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Employee Surveys

Find out what your employees really ‘think’

Employee surveys are tools used by companies to gain feedback on and measure employee engagement, employee morale, and performance. These surveys must be answered anonymously and aim to get an insight into employees’ feelings on their working conditions, supervisory impact, and motivation that regular channels of communication may not. For surveys to be effective they must be well-designed, effectively administered, have validity, and evoke changes and improvements.

In the 1920s the first employee surveys, known as employee-attitude surveys, surfaced in industrial companies. Today 75% of companies use employee surveys to evaluate and improve company health with the focus on employee engagement, workplace culture, return on human capital (ROHC), and commitment.

Conducting regular employee satisfaction surveys has the following benefits:

  • Employees come up with some good ideas on how to improve the business and make it more profitable and productive.
  • It can increase productivity as giving your employees time to voice concerns they’ve been having, and more importantly, acting quickly on those concerns can have huge beneficial effects on employee motivation and dedication.
  • Improves employee retention as everyone wants a voice, to be heard and to feel important.
  • Conducting anonymous surveys allows management to find out the truth about how employees feel about their positions, upper management and the company as a whole.

Employee surveys aid positive productive relationships so are beneficial to employees and the employer.