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The Effect of a Good Office on Productivity

Productivity studies show that the most significant factor in determining an employee’s ability to focus is their physical environment. A well-designed office can increase productivity about 20%.

To improve employee productivity offices should be designed to meet the following criteria:

  • Good lighting is important to stay focused and inspired to create while bad lightening can cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and overall irritability.
  • Chair and table. Both should be ergonomically designed and correctly fitted to the individual employ’s height and body shape.
  • Needs to be eliminated as it kills focus and productivity.
  • Room colour. Blue colours have been shown to improve productivity.
  • Room temperature. 23-25 degrees has been shown as optimum for productivity.
  • Room scents. Pine has been shown to increases alertness while lavender helps with relaxation and reducing stress.
  • Noise level. Quietness improves the ability to think and concentrate. Nothing breaks your concentration more than constant telephone ringing.
  • Air quality. Fresh air through windows or doors is best but if that’s not possible a good air filter or more office plants are beneficial.
  • Different spaces. Shifting between different work spaces energises the brain.
  • Food and water. Drinking water to stay hydrated and eating small healthy snacks fuels the brain.
  • Framed photos. Photos of loved ones reduce stress.
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