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The Departure

“Daniel let us pretend that we‟ve never met.” The setting sun and the windy beach left Daniel to be echoed what Amy said when they met for farewell. It was neither the family nor the person or any other deity who separated them. Just only the fault of their duty has become the deity of hindrance. The great hindrance of life as the locksmith laughs at love. It was three years ago he met Amy and after three years they were desperate to love and smile frankly from their hearts.

It was five years ago Daniel got the job as an accountant at the „Gola‟ a leading perfume manufacturing company in the world. The first impression was for him was lacking punctuality but he was hired due to his flying colours during the training and the academics. The sky was bright with few clouds so as the Daniel‟s mind. The more he valued the job he forgot everything as the vanishing clouds but still the disappointed thing haunted around him. The birds in flock or sometimes one alone flew as the Daniel‟s heart is having a scar.

The office always rushed and the best place for dump his thoughts. The day just went ordinarily and he got the project on “Tour to Amazon”. He moved the pages of the project and signed it to allocate budget. “I will join with the team as the accountant that would be the best remedy.” Daniel said to himself.

“Ah! I‟m really grateful for your choice and Mr. Daniel you can leave with them.” the CEO‟s decision gave delight to Daniel. The flight was luxurious and fascinated and Daniel‟s deepest thoughts were mocked against everything.

He recalled his past and went back to a glamour boy. It was the day which was cheerful and dignified to him. The hall was full of colleagues and parents. The boy who was at his twenties well dressed in British formal style stood up with mortarboard and the cloak with the degree in his hand. He brightly smiled and sooner the flasher was diminished. That was the happiest day in Daniel‟s life as his mother shed tears of happiness. She was rigid but emotional towards him than Erick. The day was pleasant so as the next with the loving brotherhood Erick and Daniel played in the beach but never knew that what would be their fate.

“Ladies and gentleman now we are 50,000km away from New South Wales please reset your time to 12.00 hours.”

All the passengers were reset and Daniel suddenly got to his senses. The outside was cloudy and tanned. The awesome view Daniel loved. Again he was smashing in his own world.

The morning was scented with the fragrance of fresh roses at the floral corner of the street. The employers were rushed to work so as the vehicles were in a jam with a loud noise. The schooldays recalled him the attempts that his father took to attend him to school and then recalled how he made him a man of honour. As an accountant he was specialized in Business Statistics, Economics and Accounting. The untold delight could be seen from his eyes whenever he saw Daniel.

“Sir would you like something to drink?” again Daniel was smashed with the air hostess. Soon he again entangled to his recalling. The glamour boy then received the bundle of letters and he got one special letter which made him jumbled. The interview which made his life completely changed. It was the job he did for living and did with an undying faith.

The second day was pleasant and the induction was prompt and clear. Everybody in the office were seemed to be strange for a junior accountant but with the span of time and optimistic attitudes paved Daniel to be a good companion of his fellow employees. Already Daniel was keen at knowing for what he was strong, weak, opportunistic and threatened but except for one thing which disappointed him.

“Welcome to Manaus airport, Brazil” Please, untie the seatbelts and get ready to depart.”

The surrounding was pleasant and admirable. Daniel and the crew came to the hotel and Daniel got the room 234. It was a room with scenic beauty admiration. The room was just like a cabana to watch the natural beauty. Daniel loved it. The room number remembered him the secret code they used to play mysterious game with Erick as a glamour boy. He was a clever guy but totally different from his brother and humorously said that Daniel would lack of emotions towards girls. A woodpecker pecked the window and suddenly Daniel was disturbed.

The door was knocked and the Daniel was invited for dinner. So he was not in a big hunger but had a joy with the fellowship with a glass of beer. Although he had fun he was miserable in mind. The absence of love made him more painful.

“Dany, we‟ll be starting our journey from tomorrow morning, are you ready?” “Sure, Ferry I will be there on time as we suggested.”

“Daniel, both of us are in a big response as you are capable of finance and logistics and I and the team will be on questing that endemic flower. We need keen eyes until we came out of this journey.”

“Why it was so serious?”

“Don‟t you know that our competitor „Maya Frag‟ is also visiting the forest?” “Maya Frag?”

Daniel was shocked as it was the company where her fiancé was worked. But he was thoughtlessly engaged with the discussion.

It would be a cheerful journey unless he would have met Amy for his eyes or hear what she said last. Daniel pretended to be more rigid.

That night was sleepless and Daniel was again in a recalling. The day he commenced work was cheerful and then how he gain more fame for the company with several victories. The keen talent of doing a quick SWOT analysis* the eminent leadership for handling workers with respect to HRM policies*efficient productivity with good marketing tricks adorned him to be an experienced accountant and the moment he became the best junior accountant at the “State Global Awards ceremony‟. Those cherished moments made him to be in a delighted world for milliseconds the shadow of love the great unbind pledge dangling with his thoughts quickly.

It was the cherished day which made Daniel de Silva to be awarded as the best junior accountant as well as who won the heart of Amy Fernando who was became the runners up for the same award from „MayaFrag.‟

She was the women who won Daniel‟s heart. They were prohibited themselves to share their working subjects but pledged to open their hearts to love each other endlessly. Daniel then remembered the red party frock which made her majestic and how they were fell in love with each other in the beach watching the sunset together.

Those memories were made Daniel to be sad but he and Amy‟s dispute realized what Erick had said earlier. It carved in his mind and he was on a painful sleep.

The chirp of birds in the greenish surrounding wrapped with the mist made Daniel‟s heart and mind happy. It was the most scenic beauty he admired in his whole life. Daniel„s crew departed as usual in safari jeeps and it was a three day journey inside the forest.

“Take care, James. See you after three days.” Sure, Good Bye!

The friendly smile and the loving voice again awakes with romance. It was Amy who was at the other side of the hotel.

At a glance Daniel and Amy saw each other but they were never talked and pretend to be not known.

“Amy” said Daniel.

“No, Daniel I don‟t have anything to say.”

“If we love each other again it will only hurt us.”

It will make us suspicious to our teams and I would be demoted again from „MayaFrag‟ so I couldn‟t do that because I love you and I love my company „MayaFrag‟.

Amy It was your weakness. Just choose me for love.

No, Daniel it was your weakness. I‟ll choose the company I made and the new rank I got.


If I got the fragrance first then I would get a promotion. So I could not lose that or hurt you again so please understand me.

“But, Amy”

Just listen, “let us pretend that we haven‟t known each other.”

*Strength, Opportunities, Threats and Weaknesses.

*HRM – Human Resource Management.

„MayaFrag‟ – An author made name for the company.

*Strength, Opportunities, Threats and Weaknesses.

*HRM – Human Resource Management.

„MayaFrag‟ – An author made name for the company.

By Kinkini Harasara from Sri Lanka