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Sponsorship for Small Business

Creating positive publicity through sponsorship

Small businesses should focus on local sponsorship such as sponsoring the local football club, neighborhood art gallery, or a nearby suburban school event.

Sponsorship can:

  • change how your target market perceives your brand
  • Differentiate your practice from your competitors
  • Increases your visibility as corporate socially responsible practice (good community practice).

The ideal sponsorship opportunity is a target audience of people that you could sell to (i.e. potential new customers), not people who you currently sell to. A small community team that is looking for growth or industry change such a female football team is ideal.

For the best results businesses need to be clear on what they want to achieve from sponsorship. It could be brand awareness, the opportunities to display their logo, extra sales, or networking. Sponsorship is a long-term relationship that works best with repetition, and as such many of the benefits come in the long term.