Forensic Accountant with the Federal Reserve Bank and he will joining our DONUT to perform the financial analysis we need to seize the bad guys’ bank accounts and all the assets they acquired with the proceeds from their ongoing illegal activities. Before Sheriff Cochran could continue, Detective Emerson, shouted out from the back of the conference room, “Sheriff, will Mr. Wolfe be working undercover? You know like a Wolfe in sheep’s clothes?” The whole room quickly filled with sound of laughter.

Thursday March 10, 2011, 2:37 p.m. Mr. Vespuchi W. Apollo was seated in the luxurious law offices of his attorney, Phil Pancetta getting last minute instructions on how to behave during the press conference Mr. Pancetta called in response to the dog and pony show Victor Swineburg has put on for the media. Mr. Pancetta, standing next to Mr. Apollo, boldly stated to the members of the media that his client was innocent. Mr. Apollo is an honest business man, Mr. Pancetta proclaimed. Mr. Apollo has worked his whole life to bring the finest frozen foods to your family’s dining table. Mr. Pancetta said that Mr. Apollo has engaged his law firm in addition to an array of high priced expert witnesses to do whatever it will take to clear Mr. Vespuchi W. Apollo’s good name.

Once the last member of the media left Mr. Pancetta’s office, he slowly closed the large frosted glass office doors and promptly locked them.

Phil looked over the top of his reading glasses at his client and said Vinnie how long have we known each other? Vinnie said I don’t know 28 or 30 years I guess. Phil said that’s right, a long time. Vinnie I hope you realize that I am not only your attorney but also your friend. Vinnie said of course I know that.

Phill asked in a soft voice, “Vinnie, have you read the 66 page indictment that Swineburg issued against you today?” Vinnie replied, “hell no that is what I pay you for. I do not have time to waste reading that trash from Swineburg. That guy is an imbecile. He is a disgrace to the legal profession.” Vinnie starts chuckling in fact, “we should file an ethics complaint against him with the bar association.”

Phil stood up and slowly walked over to where Vinnie was seated and put his hand on his shoulder. Vinnie he said, “over the years I have worked to get you out of plenty of jams but I am here to tell you as a friend and your attorney this time the situation is very different.” Vinnie, looked up at Phil, and said “baloney, you are the best attorney money can buy. I will pay you what ever amount you want to make this go away. I will enjoy watching Swineburg go down in flames!”

Vinnie, you do not understand. This case is not like all of the previous cases. This time they used a Forensic Accountant with the Federal Reserve Bank and he obtained loads of evidence from FATASS and BIGASS to uncover all money you made from the frozen marijuana smuggling operations and the various schemes you used to clean the cash.

Vinnie jumped to his feet yelling, “who the hell are FATASS and BIGASS? I will take care of these guys myself. Just tell me where I can find FATASS and BIGASS. First I will break their knee caps. Then I will fit them with cement flippers and take them out in the boat for a nice midnight swim. I will teach these guys not to mess with Vespuchi W. Apollo.”

Vinnie, Vinnie, calm down. FATASS and BIGASS are not some knuckle heads you can toss overboard to feed the sharks. FATASS and BIGASS are sophisticated computer systems operated by the Federal Reserve Bank to track all the activity in everybody’s bank accounts. Vinnie, this time the cops used a Forensic Accountant and he examined all of your bank accounts and found all of the money from the smuggling operations. Vinnie, it’s over. FATASS and BIGASS have defrosted your frozen food gig.

Phil, I do not like what are you saying? I cannot go to prison! I am too old, those punks and gang bangers in prison will kill me. Phil, you are a clever man you must figure out something, I will do anything to keep from going to prison.

Phil sat down next to Vinnie and said here is what we are going to do. We are going to take advantage that Victor Swineburg is up for reelection so he is going to need a couple of big high profile cases to keep himself in the news spotlight. Vinnie, I am going to offer Swineburg a plea deal. You are going to give him information about certain individuals, and cooperate with the cops to help them with their investigation, and in return you stay out of prison. Vinnie slumped in the chair and just kept looking at the ornate oriental rug in Phil’s office. After what seemed like an eternity to Phil, Vinnie slowly raised his head and looked Phil squarely in the eyes and softly said “ok.”

The next morning Phil phoned Victor Swineburg and pitched his plea deal for Vinnie. My client has valuable inside information on individuals responsible for running many large- scale criminal enterprises and he is willing to make a deal.” “What do you have in mind?” Swineburg asked.

“Well,” Phil responded, “It’s like this, Mr. Apollo is willing to become a Confidential Informant (CI), in return for having all of the charges against him dismissed, and be given a public apology from you.”

Swineburg questioned why does Vinnie want an apology from me? Phil stated, Mr. Apollo is requesting an apology in an effort to help restore Mr. Apollo’s good name in the community. Swineburg chuckled “Yea right! Maybe we can get the Governor to name him citizen-of-the year.”

Swineburg stated, “I have no problem agreeing to the plea deal; however, I will not dismiss the charges against The Worm until after my election. Now as for this ridiculous request for an apology, you tell The Worm, there is no way in hell that I will ever issue a public apology.” So Pancetta here is what we are going to do, have your client, Mr. Apollo, contact Detective Oliveira at the Sheriff’s Office and start singing about what he knows. If Detective Oliveira likes what he hears, then we can begin the process to formalize a plea deal.

When Swineburg ended the phone call with Phil Pancetta, he immediately called Detective Oliveira on his personal cell phone. Detective Oliveria, looked at the caller id on his cell phone and wondered why Victor Swineburg was calling him so early in the day. Detective Oliveria, snapped his cell phone open and barked in his deep baritone voice, Oliveria here. Swineburg, said to Oliveria listen up, the accused marijuana kingpin and reputed organized crime figure Vinnie-The-Worm, in a desperate move to avoid heavy jail time, contacted me this morning and we made a deal and you Detective Oliveria are going to be responsible for making sure Vinnie-The-Worm gives us everything we need to put together some high profile cases.

Oliveria just listened as Swineburg droned on and thought to himself Swineburg is such a low life politician. All he cares about is winning the next election and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about putting the bad guys in prison. When Swineburg finished his PhD dissertation, Detective Oliveria, replied I understand, not to worry, I know what to do and flipped his phone closed to end the call.

Pondering what Swineburg told him, Detective Oliveria began to think about Vinnie-The- Worm and said to himself I guess if I was 68 years old, the thought spending the rest of my life behind bars is not very pleasant, so I understand why Vinnie would welcome the opportunity to become a snitch.

Detective Oliveira and other members of DONUT were very interested in what the The Worm had to offer, so they agreed to interview The-Worm at his attorney’s office. Needless to say, they were all quite impressed with “Vinnie’s” criminal curriculum vitae. At the conclusion of the interview, Detective Oliveira was very pleased with his new Confidential Informant, the notorious Vinnie-The-Worm.

March 15, 2011, 10:07 a.m. Detective Oliveira quickly organized a meeting with various state and federal law enforcement agents, who might also be interested in what The-Worm had to say. During this meeting The-Worm tantalized these career crime fighters with bits and pieces of information about sophisticated stolen property operations, drug smuggling, prostitution, illegal alien trafficking, corrupt public officials, prescription drug diversion, money laundering, extortion, bribery, conspiracy, and witness intimidation.

After almost three (3) hours of story telling, The-Worm said “OK boys, that’s enough, you’ll get the rest of the stories and all the lovely little details only after Victor Swineburg goes before the Grand Jury and dismisses all these pointless, unsubstantiated charges against me.”

Detective Oliveira and the various state and federal law enforcement agents agreed that having The-Worm work for them as a CI would greatly enhance their crime fighting efforts. So, in the time honored tradition set forth in the long standing provisions of the multi-agency law enforcement mutual aide memorandum of understanding, Vinnie was officially named as DONUT’s Confidential Informant.

Agent Busby, with the State Department of Law Enforcement, a very seasoned and well respected member of DONUT stated “Vinnie’s information is a gift from God. With his help, they could finally get the evidence needed to put away Tommy-White-Shoes, Two-Ton-Tony, Jimmy-The-Knuckle, Sonny-The-Shark, and Pork-Roast-Pauley once and for all.”

“Busby, old boy”, Detective Oliveira said, “I hear you loud and clear but we have one little problem.” “What is it?” Busby quipped. “You all know how our media-hound Swineburg works; he is going to force us to bust our collective butts to bring him plenty of high profile indictments so he has all that free media attention to enhance his re-election campaign.

Agent Busby, looking over the top of his cheater glasses, ok DONUT members, anyone got any ideas about how we will be take care of Swineburg? “Well let’s get Vinnie to talk real slow and only about one case at a time,” Sheriff Cochran said. That works for me, Agent Busby quipped.

March 18, 2011, 9:57a.m. “let’s see, I think we should call today’s session Mob Economics 101,” Vinnie said. “The objective is to find a business that’s easy to enter and is lucrative. Some people like the illegal business model to make lots of money with drugs, gambling, prostitution, and human trafficking. The problem with all this stuff is that if one gets caught, then it is off to jail. So, what is a legal business that is easy to enter, easy to control and is very lucrative? The Mob’s answer is garbage collection. Think about it, anyone with a truck and a couple of strong guys can make good money, and there’s always a demand for the service.

Let’s face it the task of hauling trash from Point A to Point B for big bucks is a no-brainer!”

The Mob organizes the trash-hauling businesses in a given city to prevent competition from driving down prices. They fix prices, buy off a couple of politicians to rig the bids, and allocate service areas in such a way that customers can’t choose who picks up their garbage. The result is an attractive legal business with big profits. It was a beautiful thing until in 1997 the Business Integrity Commission (BIC) was created in New York City. The BIC discovered many organized crime cartels controlling the private waste hauling industry. In response, the BIC decided to clean up the trash business. All of a sudden these commissions started to show up everywhere, imposing rate caps and tons of regulations. In a short time the trash business became so regulated it was no longer lucrative. With all these changes taking place, many got out of the garbage business. However, some of the smarter organized crime controlled trash collectors re-casted themselves as recycling outfits. Suddenly, the Mob became more sensitive and attuned to the environment. The truth is, there is plenty of money in recycling and it can be very profitable.”

Vinnie continued; “Now, that you understand the evolution of how organized crime went from trash haulers into recyclers, we can talk about an organized crime controlled recycler running a green business as a front for a huge stolen property operation. This place makes mega bucks for the Mob! When you put these guys out of business you will be in the buttercup. These guys specialize in the recycling of computers and cell phones. On the surface this does not sound like much, but trust me this recycling scam is raking in millions. These guys are making more now than when they used to run my pot, I mean my frozen waffles from Cuba. I am talking about the huge stolen property operation being run by Tommy-White-Shoes and his daughters out of a warehouse in Martinsville.” Vinnie said “Tommy-White-Shoes has invented a cash machine with his so-called urban mine. That guy is making millions of dollars by selling truck loads of stolen cell phones.”

Here is the scam Tommy-White-Shoes and his daughters put together. Detective Oliveria interrupted Vinnie and asked him, “what is Tommy-White-Shoes”, real name?” “Falvo, Thomas Falvo. He is the brains of the Capicola Crime Family. Falvo thinks he is better than everyone because he went to college. His daughter named Josephina, is next in line to take over the Capicola Crime Family because she invented this “urban mining” process to save the environment.”

You know computers and cell phones contain toxic metals that can pollute the environment and threaten human health if not recycled responsibly. Furthermore, this stuff contains valuable commodities like gold, silver, copper, and platinum. So Josephina came up with this concept called urban mining. She has a PhD in Engineering from MIT, and used her smarts to build some big fancy machine that she claims can recover the gold and other precious metals in the old electronic products so it can be reused in new circuit boards and new cell phones. Their scheme is so simple, it is brilliant.”

“All this talk of Mob Economics 101, New York City trash collectors, and the Falvo family being responsible recyclers is all very nice. But what does all this mean to us?” asked Detective Oliveria.

“Detective Oliveira be patient, I will tell you want it means,” Vinnie said. This guy, Tommy-White-Shoes has the gift of gab. He can sell snow-balls to the Eskimos in the middle of winter with no trouble at all. He went to all the cell phone manufacturers with his “urban mining” responsible recycling sales pitch and got them to sign a contract that pays him to recycle all the old and obsolete model cell phones. He has contracts with Motorola, Samsung, and Apple. These corporations are paying him big bucks to urban mine all these cell phones. Every day these companies ship truck loads of obsolete and broken phones to be recycled. Here is the beauty of the Falvo family’s scheme, the urban mine is a joke. The responsible recycling machine is all smoke and mirrors! Josephina could not get her fancy urban mine machine to work. So they were stuck with a warehouse full of cell phones that they got paid to destroy. So to make things look like the failed urban mine was working, they manufactured false certificates of destructions with bogus details of what materials had been recycled.

The truth is Falvo is selling the phones they were paid to crush and recycle to third party cell phone retail operators that re-chip the phones so they will work with the cell phone networks in Latin America, the Caribbean Islands, and Eastern Europe. So, Detective Oliveira, instead of performing responsible recycling as they are being paid by Apple and Samsung, Mr. Falvo is selling them for a huge profit. “Vinnie” explained, “If you just follow the movement of the phones and it will lead you to a huge pile of money.”

Detective Oliveira sent some of the DONUT members on surveillance mission to the urban mine. They saw exactly what “The-Worm” told them, truck loads of phones being delivered and unloaded everyday. Then, on March 23, 2011, at 2100 hours, a large truck that had been parked at the urban mine all day, pulled out of the driveway and headed north. The Detectives followed the truck to Cell Phones Unlimited. The truck backed up to the front door and a large group of men came out of the building and quickly unloaded what appeared to be boxes of cell phones.

Detective Oliveira thought if Vinnie’s information about the urban mine was correct, he was going to need Rodney K. Wolfe, DONUT’s Forensic Account to perform a comprehensive financial investigation to analyze the dollar value of the business directly associated with the criminal activity.

With the confirmation that Falvo’s urban mine named Green-O-Vation was selling the cell phones to Cell Phones Unlimited, Rodney K. Wolfe began a forensic accounting investigation searching FATASS and BIGASS for the bank accounts, business records, and sales tax filings for the corporations. Wolfe also contacted his bowling partner Special Agent Alex Hardy at the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations Division to get corporation income tax returns for Green-O-Vation and Cell Phones Unlimited and personal income tax returns for Thomas and Josephina Falvo.

It did not take long before FATASS lit up Wolfe’s computer monitor with hundreds of recent very large bank account deposits. The beauty of FATASS, is with just a few clicks of his mouse, Wolfe could create a file that contains the detail of every Green-O-Vation deposit. On the other hand, BIGASS was moving very, very slowly. Wolfe was not concerned with the slow response from BIGASS, because it was searching bank accounts all over the world for a connection to Green-O-Vation’s bank account. While Wolfe was waiting for BIGASS to uncover something, he began to search through the data that FATASS coughed up. It did not take very long for Wolfe to discover that for the past twenty-four months there were only twelve deposits in Green-O-Vation’s bank account six each from Apple and Samsung totaling just over $18,000. However, in the same 2-year period FATASS discovered Green-O-Vation deposited 4,375 checks from Cell Phones Unlimited totaling $31,001,956. Wolfe was pleased to discover that The Worm was right on with his information about Tommy White Shoes making millions off his urban mining scheme by selling the obsolete cell phones instead of recycling them.

Wolfe’s, next step was to identify the individuals and/or organizations that own Cell Phones Unlimited. As part of its anti-money laundering program the Federal Reserve Bank created the Scientific Next-Of-Kin Overreaching Unilateral Tracking also known as SNOUT. SNOUT is sophisticated software that uses advanced artificial intelligence to produce complex genograms. A genogram is a graphic representation that displays detailed data on relationships among individuals, corporations, and bank accounts. Genograms allow Forensic Accountants the ability to analyze various behavior patterns and other factors such as marriage, divorce, and birth records to map out relationship traits to graphically display common associations.

While Wolfe was waiting for BIGASS to complete its search, he proceeded to login to SNOUT to search for the owners of Cell Phones Unlimited. In just a matter of seconds SNOUT spit out a report showing Cell Phones Unlimited was owned by a Delaware corporation named “1 Fine Swine.” As powerful as SNOUT is, it was useless when it came to Delaware corporations. Because of the complex laws in Delaware to protect the identity of corporate ownership, a special SNOUT request would need to be approved in order for SNOUT to pierce the corporate veil afforded to Delaware corporations.

After weeks of never ending number crunching, report writing, head scratching, and fact checking, Wolfe finished his forensic accounting report. As he looked at the 131 page report he knew Detective Oliveira would be pleased. Sheriff Cochran called the meeting to order, and then called Wolfe to the podium to make his presentation. Wolfe stated the following facts; in the two (2) year period Green-O-Vation was paid a total of $18,000 from Apple and Samsung to destroy and recycle cell phones. In the same time frame Cell Phones Unlimited paid Green-O- Vation $31,001,956. An analysis of each invoice references the payment is for used and/or broken cell phones. The Green-O-Vation corporate filings show the president is Josephina Falvo and the vice president is Thomas Falvo. The Falvo’s have ninety different bank accounts in America and thirty bank accounts in seven foreign countries. In the two year period the Falvo’s wire transferred just over $40 million from their US bank accounts to his personal bank account in the Cayman Islands.

Now let’s turn our attention to Cell Phones Unlimited. Cell Phones Unlimited is owned and controlled by a Delaware corporation called “1 Fine Swine.” The research on “1 Fine Swine” in the genogram on page 60 shows the president of this Delaware Corporation is Vanessa Gilbert, formerly Vanessa Swineburg, the sister of none other than District Attorney Victor Swineburg. The FATASS report for “1 Fine Swine” shows it issued twelve checks each for exactly $1,999 for a total of $23,988 to the re-elect District Attorney Victor Swineburg campaign account.

With all of the evidence provided by Wolfe’s forensic accounting report the members of DONUT moved to arrest Josephina and Thomas Falvo on numerous counts of money laundering. Sheriff Cochran took pleasure in placing handcuffs on Victor Swineburg for violating elections finance laws because he never deposited the contributions from his sister in his campaign account, instead he cashed the checks at Vito’s Check Cashing Store.

On the evening of June 14, 2011, the news broke about the arrest of Victor Swineburg, Vespuchi W. Apollo was home, enjoying a nice glass of wine, smoking an expensive cigar, looking at the gold foil certificate signed by the Governor naming Mr. Vespuchi W. Apollo the Citizen-Of-The-Year!

By Jim Cali from the United States