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Where are the Innovative Accountants?

Have a read of the average accountant’s website, and the word ‘innovation’ keeps popping up. There is no doubt accountants have heard of the ...

Average Accounting Firm only has $257,625 Revenue

For the year ended 30th June 2018, 33,870 accounting firms produced revenue of $20b, a 1.5% increase over 2017. The Top 100 accounting firms ...

Top 100 Accounting Firms Record $11.3 Billion Revenue

The Australian Financial Review Top 100 accounting firms for 2018 billed $11.3 billion revenue. Amongst the top 100 firms there is a big divergence ...
Referral Network

How to Build a Referral Network

Word-of-mouth referrals are the number one method professional services firms get leads and gain new business. As 82% of business owners use referrals from ...
business failure

Top 7 Reasons Businesses Fail

Although every business is started with optimism and hope, the reality is creating a profitable, successful business is tough. Statistically, 30% of businesses fail ...
shop front tax practice

Shop-Front Ground Level ‘Vs’ First-Floor Accounting Practices

We often get asked as to what is the percentage of walk-ins for shop fronts compared to say first floor or upper-level offices when ...
Google posts

Competitive Advantage for Accountants that use Google’s New Posts Feature

If you own a small accounting practice, you would know that a Google Maps listing is essential for your business to be found online. ...
Client feedback

The Importance of Client Feedback

Client satisfaction feedback is critical if we are to improve the weaknesses in our client servicing, while continuing to build-on our strengths. We need ...


The key to exceptional business results is consistency. If you do nothing else, be consistent.  Consistency doesn’t mean being the best at something, or ...
client satisfaction

Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is defined as ‘the number of clients, or percentage of total clients, whose reported experience with a business, its products, or its ...
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