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Property Seminars

A good property investment seminar provides investors with the facts and figures, as well as successful strategies, to take advantage of opportunities in the property market. In contrast, ‘bad’ property seminars will involve dodgy and crooked promoters deceiving seminar participants into buying inflated properties. Further details on property scams are available at ScamWatch.

Property seminar costs are deductible to the extent that the seminar deals with how to manage a taxpayer’s existing rental properties and increase the rental income. As such, a deductible property seminar would include topics on:

  • Improving rental returns.
  • Selecting better tenants.
  • How to evict ‘bad’ tenants.
  • How to deal with the managing agents and select a good managing agent.
  • Carrying out property repairs.
  • How to collect outstanding rent.

In contrast, property seminar costs are not deductible where the seminar deals with maximizing opportunities for future property ownership or how to maximize capital gains on properties. These property seminar costs are capital and may be included as part of the cost base of a property when it is sold.

If a seminar covers deductible and non-deductible modules then the cost can be apportioned and the deducible modules claimed.