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Annabel Browning

The girl, 24 years old, fair, pretty who has blue eyes, Annabel Browning, entered to the Gribben Company with a lovely pleasant smile as her name. She had a bunch of red roses in her hand. She brought red roses since she became as the accountant to this company. She was very happy to work here. Annabel started her works. Her phone started to ring.
“Good morning, Gribben Company, How can I help you?”
“Miss. Annabel. I’m here, the manager of the National bank.”
“Mr. Peter Thomas. Early in the morning? Any problem?”
“Yes, Miss. Annabel, I called you to inform that no one came to deposit money yesterday.
” Are you kidding me? Mr. Peter, I asked Ronnie Simpson to carry the cash to the bank. I… I…I’ll check and call you later.
“Okay Miss. Annabel, Have a nice day! Annabel kept the receiver and sighed. It couldn’t give a relaxation to her mind.
She heard that Mag has come to the office.
Mag, Maglocunos Gribben was the richest businessman in Westminister. The chairman of the Gribben Company. He is a fair, handsome, young smart guy with a steady business mind. He has everything what he wants. Really speaking, he is a prince as his name says. He wanted all the best things in the world. Profits, awards, people, richness, power, popularity and wealth live only with him.
Mag came to the office early in the morning. Annabel had decorated his table with the red roses as every day. But, he didn’t want to look at them happily as other days. Because of the call he received last night. Annabel entered to the office room with a loving smile.
“Good morning Mag!”. Annabel wished Mag cheerfully.
“Miss. Annabel, I’m your boss. Call me with my full name.” Mag told harshly. Annabel was shocked by those words.
Annabel smiled very hardly and answered slowly. “Okay Mr. Maglocunos. I’m sorry”.
” You made a mistake in accounting section. Now, I have many problems. You didn’t do your work well. What’s wrong with you? What do you have in your mind? The manager called me and told that he didn’t see Ronnie yesterday. You could have check. Am I the accountant? Don’t you need this job? Mag asked with a sarcastic mind.
Annabel shocked again. No words in her mouth. An empty heart. No words come out from her ruby lips.
“This is the first time Mag scolded me, I can’t understand what has happened yesterday?”. Annabel thought sadly. The tears wet her blue eyes.

Annabel walked to her table with the bended head. Really speaking ,she was walked by someone else. Rossie Grace, the secretary of the Gribben Company came to her.
“What was happened? Mr. Mag isn’t okay today, Don’t care. Let’s work.” Rossie said sadly.
Annabel was Rossie’s best friend in the office. She know well that “How Annabel worked and dedicated her life on behalf of the Gribben Company.
“Thank you Rossie.” Annabel sat on the chair and started to work. She dialed the Ronnie’s number. But, he didn’t answer.
“Rossie did Ronnie come to the office?”
“No Anna. He didn’t come.”
Anna, Mr. Mag ask you to come to the office.
” Okay, I’ll”, Anna stood up and walked to meet Mag.

“Miss. Annabel, No news about Ronnie. No cash. I don’t know, I can’t guess that what should I do? Anna I’m going to complain about this to the police station.”
“Mr.Mag.. I don’t think that…”
” No Annabel, I can select the best option. Anna I think it’s better if you take few holidays… mmm few! Till I solve this problem.”
I can understand about what you told me. Now, you don’t need an accountant like me? May I handover the resignation letter?
“No Annabel you can’t. Don’t you know about the rules of the company. You are here for 3years or more. Today onwards, you are under an inquiry.”
Annabel shocked for a while and prepared her speech to present.” Okay Mr. Maglocunos Gribben. I’m. May I go home?”
“Wait Miss. Annabel, I believed you lot. You was the best accountant in Westminister for last few years, Annabel don’t break my heart!”, Mag told softly.
Annabel silently left from the cabin.

Annabel went home. She handed over all the files and keys to Rossie. She drove the car to her home. The most lonely place in the world. She stopped the car in the garage and stepped to the home.
She could see the gold plated shinning board which hanging on her house main wall, “Miss. Annabel Browning,” The Accountant (Gribben Company)”. She stopped her eyes at her name. She remembered her mother. Annabel’s mother gave this name “Annabel ” to her because of Anna’s loving face. Her father wanted to make her as an accountant. He gave the post, The accountant. Because, he was an accountant in a company, but not much popular like Gribben. Annabel’s mom, Alice browning always disagreed about dad’s decision. Mom said, ” No one thinks that Annabel can live with accounts, records, reports, targets and cash. That much she is innocent. She is not that much strong to bare serious responsibilities.” But, dad didn’t.
However, father Jhon Browning taught many things about the art of accounting. Annabel was competent enough to acquire all the things. Dad took Anna’s support to complete his works. Because of that, Annabel could practice lots of things. Dad sent Annabel to follow many courses regarding accounting. She really thanked his dad about teaching everything to her.
Annabel came to the present with a sound of horn. She understood that she is still with her keys, near the door steps.
The saddest thing in her life is, Annabel lost her parents because of an accident. The post of accountant is the ambition was given by her father in her childhood, the designation which gave her life and the disaster which took her everything except the breathe. The special thing is ,now she looks like a former accountant. She wiped her tears which shared her sorrow.

Rossie Grace was arranging the Louie’s table. Louie entered to the room quickly. Louie is one of the director of the Gribben Company and Mag’s best friend.
“Good morning, Mr. Louie Edward.” Rossie greeted Louie with a pleasant smile.
” Good morning Rossie!, What are the plans today? Are there any special programs? Did Mag come?”, Louie asked many questions.
“Yes Mr. Louie, I can’t guess what will happen? He is completely down in mentally. ” Rossie answered.
“Who?”, Louie asked from a surprised voice.
“Mr. Mag!, Annabel went home.”
Louie got full eyes.” Ahhh, I can’t understand about what are you telling?”
“Mr.Mag will tell you, Mr. Louie.

Maglocunos Gribben opened his eyes. He saw his friend Louie Edward.
” Yes Louie Good morning!, come and take a seat.” Maglocunos pointed a seat. Louie sat and looked curiously at the Mag’s face and asked.” What are your plans? Are you okay? and finally, why did you blame to Annabel ?”
“Ohhh…. wait! Louie … my fellow… Why do you asking many questions like an interviewer?” Mag laughed loudly.
“Louie, I want all the records, documents of taxes, details, account files, books and the files managed by the Annabel Browning.”
Louie was surprised again. “Why is he going to check Annabel’s files?He has many problems in his mind. Louie is not sure Annabel’s arrival to the office again.”
Louie was thinking.
“Louie..”, Mag told everything to Louie. Louie told,” You know that Anna never do a fault to Gribben.”
“Louie you should keep in mind that how much I loved and love to Annabel…secretly, I was to tell her. I blamed her. Can you think how much I worry about it?” Mag sighed.
Louie was so upset and he was completely silent.
” Hello…. Louie,did you hear me?”. Mag asked.
“Yes, I will. I’ll ask to Miss. Rossie to collect the files.” Louie left silently.

Mr. Robbert Gribben, Mag’s father was walking in his room for one hour. He was depressed. He stretched his hands. Walked fast. Walked slowly. The phone rang. He ran to the phone.
“Hello, Robbert! you could have help me. But, you didn’t. One day you will worry about it.” The person who called from the other side, kept the receiver.
Robbert couldn’t tell anything. He fell down to the chair.

In the next morning, Annabel wake up with a relax mind. She is a strong girl as her parents said. She is under an inquiry. so, she didn’t go to the office. She went to the window and opened it. She could see how people are going to their work.
She noticed,” Normally I go to the office in the morning very happily, I take a bunch of red roses.” She sighed. She kept her memories at the window and walked to the bathroom.
She had a cool shower and opened the front door and looked out from the blank eyes.

Annabel saw the news paper which kept by Jimmy, the paper boy.”Thanks Jimmy.” She closed the door and went to the living room.
Annabel prepared a cup of coffee. Suddenly, she remembered, “How many coffee cups I have drunken in busy nights!. She smiled and started to sip the cup. Annabel started to read the news paper too. Her eyes were attached by an article. ” Gribben Company and the accountant”. That was the headline. She started to read the article with a shivering heart.
” The best accountant of Westminister, Miss. Annabel Browning, the accountant of the Gribben Company, has cheated the…..” .Annabel threw the paper to the sofa and stood up like an arrow.
” How media that much fast to get news?”.Annabel sighed. She thought to go out. “Everything will be fine. I should do something. If I can meet Mr. Felix? Mmmm.. I can have an advice to solve this problem.” She locked the door and went to the garage.
Annabel has known Felix as the former director of the Gribben Company since she went there. Annabel got her car to the road slowly. She just turned her steering wheel to left side and right side. Now, she is in the hospital road.
“Creeeeeees! ” Annabel suddenly touched the break.
She saw Felix Gribben. She had a sudden surprise to see him. She blew the horn. But, He didn’t look back. She thought to meet Mr.Felix. So, She parked her car in the car park and got off from the car. She took some time to find out Felix. She saw that, he was on his way to the hospital with a pale face. Annabel surprised about his journey. She followed him, when she closed to Felix, she saw well ,the pale colour which covered the Felix’s face very rudely.
She wondered about the change, the problem that gave a pale face to Felix. Annabel stopped her feet. She saw that he was speaking with the receptionist.
“Good morning Mr. Gribben”, Receptionist greeted.
“Morning morning, how is my …..”. Felix asked with the shivering voice. Annabel couldn’t hear the name.
“Mr.Felix ! Mr.Felix !”, Annabel called him. He didn’t hear and he ran to the upstairs. “What’s wrong with him? I should help him”. Annabel too went to the upstairs.
Mr. Felix looked around from the frightened eyes.
Annabel felt something strange. Felix walked to the inside Really, he ran. But, Annabel couldn’t run like that. She had to walk secretly. Felix entered to the corner room of that floor. She hide behind a door. Felix ran to the bed, near to the patient. That was not that much clear. She couldn’t see the patient well. But, She understood that she was a girl.
“Who is that? Why she is here? What’s the relationship between Felix and this girl?”. Annabel got many problems to her mind. As she knows, he is unmarried.
“Ohhhh….. what a mess, ohhh god why I’m worrying about this scene? “Ohhh, Anna don’t you have problems? Now you should think about your problem.” Annabel advised to her by herself.
While she was trying to untie the problems, Felix ran to the ground floor by carrying a file with a set of papers. The file fell down. Mr.Felix quickly collected all the documents. Annabel saw he couldn’t collect one thing. Although she got it, she couldn’t see Felix.
“It’s an identity card! Whose is this? mmm let’s turn to the other side.”, Annabel turned it.
“Ohhh my god! It’s may be hers. Helan Gribben! Aaah.. A Gribben! “She spoke from the throat.
Annabel never heard about a girl with this name. She surprised and she thought to give this to Mr. Felix later. Put it into the pocket. Annabel walked slowly to the ground floor. She felt something strange.
She stopped near the receptionist.
“Excuse me Miss. could please tell me who is Miss. Helan Gribben?” Annabel asked from the receptionist.
“I’m sorry Miss, This is a hospital and we can’t provide any detail about the patients. It is very confidential. “she told with the rude voice.
” Mmmm I know, but,.. I …” Anna tried to collect more words.
“Excuse me Miss, that is the procedure. Very sorry!”
She changed her mind to meet Mr. Felix and went home. While she was driving, she thought about a mission to solve her problem.

” Mag got the morning newspaper with shivering hands.
” A big mistake was made by my company”. He tied up his thin lips. The headline gave him a sharp hurt. Mag touched one of the files on his left side unconsciously.
His eyes were stopped by the name written on the top of the file.” Miss. Annabel Browning – The accountant”. He nodded his head and tied up his lips again. ” If you are with me, Nothing! everything is okay. It’s not fair to blame you Anna” He sighed sadly.
“I’m going home.”, Mag told to Rossie and he drove his car to his home. He wanted to talk with his father. Mag walked to his father’s room. He couldn’t see his father in the room. He saw that someone is using the washroom.
“Dad is in the washroom. I’ll be here till he come. I want to talk him. He can give an advice.” Mag sat on the chair very lazy. The eyes of Mag attracted by the papers which were sleeping on the floor. He collected them.
“There are some medical reports. I know father is fine. Whose are these? “Mag surprised about the reports. He started to check them.
“Mmmmm… patient .. patient… Aaaa Helan Gribben! one of the Gribben!”
“There’s a photograph … ohh noo… She looks very young.”
Mag heard that dad’s going to unlock the door. Mag stood up and ran to the corridor. Mag tried to manage his breathe. He was shivering a lot.

At night, Annabel opened the door very silently. She was sure that she is the only one person who is in the office now. This was a misdeed to her. But, she wanted to find the reason for her bad luck. Annabel heard her heartbeat in this silent night. Annabel was afraid to keep the next step. She got the keys from the pocket. She put the key to the key hole and turned slowly. It was opened without any noise. Annabel sat on the chair. She tried to open the drawer. It was unlocked by someone. She started to take the files from the drawer. Annabel was curious enough to search everything.
She spent her time there curiously. She searched everything she can see.
“Oh just my luck!” He is not a good man. That was not her own cabin. Ronnie Simpson’s.” Cheater!!! “. She murmured angrily.
She put files quickly. It was 12.30 at night. She was urgent to go out. She closed the doors and ran quickly. Annabel was happy about her bare feet.
She jumped over the wall. She thanked many times to the person who kept barrels near the wall. “Oh… thank god, I’m safe now .” She ran to her car which was parked by her ,30minutes ago. Annabel seated. She got a long breathe and closed her eyes.”Huh.., I should go home very fast.”, Within 10 minutes she came home. Really, she didn’t want to think about anything, any more. Annabel had a shower and slept with a tired mind.
Mr. Felix dialed the number. Today he felt good, better than other days. Felix got a heart full breathe and got ready to speak.
“Hello brother!”
“I’m Felix, I called you to thank, unless you helped me I couldn’t cure Helan, that was the last time I asked a favour from you and I never again.” Felix laughed loudly.
Felix kept the receiver without giving time to speak Robbert.

Next morning, Annabel went to a famous restaurant called, “Coffee Chat”. She was excited by the incidents. She dialed Ashley’s number.
“Hello, Why are you late? Come soon. I’m waiting for you”
“I’m on my way. Where are you?”
“Yes, ‘Coffee Chat”, Hurry up.”
After ten minutes Ashley entered to the cafe. A handsome, rich , kind hearted person, Ashley David!
“Could you please do me a favour please?”, Annabel started to speak. “Mmmm , This is an identity card. I want information about this patient.”
The handsome boy nodded his head to two sides. “Mmmm I … I try..”
“Please Ashley, don’t say that you can’t do this!”, Annabel was very upset. “You are the only one person who can help me. You can do it easily.” Annabel told it and smiled softly.
“Okay I’ll do. I know, You do all these things on behalf of Gribben Company and Mag…” Ashley touched her hand.

Felix got a relaxation. because, he could arrange the things for Helan’s surgery.
“Helan will fine. She is a strong girl. Robbert will worry one day, in near future.” Felix started to sip his coffee.

Mag got a strange feeling about his father.” Why did you hide all these from me? I haven’t heard about Helan Gribben! Where is she now? Is she okay? Why she has medical reports?. Mag felt that he is going to be crazy. He sank his hands to the table and kept the head on it. He worried ashamedly about what he has done to Annabel.” I could have patient enough. I was not a good chairman. I suspected Annabel without considering anything. Then how would I be a good lover to my Anna?” Mag sighed.

Annabel made a call to Louie.
“Hello Louie, I’m Annabel”
“Oh Annaaa… Why? What’s the matter? Are you okay?
“Yes of course, Still alive. I don’t have much time. I want to solve this”
” We too. Mag was so upset and he checked your all files. Mag..”
“Louie please don’t tell about him. I want my files in the office, my accounting files.”
“Ohh Annabel the problem is Mag brought them to home to check. Anyway, he will bring them. I’ll ask Rossie to prepare some photocopies and fax you.
“Wow sound is great! Thanks Louie.” Anna shouted cheerfully.
“Anna…, Mag loved you a lot and still.”
“Louie good bye, Send me the copies soon.”
Annabel kept the receiver. Anna suddenly remembered what told by Ashley in the morning.” You do all these things on behalf of Gribben and Mag!”. “I know Mag loves me.” Anna sighed and went to prepare something to eat.

Next morning, after Louie went to the office, Rossie and he arranged things to send the copies.
Annabel dressed up early in the morning and went to the hospital.
Mag drove his car to the office with sleepy eyes. He spent a sleepless night.
Mr. Felix went to the hospital with a bunch of Lily.
At this time, Annabel was moving to the Helan’s room. She looked around before she open the door.
“Ohh , My bad luck!” She ran to the sofa and got a magazine to read. She could hear the footsteps of Mr. Felix. She could hear her heartbeat too.
“Good morning Miss” Felix greeted her. Annabel nodded her head without greeting.
” Ohh Poor lady, I think she can’t speak.”, Felix opened the door. Felix didn’t close the door, ran to the bed with a happy face.
Annabel stood up and hide to the door. She started to listen.
“Good morning my little angel!”, Felix gave her flowers.
“Good morning! Dad?”, Helan closed the flowers to her nose.
“Don’t worry. He will come.” Felix responded looking out with hopeless eyes.
But, Helan was looking at his eyes to find out a hope in his eyes.
“Ohhh, My god! She is not Mr. Felix’s”. Annabel touched her forehead.
“I’ll meet the doctor and come back.” Felix turned to the door.
Annabel ran to the other side.
Annabel is 100% sure that Mr. Felix is not Helan’s father. “Who is her father?”. Annabel dialed the Ashley’s phone number.
“Good morning, Are you on the way to cafe?”
“No, I’m coming to the hospital.”
“No, no Come to the cafe.”
“I’ll be there within 10 minutes.”
“See you Anna.”
Anna walked out from the hospital. She drove her car to cafe. She booked a corner table and looked around to verify the surrounding is okay. She sat on the chair and ordered fruit juice.
Ashley entered to the cafe. Annabel waved her hand. Ashley saw her and passed a smile.
” Hi! good to see you darling!”
Annabel smiled and pointed the chair. ” I ordered fruit juice! Here you are!”, Annabel smiled sweetly.
“You know well about my likes, not about my dislikes.”
Annabel tied up her lips. “Mmmm … Ashley you know nothing!”
“Anna, when you stop think about Gribben?”
“When I solved this problem!”, Annabel spoke like promising.
“Okay listen to my findings, Mr. Felix is the guardian of Helan. May be her father.”
“No way, He is unmarried!”, Anna shouted with anger.
“Be cool, don’t you know, anyone can have children without getting marry, Marriage is the legal permission to get social acceptance.” Ashley smiled and winked his eye.
Annabel frowned at him and ask him to continue by nodding her head.
“Helan has a heart problem. Mmmm She had.”
“Had?, What about now?”
She is completely okay, doctors have done a heart surgery. According to her history, this was known from her birth. Doctors asked to be wait till she come to a suitable age to do a surgery. Yesterday was the best day and they did it well.”
“Wow, great! You explained it like a doctor. very clear.” Annabel admired Ashley cheerfully.
It gave a light to his fair face.
“Don’t you remember that I’m a doctor, not in the Victoria Hospital. But in Dickinson Hospital.”
” Sorry, I made a joke, Thank you so much dear”, Annabel touch his hand with her soft tiny fingers.
“That’s my responsibility to help you, your parents told me to look after you. Anna it’s time to go to the hospital, see you evening. Good bye.” Ashley went.

Mr. Felix was happy about what doctor has told him. He came to Helan’s room fast.”My child you can go home soon.” Felix shouted happily.
The tears came to Helan’s eyes.” Thank you uncle. You did everything for me, except my dad, only you.” Helan let her tears to touch her ruby cheeks.
“Don’t cry baby, that’s not good for you, Be strong as early” Felix touched her hand.

A person was waiting till Felix come. Mr. Felix come with fast footsteps.
“Hello, Why did you ask me to come?”, Felix asked quickly.
“Why did you do that kind of thing?” Man asked.
“I did it and I never worry about it.”Mr. Felix answered.
“Mag will know everything!” Man shouted loudly.
“No problem. He is better than you. A sensitive boy! If you want to see Helan, you can come. She is not mine. She is your daughter.”
Mr. Felix went. The man, Robbert Gribben, Mag’s father was looking at Mr. Felix from blank eyes.
Annabel looked at the identity card again. “Who are you? Helan Gribben? Your eyes are very familiar to me. M mmmm… Ohhhh Mag!, She shouted loudly. She didn’t worry about it. No one hear her voice.Because, She is at home. But, “How should I know it? I got it. A sudden shock!
“Is this Mr. Robbert Gribben?”
“Yes? Who are you?”
“Sir, I’m calling from Victoria Hospital. I tried to contact Mr. Felix, But, I couldn’t.”
“Why? Why? What’ s the matter?”
“Sir, Miss. Helan Gribben …She…”
“Ohhh, My daughter! What happened to her?”
“No, not to worry, We can discharge her soon. Thank you sir.
” Ohh shit! Are you kidding with people?”, Mr. Robbert kept the receiver loudly.
“Huhh..”, She sighed heavily.”Thank god, I didn’t like to do this.”
Mr. Robbert felt that he is going to have a heart attack. That much he got confused from that call.
Next afternoon, Mag went to the office. He couldn’t enter to the office. Louie stopped him,” Mag, Mr. Robbert asked you to come to the victoria Hospital as soon as possible.
” Why? What happend to dad?”
“He is all right. He asked that Anna too should be there.”
“On our way we can call her, Let’s go”
Mag drove the car and Louie called Annabel. When Annabel parked her car, she saw Mag who were next to her. He couldn’t speak a single word. They walked to the hospital in a same row.
Mr. Robbert and Mr. Felix were there. ” Good afternoon everybody.” Mr. Felix greeted with a happy face. Mr. Robbert was not like that. He was bit nervous and thinking about something else. Mr. Felix showed the Helan’s room to enter.They got their seats in that room. “Who is this? Why did we come here? Mag asked many questions. Mr. Robbert looked at Annabel. She started to speak.
“Well, We are here to solve our problem. Something happened in our company. Mmm.. this is the reason and the result. “Miss. Helan Gribben. Mag’s sister!”
“My? Are you crazy? Who? How?, Mag started to shout.
“Mag, calm down this is your sister, my daughter. younger than you. I’m sorry about hiding these things from you.” Mr. Robbert looked down sadly.
“I’ll tell you everything. When Helan was born, your mom and I got to know that Helan has a heart problem. Your mom was really upset and she didn’t need her. huh..”, Mr. Robbert wiped his red eyes.
“I got this poor child. I was her guardian. I worked in the Gribben Company as a director and I earned a lot. I could look after her. I didn’t ask a single dollar from your dad.”
Recently, You got to know about that she should face to a surgery. In case, you hadn’t enough money. You could have ask from Mr. Robbert?”
“I did, but..”, Mr. Felix nodded his head.
” But, I couldn’t give money.” Mr. Robbert answered.
“So, You wanted to make a plan to have money. You planned to get money from the Gribben Company. You thought about the right of Helan to have this money from Gribben Company. Am I right? Annabel asked.
“Yes, 100%”
Mag and Louie were surprised. They didn’t get their eyes from Annabel.
“You wanted a support. Your supporter was Mr. Ronnie Simpson.”
“How How.. do you know? Mr. Felix asked with a strange voice.
” At one night, I searched everything in the office. I could see a bank slip which I gave to Ronnie to deposit cash. He hadn’t gone to the bank. All the other workers in my accounting section are faithful. But, from the beginning, I couldn’t believe Ronnie. “
“But, how did you believe that Ronnie is the supporter?”, Louie asked.
“Very good!, I could find an another slip which was in the dustbin. It was a copy. I could see Ronnie used that slip to deposit money. To Mr. Felix’s account. The manager confirmed it. I followed you.
” Ohh you are the person who called me to tell about Helan?” Mr. Robbert laughed and asked.
“I’m sorry Sir. I wanted to verify this”.
” I gave some money to Ronnie and rest I used to pay the bill of surgery. Now, Helan is okay. I didn’t want to make troubles. I’m sorry for everything.” Mr. Felix told honestly.
” Don’t worry. Nothing to worry. Uncle did this on behalf of Helan. Now, our sister is with us. Although, we have money, if we haven’t happiness with us. That life is not perfect.” Mag told sensitively.
“Anna, I should thank to you. You are so brilliant. Although, I worked like a foolish, you solved problem wisely. Please come again. I admire you and your service.”
” This is the best time to tell your secret.” Louie murmured to Mag’s ears.
Mag smiled nicely. ” Anna, I was really waiting to tell you this since I saw you first time…”
Mag closed to Annabel. Annabel looked at the door because of a sudden sense.
” Ohh.. come here Ashley”
“Excuse me Mag, Please this is Dr.Ashley David, who helped me to solve this problem. This is my fiance. My sweetheart, this is Maglocunos, the chairman of the Gribben Company.
” I have heard about you, but this is the first time we met. Happy to see you Mr. Maglocunos.”
Ashley kept his hand on Anna’s shoulder and asked” Shall we go?”
“Anna don’t you come back?” Louie asked.
Anna looked at the Ashley’s eyes. ” Ohhh my love, you can go, if you like. but, pay attention on me too, not only on accounting.” Everybody laughed. Except Mag. Louie,”Come on Mag, Let’s go to meet your sister.” Mag glanced at Annabel for the last time like a real lover.

By Sanuja Rajapaksha from Sri Lanka