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The Benefits of Sales Training

Sales training aims to improve the salespersons effectiveness when dealing with a potential customer by improving their product knowledge, communication and presentation skills. Generally the better trained an individual is, the better they should be able to perform in the field.

Sales training improves:

  • Call reluctance and prospecting – Many people take it personally when a potential customer says ‘no’. Over 50% of sales people give up at first contact if they get a ‘no’ from the prospect, never to go back to that prospect again.
  • Communication – A good sales proposal demonstrates real value; a quote just offers a price. A winning sales proposal involves communicating the benefits to the customer.
  • Listening – This requires patience and a willingness to pay attention and understand another person, even when we don’t agree with them.
  • Closing the sale – When the buyer gives the sales-person a clear buying signal like: ‘Where do I sign?’ – close the sale. Upwards of 70% of sales opportunities are lost because salespeople forget to shut up!
  • Sales skills – Good negotiation skills are essential as the sales process often requires compromise before agreement can be reached.

Everyone in the company should have sales training as all company employees need to understand the sales process and be effective sales people.