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Mirror of Roses

The environment made me happy with the freshness of the morning. The sound of the birds entertained me with the joy. Suddenly the rays of sun came out through the branches of trees and hit on my window.

Looking out from my window in the morning is my daily schedule. Suddenly an amazing incident captured by my eyes. Anyone will not wish such a thing in this moment. He walked slowly by keeping his feet to a rhythm. The face of him had fill with happiness and a beautiful rose on his mouth. “Where is he going?”I asked from me. From where did this dog got the flower .I closed the window with lots of questions on my mind.

Every day when I look out from the window I saw that special incident. One day I got the challenge to find the secret behind this. I followed the dog. He walked slowly on his way I followed him. Suddenly he stopped.

He entered from broken gate. It was a cemetery .He ran fast and reappeared without the rose. My attempt was totally unsuccessful. He started to walk again. I never give up anything. I started following him. I walked on a narrow road. There was no any house in the either sides of the road.

Suddenly the dog entered from a gate which made from wood. I kept my foot forward to enter from gate. But someone stopped me.

“Young one, don’t go there. There is a cruel, demented lady. She’ll surely kill you. Don’t at least think to go there” he said to me.

“Thank you so much. You save me from a danger.”I thanked to him. But my heart said to me that there is something behind this. But I came home.

On next day I went to that cruel lady’s place. It was a cute house mad out of wood. There were large numbers of roses around her house. It looked like a flower park. The roses guided me to her house. The roses guided me to her house. I wondered when I saw that the door has opened.

I walked slowly. There’s no any sound. Only my heart beat. I heard that my heart beat is fast. I stopped near the door. The whole house was clean and tidy. There are only one person’s photos on the wall. And a photo of two children. I walked throughout the house. That was the most beautiful house that I ever seen. I loved that home. I sat on a chair.

“Oh no! Who is that?” A lady fainted on the floor. I suddenly got some water from a tap and put on to her face.

“Sam, Sam, Sam” She called to someone. “Who are you? What are you doing here? Are you going to kill me? I’ll call my Sam. Get out from my house “she was scared.

That’s not the time to meet her. I went to my home. But who is Sam? Is Sam is her dog?

Every lady who’s alone with her dog treats him as a man .Surely Sam is her dog.

On the next day also my feet guide me to her home. She was there next to the door, and she is looking for someone.

“Good morning my dear child. Come, come inside” She warmly welcomed me. I was shocked at her warm welcome.”I’m sorry for my behavior yesterday. I was scared a lot on that moment. And thanks for helping me. Take this and eat if you like”

She talked a lot without giving me any chance to speak. But I can’t imagine why people scared on her and they say that she is cruel. She showed me whole garden of her. The half of the garden was filled with roses. It was lovely.

After few days I went there again. The door was opened as my first visit of her house. I entered the house without any permission.

“Come my dear child”

The voice of her came out. “Are you surprised?”She asked. Exactly I was surprised. On other days she looked like an old lady. She wore dirty cloths. Her hair was like a mesh. But on that day she was like a queen. She had a photo of someone on her hand.

“Child today is our anniversary. This is my husband Sam” Oh god Sam is her husband. One question solved. But many remained.

“Child I know that you want to know my story. I’m going to tell you that today. Because I know that I have only few days to go to my husband’s place “she said happily.

Finally I’m going to get all the answers for my questions. Surely you’ll think that she trusted me by few days. But remember this, she told me that she was waiting for me since so many years.

“child would you like to know my story?” she asked.” yes why not” I answered.

“I’m a well educated ‘qualified accountant in company. I think, I was just 24years on those days. I handled all the money transactions of that company. In 1994 I got the best accountant trophy for my service.

On a beautiful morning, my destiny came to meet me. He was my school friend. But I didn’t know that he is the son of the owner of this company. I loved him a lot on those days. But anyone of us didn’t tell it to anyone. I praised the lord on that moment. His words always sound on my ear. He gave me a rose and asked “My Rose would you like to be a rose on my hands forever?” “Yes” I said.

Actually from there the real story started. After few years we married. After his father’s death he was the owner of the company. Then I’m the chief accountant of our company. We had two children and we lived happily.

In that day that company was the most profitable company in our country. Lots of people tried to be the owner of the company. But we pass all the obstacles with love. There was a most trustworthy person named mr.Perera. He knew every place of our company and all accounts of our company. He was the most trustworthy person in our company.

After someday I found that some default in our accounts. Our profit reduced unfortunately. I told it to Sam and he got certain actions to lift up the profit of the company. We got considerable profit for about two or three months. Again our profit felt down. I found that was not due to the workers. But someone has defalcated. I gave my effort to catch him. But I couldn’t.

Then suddenly Mr.perera went to America for the studies of his children. We lost one of our trustworthy resources.

That was my elder daughter‘s 16th birthday. We celebrated it with her friends. Suddenly a call came from Mr. .Philip. He told me to come quickly to my office. He told me that it was an emergency. Something bad was there. I inform this to Sam. He tried to come with me. But I stopped him as we should be here with our daughter. My younger son tried to stop me. “Mom doesn’t wait with us to enjoy this party” “My love I’ll come soon. Enjoy the party my dear “I said to him.

I get on to my car and reached our office as soon as possible. The environment of the office said that all are ok. “What happened?” I asked from the security officer. “I don’t know madam . But Mr.. Philip is inside your office.”He said. I ran and opened the door. But my heart stopped me. But I don’t know what’s going on here. Why any part of my body doesn’t support me on this situation. Anyway I got inside. But no one was there.”Mr.Philip, Mr.Philip” I called to him

Suddenly the door locked. I turned to door. Mr. Philip was with a smiling face.”What’s going on here .What’s the problem Philip “

But no answer .Only the smiling face. The dim light of the room and deep silent made me more scared. Suddenly someone came slowly with bowed head in the dark. He raised his face. He showed his face to me victoriously.

“What!!! How can this be happen? That was Mr.Perera who went America. Can you please explain what’s going on here?” I asked. Both of them laugh a lot.

“Madam Rose. Your questions will be answered by him. Let’s see who he is” I saw that a person wearing decently come towards me with a crowd. I have seen this person before. But where did I have seen this person.

“Oh “can you just imagine that he is the tea maker of our company. How cheap cheaters are them. He was the main character of this. They planned this very well. Mr.Perera was the first attempt of them. I remind that Mr.Perera is the one who introduced Philip to our company. Then Philip was their second attempt. Our tea maker was with us since 10years. He planned all of these. How nicely they had cheated to us.

“Madam according to this letter it’s mentioned that after you and your husband’s death I’m the owner of this company. See your husband has sign here” How cruel is this guys. They signed it from my husband.

“Madam good bye!” He pointed the gun to me. I remembered all my family .The faces of Sam, my son, and my daughter was in front of me. I remembered the god. There was nothing for me to do.

Suddenly the gun sounded. I end up my life. But I’m just alive. Then who hit by the bullet. I suddenly turned to see him.

Oh no. That’s my love.”Sam, Sam, Sam don’t leave me” I shouted. But he smiled and said “I love you Rose. Be a rose on my hands forever” That was the only sentence of him. He went to god father.

She stopped the story for a sometime and cried a lot. After sometime a deep silence came into house. I started to speak. “What happened next? What happened to your children?”

“After Sam’s funeral I gave my children to my brother to take care of them. And then I went far too safe from those guys. But they followed me. On a rainy day they found me. I knew that surely they’ll going to kill me. I ran away from them to save my life. But I was unable to save my life. They shoot their guns. I died from a bullet of a gun. I felt on the road. They leave me there. Now they are the owners of our company.

“Wait “I stopped the story of Rose.

“Yes my child .Are you going to ask how I’m alive now.”She asked from me.”Yes of course” I answered.

“Yes my child, my children, my brother all of them thought that I’m died. But that was my destiny. The bullet hit other woman who is same as me. They thought that I died. But you are the only one who knows that I’m alive. After some days our Dog Tommy found me. It always with me on my way. Child can you remember that my husband told me to be arose on his hands?”

“Hmmm Yes. I think He loved you a lot” I said.”Yes he loved me a lot. I can’t go to him every day as I’m old. That’s why I’m sending the symbol of our love to him every day with our dog Tommy.”

“Why people say that you are cruel and demented lady?”I asked from her.

“I acted like that. But on those days I walked a lot to find a place to live. I can’t just imagine how long I have walked on way. I haven’t any food to eat, a place to live. I wandered everywhere. I don’t know what happened next I lost my memory for some time. I think that happened due to the shock on that rainy day which I died. After that I lived in an orphanage. The sisters of that orphanage gave medications to get my memory again. They take care of me very well. The children in that orphanage made me happy. One day a little girl in that orphanage gave me a beautiful red rose.

Suddenly something was happened to me. I got my memory again. I remind everything about my husband, children, relations, and what happened to me. And then I tried to find about my children. But I never found anything about them. Then I leave the orphanage and started my journey to find my children.

I got to know that my children got married and they live in this area. So I built a small house on my own and lived here. Then I am alert on my children. I’ll try to talk to them and to meet them. But I Neglect that attempt because if anyone got to know that I’m alive they’ll surely try to kill me.

“Excuse me .How you know me?”She smiled and didn’t have any answer.”I knew that you’ll surely find me. My dear child can you give me a help? I f you can, please find my children. And I have a secret to tell them.”

“A secret? What’s that?” I asked. “Tell them to be the owners of our company “She said. “How can that be happen? Those cruel guys are the owners’ of that company.

“Child that letter was not legally accepted .The legal letter has mentioned that are children should be the owners of our company after our death “She said to me.

“So where’s that letter?”I asked. She turned his husband’s photo. The letter was behind the photo. She gave me that letter.”I’m so happy now. I did my job very well.” She said.

I leaved her home with her letter. How can I find her children? I surely help her with my best. But how can I find her children. I tried to find many details about her children .But anyone didn’t know anything about that. I tried a lot. But finally I decided to tell my friend’s father. He is a lawyer. He always loved truth. So he helped me. The owners of the company are arrested and then they decided to find rose’s children. I told everything I know which she said to me.

Finally they found the children of Rose. I was excited. They were on the distance from my hand. But I never identified them. I shamed of me. Her children are my mom and my uncle. She told me the whole story but she never told the most important one. That is she is my Grandma.

Now my mom and my uncle are the owners of our company. I said a secret, which I never told to anyone yet, to my mom.

“Mom she’s alive yet. She is always being alert on us” I said. “What? She is alive? So where is she? I want to see her” my mom hurries to see her mom. I took her to my grandma’s place.

Unfortunately the door was closed. The roses are withered.

On the next morning we wait for the dog Tom to find where our grandma is. Dog came slowly and rhythmically. But there are no any roses on his mouth. Why? No rose on his mouth? I understood what happened. It needs no any roses anymore. Because Sam’s Rose is in his hands now and forever.

Every step in our life meets different persons in our life. But we will not pay attention on them. Sometimes at least know them. We don’t find them. But they always with us. Always care of us. Always love us. But we don’t feel as we are not paying attention onthem. Be alert for such people around you and find them before they leave you.

By Sachini Fernando from Sri Lanka