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3 great selling techniques

In simple terms, selling is defined as giving or handing over something in exchange for money.

No matter who you are, at some point you will need to sell something.

The best form of selling achieves a perfect outcome for both parties involved, the seller and the buyer.

The buyer gets something they want or need at a price they are willing to pay. In return, the seller receives money at a price point that they are willing to depart with a good or service at.

It is important to keep this in mind when implementing sales techniques. Coercing or tricking parties into making a purchase that they will later regret will negatively impact both the buyer and the seller.

A seller is less likely to have repeat buyers and referral sales without the satisfaction of both parties involved.

Here are 3 great selling techniques that achieve a positive outcome for buyers and sellers:

  1. Ensure that you have a great product or service that will really benefit your buyer. The most important sales technique is believing in your own product. If you truly believe that what you are selling will have a positive impact on your buyer, it should be an easy sell.
  2. Don’t be a salesperson. Everyone hates a salesperson. Be genuine, be yourself, and don’t be pushy.
  3. Find out who your customer is. Before trying to sell anything, really get to know your customer. Learning who your customer is and what they actually want is essential. Through this process, if you discover a perfect match between what you are selling and what your buyer wants or needs, closing the sale will come naturally and easily.



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