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Strategies for successful tendering Tendering is the process of choosing the best or cheapest company to supply goods or do a job by asking ...
strategic planning

Importance of Strategic Planning

A business strategic plan details the methods by which a business sets out to achieve its objectives. Typically a business strategy will cover a ...
SMSF options

SMSF Advice Options

At June 2015 the ATO advised that there were 556,998 self-managed super funds in Australia with 1,049,840 members. During the 2015 financial year 32,073 ...
cost leadership accounting

The Cost Leadership Model is not Profitable

The overall cost leadership model is not a profitable strategy for accounting practices for four reasons: Practices with no staff where the principals do ...
Early investor incentives

Tax Incentives for Early Stage Investors

Malcolm Turnbull’s Innovation Statement released on 7th December 2015 provides tax incentives for early stage investors. The tax incentives will encourage early stage investment ...
Accountants vs financial planners

Accountants vs Financial Planners

Is your most trusted advisor your accountant or your financial planner? Numerous surveys consistently have clients (whether individuals, investors or small business owners) rating ...