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Crowdfunding for fast growing businesses

Innovative fast growing businesses needing to raise additional capital. Crowdfunding involves using the internet and social media to raise funds for specific projects or ...

Phasing out written authorisation for agent linking

Agent linking between tax agents and clients is carried out through written authorisation. The ATO will be phasing agent linking out in the wake ...
online shopping

How can you guarantee safe shopping online?

A Current Affair has been made aware of an Australian shopping site Home Appliances Plus which has been accepting payment but not sending the products ...

Am I human or computer?

What you’re reading right now is written by me. But am I human or computer? Chances are, you’ve read multiple articles this year written ...

If you’re worried about government tracking, stop using the loo!

Fake news such as government tracking chips in vaccines is everywhere these days. Of course, the government is tracking you, but they don’t need ...

Technology can help you manage your personal finances

Managing your personal finances can be complicated and time consuming. It doesn’t have to be this way. Technology offers many free tools, apps, and ...