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Trade and Professional Associations

An investment in yourself and your business

A trade association, also known as an industry trade group, business association or sector association is an organisation founded and funded by businesses or employees that operate in a specific industry. Examples include Certified Practicing Accountants, Engineers Australia, and the Dry-cleaning Institute of Australia.

The membership benefits ‘trade and professional associations’ provide includes:

  • Industry advertising and promotion to improve industry image or shape public opinion. The Master Painters Association for example promotes to the public the benefits of only using registered painters.
  • Lobbying to influence public policy in a direction favourable to the members. The Franchise Council of Australia lobbies Governments to ensure any changes to franchising laws are good for the overall franchising industry participants.
  • Conferences and charitable events.
  • Publishing member newsletters, magazines with industry news and editorial features on topical issues. Printed membership directories and yearbooks.
  • Education – Educational topics can include trends, best practices, and new techniques and delivered by webinars, seminars, manuals, and training courses.
  • Research – Many associations conduct market research and analysis on their industry and these reports can offer great insights.
  • Networking – Creating professional relationships allows you to support and help others in reaching their professional goals and connect with your peers.

Benjamin Franklin once stated that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. The membership of a trade and professional association is an investment in yourself and your business.