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5 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Fees

Here are our top 5 marketing strategies to grow your business today. These strategies will stand the test of time regardless of changes in technology and the macro market.

  1. Service existing clients
    The most important customers are the ones you already have. Grow your fees with existing customers;

    • Upsell by offering value adding services such as tax planning and business advisory.
    • Client communication
    • Contact your clients throughout the year at applicable times with initiatives that truly add value to your service (Don’t just send an email, call them proactively. Set a target number of clients to call each month and stick to it).
    • Make it easy for existing and new clients to contact you and make appointments. A phone call missed is a client missed. Return client emails and phone calls promptly.
    • Referrals
    • Leverage the recommendations of happy customers e.g. Google Reviews.
    • Encourage referrals through proactive initiatives (The lifetime value for new referral customers is 16% higher than non-referrals).
    • Customer Loyalty – Recognise customer loyalty and reward it.
  2. Location
    Position your practice effectively;

    • Look at the demographic of your suburb. Does it align with your target market?
    • How much foot/vehicle traffic does your practice get?
    • How visible is your practice?
  3. Appearance
    • Is your signage clear and visible?
    • Are you taking advantage of curb side signage such as A-frames?
    • Does your office have a modern professional appearance both outside and in.
    • Are you and your staff always professionally dressed.
    • Do you always act in a professional manner?
    • Have professional photos taken of your staff, interior office, and exterior building. Send these to your franchise marketing manager.
  4. Public Relations
    Attend networking events, trade shows, and setup booths in shopping center’s, markets, applicable festivals etc.

    • Setting up a temporary booth can be a cost-effective way reach new clients and gain exposure.
    • Guest speaking at events can demonstrate subject authority and gain exposure to new opportunities.
  5. Competitive Advantage
    Differentiate your practice from your competition. To grow your fees, you need to be better than every other accounting practice. Offer value added services such as tax planning and business advisory that can set your practice apart from the rest. Give your new and existing clients a reason to come back. Do this and your fees will grow naturally.

By Roydon Snelgar, PixelPi

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