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7 Weird Tax Deductions

  1. Breast implants – In the US Chesty Love (a stripper) received a tax deduction for her size 56N breast implants as they were required for work purposes and deemed ‘unsuitable for everyday use’.
  2. Quitting smoking – in the US you can deduct the cost of smoking cessation programmes, patches, nicorettes, etc.
  3. Claim a dependent child who has been kidnapped – In the US if your child has been kidnapped, they can still be named as a dependent child and you are eligible for the associated deductions.
  4. Pet moving costs – In the US when relocating for a new job the pet relocation costs are deductible.
  5. Tax deductions for drug dealers – The cost of producing the drugs are deductible from the drug sales (which are taxable) – Australia and US.
  6. Free beer – Beer provided to customers is deductible i.e. receiving a free cold beer while getting your hair cut – Australia and US.
  7. Nuclear fallout shelters – In New York you get a tax credit for building a nuclear fallout shelter.
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