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Houshold spending

Why is household spending going up?

Talkback radio will have you believe Australia is in the grips of an affordability crisis. Interest rates keep rising and inflation is at 7.6%. ...
supply chain shortage

Challenges for Australian businesses in 2022

2022 is a tough triple whammy year for small, medium and large businesses in Australia. Businesses, already shaky as they pull themselves out of ...
home loan repayments

How much extra will my home loan repayments be?

In Australia and abroad, we have become used to falling interest rates. Now that interest rates are heading back up again, it’s important to ...
Food shopping

Sharp rise in Living Cost Indexes (LCIs)

 The Selected Living Cost Indexes (LCIs) in Australia have risen sharply over the last 12 months (3.8%-4.9%). The sharpest LCI rise in a decade.  Living Cost ...
Petrol price

The double-edged sword of inflation

  We are experiencing record inflation (3.5% in Australia) (7.9% in the US and similar in Europe) resulting from the pandemic, global unrest, supply ...