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Ambivalent Future

My Attitude Influences the Fate of the Tasmanian Devil

The extinction of the Tasmanian Devil is imminent
From Facial Tumour Disease
Don’t ever tell me that-
We could all do something, if we work together.

I think you will agree that,
I can’t help.
I don’t have time.
Never say,

It is my responsibility to the next generation.

Someone else should do something: it doesn’t affect me!
I’m just an accountant.
Don’t think

Ordinary people like you and me can help change this plight.
Because what the reality is, is that
This unique creature will live on,
Just another lost Tasmanian icon like the Tasmanian Tiger but
It is fate-
Some say

Modern advancement has made the world egotistical
I don’t think
Offering my services will help the cause and generate self-­-worth.
Your self­‐doubts can
Spread like
The facial tumours-
So don’t let Goodwill
Drive you away from
A focus on your own longevity, happiness and job satisfaction,

Today’s reality
My attitude

The fact-
Like my ancestors saw the extinction of the Tasmanian Tiger.
I will see the disappearance of the Tasmanian Devil,

It’s too late-
And you will never hear me say
I can contribute to saving the Tasmanian Devil,
By spreading the word, donations to research or volunteering my time
My position is clear!

Now read from the bottom up

By Margaret White from Australia