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Activity-based workspaces

Activity-based workspaces give employees the flexibility to work from different types of workspaces and choose the workspace that best fits their current work activity. The different workspaces include individual workstations, lounging areas, ‘hubs’ for collaboration, meeting spaces, and teleconferencing rooms.

The benefits of activity-based workspaces include:

  • Reduced rent – can reduce the occupancy cost per employee by 50%.
  • Increased productivity – stimulates employee interaction and communication.
  • Increased employee empowerment – employees can choose how they work, where they work, and when they work.
  • Increased employee movement and activity – regular physical movement is inbuilt.
  • Increased employee job satisfaction – 92% of employees say it’s a more fun and engaging environment.

Implementation process:

  1. Consider what performance outcomes your business would like to encourage – as this determines the type of areas your employees will require.Include a range of multi-function areas – i.e. privacy booths, open spaces with flexible seating, meeting rooms, etc.
  2. Locate teams with similar needs together.
  3. Consider the acoustics of the office – too much noise is the top complaint from employees.
  4. Don’t squeeze the desk-to-people ratios too tightly.
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