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Community Involvement

Stand apart from your competitors – be active in the community

Surveys show that 98% of consumers will use a business that is active in the community over one that is not. It stands to reason that all businesses should be looking at what they can do to support ’causes’ and activities in their local area. This benefits the cause and can also significantly raise the profile of the business active in that cause ahead of its competitors.

Constantly hitting the consumer with a list of services or products you provide through mainstream advertising does not place you in a position of advantage as it all just starts to blend in with all the other businesses doing exactly the same thing.

However creating a point of difference by raising your profile through events, ’causes’ and charities can give you an edge over your competition and also make any other more mainstream advertising you are doing a lot more noticeable. Getting your business name out there by doing something of value for the community without expecting anything back in return creates a positive impact and perception.

Customers deal with businesses they can trust. One way to expedite the time it takes for potential customers to trust your business is for them to see you involved in their community. This lets them see you as a ‘person’ (i.e. the human element or face of your business) not just as a profit focussed business. This can be done through sports, church, charities or any community event. Business owners can bring a unique skill set to any committee and gain recognition.